Who Is This Jesus?

An excellent witnessing tool for sharing Jesus Christ with anyone searching for truth!

Before Christ’s crucifixion, His disciples were thrilled by His miracles and had great expectancy for the future. Then Christ died. Suddenly all their excitement turned to despair –– their expectancy to hopelessness. They secluded themselves in a room and hid in fear.

But several days later, something happened that dramatically transformed the cowering men into some of the bravest and most courageous people who ever lived.

What caused the turnabout?

Discover the only reasonable explanation for the changed lives of the disciples in this easy-to-read, yet profound book by Bill Rudge. Read many convincing proofs. Find answers to such challenging questions as:

• Is there more than one Christ?
• How can we know who the true Messiah is?
• Are there many ways to God?
• Is Jesus God?
• Was the crucifixion a mistake?
• Is there evidence for the resurrection?
• Will Jesus return?
• How can you know Him?

We pray this book is a blessing in your life. Please share it with someone else when you are finished reading it. If you are able to give a donation to help with this special outreach, it would be greatly appreciated. All gifts are tax deductible.

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