Fasting for Sensitivity and Power – E-Book

Throughout the Old and New Testament, God’s people fasted!

They fasted when they were humbling themselves before the Lord. They fasted when they were confessing their sins and repenting. They fasted when they were mourning. They fasted when they faced crises and emergencies or suffered defeats. They fasted when they were seeking God’s help or guidance. They fasted when they were given a special calling or were stepping out on a special mission. They fasted when they were earnestly praying and seeking the Lord with all their hearts.

Moses fasted. David fasted. Elijah fasted. Daniel fasted. Esther fasted. Nehemiah fasted. Jesus fasted.  Paul fasted. And many throughout church history who impacted their world also fasted.

Practicing the ancient Biblical principles of fasting contained in this booklet greatly impacted Bill Rudge’s life and ministry. Read it to discover how fasting can be of benefit to your spiritual life as well. Topics include: 

  • The Purpose of Fasting
  • Biblical Fasts
  • My Fasting History
  • Types of Fasts
  • The Big Three
  • Fasting Procedures
  • Physical Restoration
  • “Impossible” Situations
  • Principles of Prayer
  • Powerful Prayers
  • Personal, Family, and Ministry Prayer and Fasting Lists

We pray this book is a blessing in your life. Please share this e-book with someone else. If you are able to give a donation to help with this special outreach, it would be greatly appreciated. All gifts are tax deductible.

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