Not Our Father’s Faith – E-Book

How doctrines of demons have invaded the Church!

While the Church was fast asleep, strange intruders pried open the back door and mysteriously crept in. They violated God’s sacred Church with ideas foreign to His Word. Encouraging believers to turn their hearts and minds away from sound doctrine, they promoted emotional experiences and strange phenomena more akin to ancient paganism than Biblical Christianity.

Through this straightforward and hard hitting book, Bill Rudge sounds the alarm. Well-researched and balanced, Not Our Father’s Faith illustrates how the occult has subtly penetrated modern houses of worship with unbiblical beliefs and practices to seduce believers from pure devotion to the Lord.

Topics overview:  beliefs, techniques, and practices of the New Age and its occult origin infiltrating the Church; illustrations and insights from 20 years of personal research and investigation into the occult; end times prophecy and how it relates to apostasy in the Church; and, a biblical scenario of what is ahead as prophetic events unfold.

Chapters include:

  • Beware! Deception is Running Rampant in the Church Today
  • “Love and Unity” – “Do Not Judge”?
  • Are Psychospiritual Techniques Biblical?
  • Is Positive Confession the Secret to Receiving God’s Blessing?
  • Is Much of Today’s “Prophesying” in Reality “Christianized Fortunetelling”?
  • Should Our Experience Go Beyond God’s Word?
  • False Signs and Miracles
  • Apostasy Now! – Coming Soon to a Church Near You
  • A Special Challenge to the Body of Christ

We pray this book is a blessing in your life. Please share it with someone else when you are finished reading it.

Download PDF

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