Colombo, Audrey

Position: Paper Cutter

Audrey Colombo is a very active person. Over the span of her life this musically talented woman has given piano lessons, played trombone in the Greenville Orchestra and played the euphonium for 20 years in the Mercer Community Band. She was a YMCA camp counselor, a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, and was Chairman of the Shenango Conservancy.

Audrey lived in Williamsville, New York before moving to Sharon and was married to “Trapper John” Colombo. After he passed away, Audrey moved to Whispering Oaks in Hermitage where she continues her active life by being involved in their activities and taking new residents “under her wing” to help them become acclimated to their new home. Her kitten, “Ditto,” keeps her company.

As if that didn’t keep Audrey busy enough, she loves volunteering at Bill Rudge Ministries where she says she has been working “forever.”

In Audrey’s Words:

Bill Rudge Ministries is just phenomenal. Bill helps older people, kids (going into the schools), overseas’ missions (sends books, pamphlets, CDs, etc. upon request, free of charge) and is so economically solid (stretching every dollar, spending funds wisely, never incurring debt). I love that!