Young Man At London Iranian Center

by Bill Rudge

After speaking at the Iranian Center in London, a young man from Iran came up to me and told how he came to know that the God who created him was a God of love. He told me that when he began to question Islam and Allah, he was put in prison and tortured physically and mentally. When he was released, he was eventually able to get a visa, but only to Japan. In Japan, an elderly lady gave him a pamphlet in Persian. It told about the love and forgiveness of God. He said, “This is the God I always knew existed when I was in Iran.” He gave his life to Jesus Christ and now lives in London where he attends the Iranian Christian Fellowship. He can quote extensively both the Bible and the Quran and is a powerful witness for Jesus Christ.

What is Happening in Jerusalem Impacts New Ager

by Bill Rudge

A couple of years ago, I was speaking at Erie Assembly of God to very receptive college students attending Master’s Commission. Afterward, Karen and I went to a natural food store. Many who work there are involved in New Age beliefs and practices. One of the employees is opposed to any kind of organized religion. When she heard I recently returned from speaking in Jerusalem, she said to me, “I can’t believe what is going on over there with Jews, Christians and Muslims (the three monotheistic and major world religions) all fighting over the city of Jerusalem.” I agreed with her that it is sad indeed that there is so much fighting in the city of peace, but replied that true Christians would not be killing people because Jesus taught His followers to love their enemies.

I asked her, “Isn’t it amazing that what is occurring in Jerusalem was foretold in the ancient prophesies in the Bible?” She waited for my explanation so I said, “In 70 A.D. the people of the nation of Israel were dispersed throughout the world when Rome destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple. Scripture foretold thousands of years ago that Israel would be restored as a nation and that before Christ returns world events would focus on Jerusalem and the tiny nation of Israel.”

She was listening intently so I shared with her several amazing Bible prophecies that now have the potential for fulfillment such as the armies of the world will someday surround Jerusalem, the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt, the Antichrist will desecrate the Temple, and people will not be able to buy or sell without a mark on the right hand or forehead.

To hear all these things from the Scriptures enthralled her and she kept asking questions. I told her that this Bible is so accurate, amazing and awesome that we know a personal God inspired it. It could not have merely been written by men.

She accompanied me to my car where I gave her several of my books, The Last Days, Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ, and Who is This Jesus? Her parting words were, “You ought to talk to my husband. I think you are the only one who might be able to reach him and help him have faith.”

Therapist Comes to Christ

by Bill Rudge

While I was receiving therapy for injuries sustained in a car accident, the therapist asked me questions about my faith and the Bible. He often made his next patient wait until he was done with all his questions because he said I had answers no one else ever gave him.

One day I told him to read the book of John twice — once like it was not true and then again believing without any doubt that it is the Word of God. Knowing he was ready for more following the completion of this assignment, I suggested a church which I thought would be helpful to him. After reading the book of John twice he went to church that Sunday and felt the pastor was speaking directly to him. He accepted the Lord as his Savior that day and has become a strong witness for Christ.

A Homeless Man Named Robert

by Bill Rudge

It was about 8:00 p.m. as my wife and I were riding from Viejas Indian Reservation to Alpine, California, in our daughter’s and son-in-law’s van with our two grandchildren and daughter that Tabitha said, “Dad, I saw the most destitute man I have ever seen.” He was sitting by the road with a sign that read, “Wanted food.” As we approached the site, I checked the van for any food or clothes, but had nothing. I left my usual bags of clothes, food and pamphlets that I give away in the other vehicle, which was at Tabitha’s house.

We stopped at a fruit and produce place to buy him some food, but the gates were closed. I was going to stop and talk to him. With my young grandchildren in the van and the road being so busy, we decided that was not a good idea.

As we passed him, he appeared to be heading into the desert-like brush to bed down for the night. I said a brief prayer,

“Lord, You will have to send someone else to help him.”

We arrived at Tabitha’s house a few minutes after 8:00 p.m. It was getting dark so I decided not to go back with food and clothes. Then the Lord strongly impressed on my heart to do so. I got a half-gallon jug of water and some food and headed to where I saw him last. On the way I said,

“Lord, if all these attempts to give food, clothes, and pamphlets to street people are worth the effort, then please let me find him.”

Within a few seconds I saw him walking down the shoulder of the narrow, darkened road, which leads to Alpine. I did a U-turn and pulled in front of him. I got out of the car and asked, “Can you use some food and water and a ride?” He replied, “I sure can!” I also gave him several shirts and a pair of pants.

He was in his 40’s and underneath all the filth and stench, I could tell that he was a nice looking man. He loaded his large, smelly pack into the backseat as he got in the front seat. I asked him what brought him here and he said that he was from Yuma, Arizona, and had colon cancer. He said he lost his job, his wife left him, and his family abandoned him because he could no longer hold a job and make money. He said that everywhere he had been everyone thought homeless people are on drugs or alcohol, but that is not always true.

I asked him if he had any church background and he said when he was younger he went to both Baptist and Catholic churches. He said he had his Bible with him and read it often. He said he had a strong faith in God, but at times it was difficult. He excitedly said, “I was really down, but I just asked the Lord to give me a ride into Alpine about five seconds before you stopped.” He told me his name was Robert and asked what mine was.

As I dropped him off where he wanted to go, I also gave him a copy of my book, The Last Days and my testimony. He assured me he would read them and told me he was very interested in Bible prophecy. After praying with him I said, “I wish I had more to give you.” He replied, “You gave me more than you will ever realize.” As he thanked me repeatedly I said, “If I don’t see you again here, I will see you in heaven, my friend.” He enthusiastically agreed and got out of my car with a big smile on his face.

Street Ministry Encounters

  • While doing street ministry in the San Diego area, Bill Rudge met a man named Tom who appeared to be about 60 years old. He had been living on the street and during their ensuing discussion, Bill gave him some pamphlets, a blanket and a mat to sleep on. Later, he wrote to the ministry to say thanks and requested more literature.
  • On another occasion, Bill took a pastor from North Carolina and a man from California with him. Bill felt led by the Lord to talk to a young man sitting on the grass. While conversing, they noticed that the man’s hands were badly cut and needing medical attention. They purchased bandages and disinfectant and ministered to the man’s physical wounds, while beginning to talk to him about spiritual matters. He was extremely receptive and prayed one of the most sincere prayers ever heard, committing his life to Jesus Christ. After referring him to a Christian agency for further help, Bill asked why he was so open to the Gospel. He replied that he had been very concerned about the condition of his hands and had prayed that morning, requesting that God send someone to help him. He became acutely aware that God not only answered his prayers, but loved and cared for him through believers who were not only in the right place at the right time, but sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • While doing street ministry in Ocean Beach, California, a very receptive young man was encountered. As usual, Bill engaged him in conversation about the Lord. As they talked, he discovered that the man was from Sharon, Pennsylvania, also Bill’s hometown! Isn’t it amazing that the Lord sent Bill across the country to reach someone from his own home city?

Please pray for these three men and the many other street people Bill ministers to during his travels.

Navy Seal Encounter

While conversing with a yoga instructor at a San Diego YMCA, a man who has been training Navy Seals for the past year and a half overheard us. He joined our conversation about worldviews. After listening to his philosophical viewpoints, I told him that I had rejected church and Christianity as weak and boring and no longer an option in my search for meaning and purpose. He was elated. However, I continued by saying, “After trying everything imaginable, the only non-option — Jesus Christ and Christianity — became my only option.” I then shared some of the evidence I discovered, such as the complexity of the universe and how our DNA gives validity to a Creator.

I told him that, “Like a private in the Marine Corps, I do not tell the General what I believe or want; I learn what he requires and submit. Likewise, I do not determine my own path and expect God to accept it. I strive to know Him and submit to what He requires.” With his eyes locked on mine he nodded his head to affirm that what I said made sense. Right then our conversation was terminated because several people entered the room and began to meditate. So I trust that the Holy Spirit will use someone else to bring this man to the Lord.

Muslim in San Diego

While ministering in San Diego one year, I shared with a Muslim taxi driver from Iraq my faith in Jesus Christ. He replied, “Us Muslims and you Christians are the same except for two things. You believe Jesus was God ― we know he was only a prophet. And you Christians love the Jews, whom we hate.”

He listened for a few minutes as I shared a few of the miracles Jesus Christ did in my life and told him about several Muslims who committed their lives to Jesus Christ after having a dream or vision. He replied, “It was all delusional and merely imagination.” I responded, “Like the Apostle Paul after his Damascus Road experience, these former Muslims have given their lives to Jesus Christ in spite of persecution and facing possible death.

Even after I paid and tipped him, he stayed several more minutes to listen as I shared how only Jesus fulfilled the messianic prophecies. Time ran out when he received a call to pick up another passenger. I didn’t get the chance to ask him the following questions, “Have you ever really examined the evidence for your faith or the claims of Jesus Christ? Is it not true that you are a Muslim because you are forced to be? And why the intense hatred for Israel? How can this strong of a hostility come from God?”

We parted peacefully ― hopefully with some words that touched his heart and some comments that will make him ponder our conversation. I pray that one day this man, whose eyes reflected pain and sorrow and whose life seemed empty and meaningless, comes to know the Only One who can give him hope, peace, and joy. Perhaps our brief encounter that evening in San Diego will have eternal significance. I pray that it does. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Randy and a Broken Down Car

by Rosemary Lozier

You never know whom you might meet. This was evident one day as my brother, Randy, was on his way back from the grocery store. His car broke down and was sitting partway out onto the busy North Buhl Farm Drive. Just as he was wondering what to do next, along came Bill Rudge. Bill asked him if he could use a hand and together they managed to get the car off the road as Bill pushed and Randy steered.

After Randy thanked him, Bill said to him, “Many people have helped me in my lifetime and so the Lord often provides me the opportunity to give back.” Randy then looked at Bill and asked, “Who are you?” As Bill told him who he was, they both realized they had met before. Randy informed Bill he was my (Rosemary’s) brother.

This was no chance encounter. If we allow God to use us, He uses every opportunity in our lives to reach souls for Christ. I am glad Bill came along that day to help my brother. Maybe God will use you today to help someone in need.

Man Stuck in State Liquor Store Doorway

I have hundreds of witness encounters every year. An unexpected one happened last summer. As I was walking up to the Giant Eagle grocery store an older man with a walker was trying to enter the door of the nearby State Liquor Store. He got stuck halfway through the doorway as the door closed on him. He hollered, “Someone in there help me,” but no one responded. I was in an instantaneous dilemma. Do I help him enter a State Store or not? I walked over and opened the door as I said to him, “There’s no help in there. You need to draw close to the Lord.”

You never know when or where an unexpected opportunity will arise ― no matter how brief ― to be a witness for Jesus Christ. So pray for opportunities and the discernment of what to say or do.

Let Me Ask You Some Questions About Witnessing

How many potential witness opportunities have you had in your lifetime? Hundreds? Maybe thousands? How many of these people did you share your faith in Christ with? How many of these people did you refrain from telling about Jesus because you were afraid to offend them or be laughed at? How many of these people have passed into eternity? What is their eternal destiny? What will they, or more importantly, what will the Lord say, when you stand before Him?

Jesus spoke clear and strong when He said to His disciples and followers ―

“Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 10:32, 33).

An Example from My Past

When I was a fitness instructor at the age of eighteen a client of mine at the health spa took me out to eat. A few years later I became a Christian and met this man in church. I realized he had been a believer when he took me out to eat, yet he never said a word to me about Jesus.

Sure, I was a little intimidating back then, but I would have had more respect for him after becoming a Christian if he had at least attempted to share Jesus Christ with me. And what if I never became a Christian and was killed in my rebellious years? How would he have felt knowing he never even gave me the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ?

I don’t know about you but the most valuable gift I can give to anyone is to share with them the truth and reality of Jesus Christ. That is why I attempt to take advantage of every opportunity to be a witness for Him. Even if I give a bottle of water to someone in need, I do it in His name. I care about people’s material and temporal needs, but I care even more about their eternal destiny.

Ulterior Motives

I have ulterior motives for virtually everything I do. Almost every conversation and every relationship is not to sell something or get something in return, but to gain an immediate or eventual opportunity to share the truth and reality of Jesus Christ. If they already are a believer, then my ultimate goal is to challenge and encourage them in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

My desire is that in any situation and with any kind of person, no matter what their background ― whether they are a street person or scientist ― I may find a way to relate the Gospel in a manner they can understand.

My passion and purpose is to be a witness for Jesus Christ by how I act and what I say ― and sometimes by what I don’t say or participate in ― to motivate them to consider the wisdom and strength of coming to know the God who created them, and if they do know Him, to live for Him with all their heart, mind, and strength.

Jeff Tobin

Jeff was program manager at a local radio station which aired my weekly broadcast. I would usually go to the station late at night on Friday or Saturday to record my broadcasts for Sunday morning. Jeff was often there working late. Through my time at the station, we became friends.

Occasionally our conversation would include spiritual issues and my faith in Christ. Jeff was intrigued but indicated he was an agnostic because he couldn’t believe in a God he could not see and analyze.

Over the course of a year or so, we discussed every intellectual question he had concerning the evidence for God’s existence and his need to give his live to Jesus Christ. But he still declined to do so. One evening I gave him a cassette containing Josh McDowell’s testimony.

Shortly thereafter on the fourth of July when Jeff and his wife Laura and friends David and Debbie Hamilton were returning to their camping site, they were listening to that tape in the car. When Jeff heard Josh state that it was not an intellectual issue or lack of evidence that had kept him from giving his life to Jesus Christ but pride, he realized that it was the same with him. Later that night while sitting at a picnic table with David Hamilton, Jeff surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

Jeff grew in his faith and was a great friend to Dave and Bill. For many years Jeff was the voice of the Bill Rudge Ministries by doing all the intros and outros for the ministry’s radio broadcasts and numerous cassettes.

Jeff continues to serve the Lord faithfully. He and his lovely wife Laura now live in Indiana, Pennsylvania and have two grown children.

Evangelism Ideas to Impact Your World

In addition to speaking engagements, I love doing one-on-one evangelism and witnessing. I want to share a few of my many “witness encounters” that will motivate you to reach your world for Christ.

Atheist Professor

An atheist professor walked into our ministry center during an event. He said to me, “There is no God and I can prove it.” I said, “Really? Let’s talk.” He shared several scientific theories he thought would convince me. Then I asked him, “When has life ever come from non-life? Where can you show me design without a designer?” While my questions and comments somewhat neutralized his theories, I led him into my office and pulled out my “Impossible” records notebook. I began sharing with him the documentation for some of the hundreds of miraculous interventions the Lord has done in my life and ministry. I said, “Maybe an isolated one or two of these could be accredited to mere coincidence, but all of these in context are impossible to be refuted as mere coincidence.” He had no response to the overwhelming evidence and shortly thereafter humbly walked out of the building.

Agnostic Philosopher

A young man walked into the ministry center after business hours. He identified himself as an agnostic philosopher and wanted to know if I would talk to him about belief in God. I said, “Sure, come into my office.”

For over an hour I answered his many questions and shared evidence for Jesus and the Bible. As he was leaving he said, “You are the first minister who invited me in and actually had answers. Most either are intimidated or won’t take time.”

I explained that ultimate truth will eventually lead one to Jesus Christ and I’m not threatened by other theories because I have examined the evidence and am confident in my faith.

He asked as he was leaving, “May I come back and talk again?” I said, “Sure. I don’t have time to repeatedly meet with those who are biased, argumentative, and not open to the truth, but I will spend time with serious searchers.”

Appearance Counts

I was on a Western tour speaking in Arizona and California. Driving back to Pennsylvania through Texas, I was heading to Bourbon Street in New Orleans to do some street ministry. I decided to let my beard grow and was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and a bandanna.

I got lost in San Antonio, Texas and needed directions. So I walked into a McDonald’s seeking directions from two policemen because I saw their cruiser outside. I thought they’d be happy to help me since I’m a minister and a law-abiding citizen, but I forgot what I looked like.

They looked at me, and I felt instantly the hatred and hostility I had felt before I was a Christian when I was running around with gangs and getting into trouble.

Could you imagine me trying to convince these police officers: “I’m a minister; I went to four years of Bible college. Let me tell you about Jesus.” They already had a roadblock. We have to be careful we don’t put up roadblocks.

I was dressed like that because I was heading to Bourbon Street to do street ministry. But realize, although God looks at the heart, what does man look at? The external appearance. So, we must be careful that we don’t turn people off by our appearance and behavior.

Considering Eternity

I overheard two businessmen talking at the YMCA in San Diego where I was working out. They were discussing death. One said, “I am not sure what’s beyond the grave, but no one will immortalize me anyway, or remember me years from now.” The other man said, “I figure whatever is out there will have to accept me as I am.” I said, “I don’t mean to jump in, but don’t you think eternity is a long time? Therefore, it might be wise to spend a little more time considering its implications. Besides, if there is a God who created us and this universe, are you going to say to Him, ‘You must accept me on my terms’?” Their look affirmed that I was relating, so I continued. “No, if there is a creator, then I want to come to Him on His terms, not mine.”

They listened intently and their body language indicated they agreed with what I said so far, so I shared how I had rejected Christianity and spent many years searching in atheism, occultism, Eastern disciplines, and New Ageism until my search for truth brought me back to the God of the Bible. The one guy asked, “Then Jesus Christ is the only way?” I said, “Without a doubt, because He alone has the overwhelming evidence to validate His claims.” After sharing some of the evidence for the inspiration of the Bible and the claims of Christ, I thanked them for listening and they thanked me for sharing.

Cousin Grace

For 43 years my mother’s cousin Grace had been a member of the Christian Science church, although she claimed to be a Christian. For ten years we witnessed to her. Many times when we were new Christians we came on too strong and turned her off. However, after many years of dealing with cultists we learned much and gained wisdom in sharing Christ. Instead of calling her group a cult, one day we sat together and I asked if we could study the Bible together. I shared Scriptures concerning the deity of Christ and salvation through faith. She began to ask questions.

Then I explained how various cults (never insinuating her group was a cult) distort the deity of Christ and the plan of salvation and how they have extra-Biblical teachings. Her eyes lit up as she questioned if Christian Science did this. I asked her, “Do they?” To which she replied, “Yes.”

I encouraged her to get into Bible studies. We got her a Bible study series through our church and she started attending one at her apartment. Each week she would change more and more. She was close with the Christian Science church people who had helped her in many ways and tried to get her back. Although difficult to leave, she began to break all ties. Two of her friends involved had already left.

She read my article, What Is a Christian?, and got copies for all her friends and also sent one with her letter of resignation to the Christian Science mother church in Boston. She also had all their literature removed from her home.

She asked me to have her buried instead of being cremated, since the Christian Science church cremates. In 1999, I fulfilled that promise as a funeral home buried her for only the $1,000 life insurance she had.

I Don’t Know Who You Are

I shared the following illustration with a couple (the husband had cancer and didn’t have much time to live) who were religious, knowing about God, but not knowing the Lord in a personal way. I said, “If a stranger would walk in your front door and say, ‘Hi, I’m home! I’m going up to my room,’ you would respond by quickly saying, ‘I don’t know who you are. Get out of here!’ However, if one of your own children walked in and said the same thing, you’d say, ‘Glad to see you! Come on in!’ ”

In the Bible, Jesus said there will be those who think that they are His children because they go to church or profess to believe in Him, but when they stand before Him, He will in essence say,

“Get out of here. I never knew you ― you’re not My child” (Matthew 7:21-23).

In contrast, Jesus will say to those He knows,

“I know you. You’re mine – enter into the joy of your Lord.”

I assured them that we can know now what type of greeting we will receive when we meet the Lord. I shared the words of Paul in II Timothy 1:12,

“… I know Whom I have believed and I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day.”

Knowing God as Father

While I was buying blueberries, the young lady selling them told me about the recent death of her father. She was still grieving, so I asked her if her father knew the Lord. I wanted to find out her perspective in an attempt to bring her some hope and encouragement. She said, “Yes, he made his peace with God.” I asked, “How about you?” She informed me she went to church but wasn’t close to the Lord.

I said to her, “You can tell me about your father and even show me pictures, and although I can know all about him, I will never have a personal relationship with him like you had.” I continued, “Most people who go to church know about God like I would about your father, but God wants us to know Him in a personal way as you knew your father.” Her eyes lit up as she told me that this is what she longed for.

After prayer, she hugged me as tears streamed down her face. She said, “This was not a chance meeting; I was meant to talk to you.” I invited her to Jim Weikal’s Bible study where she could grow in her relationship with Jesus Christ and she enthusiastically accepted.

Intimately Knowing the Lord

It is interesting to note that the Greek word for “know” (ginosko), used when Jesus said, “I never knew you; depart from Me …” (Matthew 7:23) is the very same word used for “know,” which was used by Mary when she said to the angel Gabriel (who had come to announce the birth of Jesus), “How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?” (Luke 1:34). She never had an intimate relationship with a man. The same Greek word for “know” was used again when Jesus said ―

“This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” (John 17:3)

Scripture teaches that we must know the Lord by having an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A Christian is someone who has a restored relationship with God the Father through a personal faith and acceptance of His Son Jesus and His finished work on the cross. The true concept of Biblical Christianity is not a lifeless external form of religion, but a living vital personal relationship with the God of the universe who is knowable and seeks to be known.

God Bless You, Mister!

While ministering at the Presidio of Monterey, Karen and I walked from the military base down to the wharf on Monterey Bay. In one of the shops was a sampling of corn chips and various dips. A sign in front of one of the dips said, “Very Hot.” I tried it and quickly bought a small bottle of water for $1.25.

A few minutes later a skinny kid about 11 came in. He looked and dressed just like Erkel. I said, “Don’t try that one, kid; it’s really hot!” He looked at me and said, “You’re looking at the toughest kid in the world!” So I said, “Go for it, kid, but you better have a buck and a quarter in your pocket to buy some water.” He took a large bite and then walked around the store smiling and saying, “No problem.” About 10 seconds later, he ran to the cooler to get some water, but he couldn’t get the bottle opened. He ran over to me and pleaded, “Please give me some water! ” I said, “Open your mouth, kid,” as I squirted his mouth full of water. He swallowed and said, “God bless you, mister. God bless you!”

A few minutes later I saw the same boy walking down the wharf with several adults. He was fanning his mouth as he was trying to explain that he ate something hot and needed something to drink. I walked into the middle of the people and said, “Hey kid, open your mouth.” The adults looked bewildered as he did. Then I squirted his mouth full of water again. He swallowed and said, “God bless you, mister. God bless you!” as the adults all smiled. Likewise, there is a world of spiritually thirsty people whose thirst can only be quenched with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

John 7:37 ― “On the last and greatest day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, ‘If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.'”

Revelation 22:17 ― “The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.”

Final Biblical Scenario

A Jewish man listened intently for one hour as I shared with him about the history of the Middle East conflict and the unfolding and final Biblical scenario, as well as why Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah. At the end of our conversation, I closed by telling him what Scripture says is coming. When these things begin to come to pass, then you will know that Yeshua is the promised Messiah:

  • A 7 year peace treaty will be signed with Israel.
  • The Temple will be rebuilt.
  • The Temple will be desecrated by the Antichrist in the middle of the 7 year peace treaty.
  • A persecution of the Jews —far worse than the Holocaust —will occur.
  • All the nations of the world will gather against Israel, leading to the battle of Armageddon.
  • The Messiah, Yeshua, will return and save Israel from extinction.
  • The Jews will weep and mourn when they realize that the one they rejected and pierced is the true Messiah.
  • Yeshua will usher in a thousand year Millennial reign from Jerusalem and the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord.


While volunteering as a chaplain for the American Red Cross during the California Wildfires of 2003, Bill stopped at Sharp Cabrillo Hospital to visit Todd Renzema. (Todd’s amazing story was shared in a previous newsletter article entitled, Miracle On a California Highway. He and his wife Lynn are good friends and faithful supporters of the ministry.)

On the way to visit Todd, Bill and his wife Karen met Corky, a woman who seemed distraught. She informed Bill and Karen that her friend was dying of cancer. Bill asked Corky if she wanted a chaplain to come drop by her friend’s room. Her response of, “No, it is just a life process,” gave the impression of a New Age background.

Less than a week later, Bill went by himself to visit Todd. While exiting the elevator on the eighth floor, there stood Corky. She informed Bill that her friend passed away the night before. After a brief conversation Bill reached into his back pocket and pulled out the only copy he had of the Faith Through the Fire booklet as he said, “This is meant for you.” She graciously received it and thanked him twice.

The Lord’s timing is always perfect. We trust He used that small booklet which “just happened” to be in Bill’s pocket to bring her to Jesus.

Sometimes we plant a seed and someone else waters. Other times we plant the seed and later have an opportunity to water it. But God is the One who brings the increase. Only He can open someone’s spiritual eyes and draw them to Him, but it is our responsibility to be a witness for Him in every situation and in any way we can.

Dying Jewish Sister

An elderly Jewish woman, who had accepted Yeshua as her Messiah, heard my radio broadcast. She called the ministry because she was concerned about her dying sister who had not yet accepted Jesus as her Savior. She wanted me to go to the hospital and share the Gospel with her. Due to a hectic ministry schedule, I was unable to visit her at the time so I sent other staff members and a pastor to visit her. She had not yet given her life to Jesus Christ so her concerned sister called me once again. I felt an urgency to visit this woman, so I went to the hospital.

Upon entering the room, I found both women there. I went over to the bed of the dying woman who was unable to speak and showed no signs of having any physical movement. The believing sister felt that it was too late to reach her with the Gospel, but I assured her that God’s Spirit could speak to her mind and heart even now. I leaned down and began to speak softly in her left ear why I believed Yeshua was the Jewish Messiah. I shared with her aspects of Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 about the Messiah as the Suffering Servant. I also shared how she could come to know and accept Yeshua as her Messiah. I told her that she might wonder if Yeshua could still forgive her since she had never accepted Him all her life. I then began to share with her about the thief on the cross who was dying beside Yeshua and how He responded to the thief by saying, “Today you will be with Me in paradise.” I assured her that if she accepted Yeshua even now, she too would be forgiven and be with Him in paradise.

I prayed with her, telling her to repeat my prayer in her mind and heart. When I finished praying, I told her that if she had accepted Yeshua as her Messiah to give some kind of indication. Immediately, this lady who had been completely unresponsive without any movement whatsoever, began to blink her eyes. I went over to tell her sister that I was convinced that her dying sister had given her life to Yeshua. By the time we both looked back at her, she was gone. I called for the nurse, who affirmed that she had just passed away. The presence of the Lord was in that room, and the believing sister who had been praying for several years for her sister’s salvation, was now at peace, knowing she was with their Jewish Messiah.

Conscious Breathing

The purpose of the following article is twofold. First, it is a witness encounter to motivate you to take advantage of any opportunity to share your faith in Christ. Second, it is to reveal and warn our readers that many Christians are participating in spiritually dangerous occult techniques.

Karen and I attended a two-week session at a health institute in San Diego as part of the treatment to help Karen overcome cancer. During our stay, there was a class on conscious breathing. We knew it was going to be tainted with New Age techniques and beliefs, so Karen ― not needing any more stress in her life ― decided not to go. I looked at it as a research opportunity and decided to attend. The instructor of this deep breathing class opened by requesting everyone to chant a tone while punching the air to set the mood.

When I was the only one not participating, the instructor stopped the session and announced that everyone must participate. The toning and punching the air resumed but was abruptly stopped as the instructor asked if I was going to participate. With all eyes glaring at me, I told her that I would only do the breathing part. The instructor talked to me during a break, and I explained to her that it would be like her going to McDonald’s. She would have to be very selective in the choices she made so as not to violate her convictions. Besides, it would be a regression for her. In my spiritual walk, this is a regression.

The session resumed with about 25 people punching and dancing wildly while chanting tones, deep breathing, and saying positive affirmations. An audio tape played for 90 minutes with music, toning, and such affirmations as: “You are beautiful. You are whole. You are divine. We are all children of God.” While toning, deep breathing, and listening to the positive affirmations, participants were also told to visualize different colors as they visualized energy moving through the chakras.

During the session, the instructor twice invoked the gods of all who were there and also did an invocation for the masters of wisdom, inner guide, or whatever you believe the “mystery to be.” I felt like Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon. I was in an occult environment and inundated with their belief system. I responded in my mind to each affirmation with a Biblical response. Now I would not recommend that any believer do what I did, but I prayed before attending this class and knew the Lord wanted me to see the influence many Christians are coming under and submitting to so I could both warn them and assure them of the superior power of God’s Spirit and Word.

Immediately following the session several people came up to me and wanted to know why I would not participate. They listened intently for almost an hour as I shared my testimony and what Christ has done in my life. I then gave them copies of my Spiritual Warfare and Who Is This Jesus? books. I was amazed at how many, who were participating in some blatant occult practices during the two weeks we were there, were professing Christians who should have had discernment and known better. One had a Pentecostal background and two attended Calvary Chapel churches. A Jewish woman who also asked me why I would not participate, listened intently as I shared how I searched for and found the Jewish Messiah and what her Hebrew Bible teaches concerning such occult involvement. She graciously received a copy of my Who Is This Jesus? book.

Near the end of the session one woman said, “I am a Christian and this just reaffirmed everything I believe.” Another professing Christian woman also punched the air and toned. When the session was over, she was smiling like she just saw Jesus. Another woman told how her deceased grandmother was in the room with her during this.

I also attended a class on Advanced Alpha Techniques. It was taught by the same instructor who taught the conscious breathing class. Once again I did not participate in the techniques, but merely listened to the lectures.

Following this session the instructor had each of us share. Most told how stressed they were and their need to be in “alpha,” a meditative, relaxed state. As my turn neared, I asked the Lord for wisdom about what to share. I told them I run a non-profit organization that is often adventurous and chaotic involving extreme stress at times, but that I have tremendous peace in the midst of it from my relationship with Jesus Christ.

After class, a woman approached me and said, “I need to talk to you.” She told me she was a Christian and wanted to know how to sort this all out and what she could do to have the peace of the Lord. We had a long and fruitful conversation.

The next morning another woman approached me. She told me she was Jewish and was greatly inspired by what I said yesterday. She said she called her daughter after she heard me speak. Her daughter had just started a business in New York City and had several near disasters and thought her new business would fail. She told me she told her daughter what I shared in class, which greatly encouraged her. I then told her I had been to Jerusalem many times and had a staff member who was a messianic believer. We had a good conversation and then parted because exercise class began.

The majority of people attending these sessions were either hostile to Jesus Christ and offended by anything Christian, or they were professing Christians who freely indulged in all the New Age revelry. As true believers in Jesus Christ living in a growing pagan society, we must be light and salt by sharing the love and truth of Christ without compromising our biblical convictions. Having this “balance” may be a challenge, but it is also a tremendous opportunity for the Lord.

Archaeologists at San Diego Airport

A number of years ago Karen and I met a couple at the San Diego airport. Both of them were archaeologists on their way home to Baltimore. I talked to the husband while Karen talked to his wife and my mother talked to his young children. I asked him numerous questions about his archaeological excavations and research. He was delighted to share them with me. We talked for over 30 minutes. Then I began to share with him some of the many archaeological discoveries that have validated the truth of the Bible. He acknowledged the amazing accuracy of Biblical accounts and agreed that no archaeological discovery has refuted the Scriptures. He told me about his religious (Episcopalian) background, but also his belief in evolution. I shared with him that although I too had once rejected Christianity, I was challenged to evaluate the evidence. I told him that it would now take more faith for me to believe in evolution than in the Creator revealed in Scripture.

I told him I knew many scientists, doctors, and archaeologists who were convinced by the evidence of science, history, mathematics, archaeology, health, and prophecy that the Bible is God’s Word and Jesus Christ is truly the promised Messiah and only way of salvation.

With sincerity in his eyes and voice, he asked me how I came to have such faith. After briefly sharing my testimony I challenged him to evaluate the evidence without bias. I told him that I am certain if he does so, he will come to faith in Jesus Christ. At that point, we were informed by the Delta gate representative that we were all being bumped (till the next day) from our flight and receiving vouchers for future free trips. He and his wife responded with a big smile to my comment as we parted company: “I would say the Lord has blessed us.”

Assistant Museum Curator

During a flight, I was sitting beside the assistant curator of a large museum. He saw me eating something nutritious so he asked if I was into health food. He was interested in health and nutrition so we talked about that for a while. Then I began to mention some of the many amazing ancient health laws of the Bible. He was fascinated. I expanded the conversation by saying that being a museum curator he was obviously knowledgeable of history, archaeology, and science to which he agreed. I continued, “There is nothing in Scripture that is contradicted by any historical, archaeological, or scientific fact. He responded, “I have to admit that the Bible is very accurate.” I shared some of the historical, archaeological, scientific, and prophetic evidence of the Bible. He listened intently and acknowledged the accuracy of the Scriptures.

I also told him that many atheists and agnostics I know who have converted to Christianity admitted it was not the evidence which caused them to reject the Creator and the Bible, but their bias and lifestyle which went contrary to Biblical revelation. It is usually because of some sin, such as immorality, which they do not want to give up. I then asked him, “Have you rejected the faith of your grandmother (whose funeral he was going to) because of some compromise in your life?” He put his head down as he admitted that he was living with his girlfriend. I encouraged him to consider giving his life to the Creator who loved him so much that He shed His blood on the cross that we might receive forgiveness. He gave me his business card and told me to come and see him and he would get me into any of the museums that I wanted to visit.

Airport Witness Encounters Using Books


As I waited in line to check-in for my flight from Cleveland to Chicago, a woman in front of me asked me to save her spot while she made an important phone call. When she returned she told me about her dilemma so before we parted ways, I reached into my briefcase and offered her my Strength through Weakness book which she gratefully received.

My flight was cancelled so I had US Air rebook me on United. I had to go standby and my flight was leaving in a few minutes. As I raced to my gate, I was delayed in security by a young man of Asian descent. He was fascinated when he inspected my briefcase and saw my Bible and a quart of carrot juice. He kept me talking for several minutes. I got to my gate just seconds after they closed the doors.

As I sat in the airport reading while waiting on the next flight, I glanced up and saw a man I had met in the check-in line. We briefly talked as he told me he was back in Cleveland to visit his father who was having health problems. When I saw him again, I grabbed another of my Strength Through Weakness books and said, “I just missed my flight, which made it possible for me to see you again. I think this book is meant for you.” He graciously received it.


My flight was delayed, so I arrived in Chicago too late to get a ride from the airport to Wheaton College on the free bus provided by the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Because US Air initially cancelled my flight, they agreed to pay for a taxi since I missed the bus. The taxi driver was Palestinian. Before we parted at Wheaton College, I gave him a tip and my book, Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ, which he graciously accepted.


A few days later I was flying from Pittsburgh to San Diego. I almost missed my flight from Pittsburgh because of road construction. With less than half an hour before take-off, I knew I would not make it if I went to the end of the extremely long security line. So, I walked near the front of the line and asked a young woman if I could get in line. She was happy to let me do so. She asked what I did and when I told her she said she was a Christian and that her friend goes on mission trips. In appreciation for her kindness, I gave her my Spiritual Warfare and Overcoming Giants books ― both of which she was elated to receive because she needed something to read on her flight.


During my flight I read a powerful testimony of a Muslim who came to Christ. I ripped it out of the magazine (Charisma) I was reading in hopes of giving it to a Muslim. While walking through the Minneapolis airport to catch the final leg of my trip to San Diego, I walked up to a young man and asked, “Are you a Muslim?” Looking bewildered, he responded, “Yes.” I said as I handed him the article, “I just read a fascinating article about a Muslim that I think you would enjoy.” He took the article, looked it over, and then thanked me for giving it to him.

San Diego

I got bumped to a later flight from Minneapolis to San Diego and received a free airline ticket for being delayed for a few hours. It gave me a chance to do some more work on my upcoming book, Overcoming Sexual Immorality. A woman with a Middle Eastern accent was going standby to San Diego, but was unable to get on any flights. She was from Iraq and was trying to explain in broken English to the agent at the gate that she had to get to her sister’s in San Diego. I helped her communicate to the agent and then told her I would pray she got on the flight, which she did. I saw her with her sister at the San Diego Airport. I gave her my Who Is This Jesus? book, and she was very happy to receive it.

Take Advantage

These are just a few of countless witness encounters I have had in airports and on airplanes. Usually I ask questions and listen to their story first. Sometimes I give verbal witness and sometimes it is a book or pamphlet. Other times it is both. Almost always the people are eager to talk and receive a book or pamphlet. It is awesome to see how God’s Spirit weaves a powerful witness through our conversation.

My prayer is that you be sensitive to take advantage of any witness opportunity and have the courage and boldness to testify of your faith. You never know what that person may be facing or how God’s Spirit may have prepared their heart for just such an encounter and use your witness to draw them to the Lord.

Tabby the Cat: Why Did Jesus Die For Us?

Why did Jesus die for us?

Saraya (age 6)

Dear Saraya,

First of all, let’s pretend there is some place really special you want your mom or dad to take you. Your mom says you have to clean your room first if you want her to take you. So you go to your room, but instead of cleaning, you see your new doll and start playing with it. A few hours go by and your mom tells you it is time to get ready to go. She looks in your room and still sees the big mess. She tells you that you can’t go now and have to stay home and clean your room.

You begin to cry and tell her you are sorry, but you still are not allowed to go. All of a sudden your brother or sister come into your room and ask your mom if they can take your punishment and stay home and clean your room instead. They know how much you were looking forward to going to this special place and they are willing to be grounded for you.

This is what Jesus did for us on the cross so we can go to the special place God has for us. It is Heaven and it is more beautiful than anything we could imagine. But to go there we have to obey God too. Every day we sin and disobey Him and His Word, the Bible. So God sent His Son Jesus to die for us and take our punishment instead. The Bible says in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

God loves you so much, Saraya, that He took your punishment by dying on the cross. Now you can ask God to forgive you for all the bad things you do and He forgives you and forgets all about your sin. If you love God He will one day take you to His special place in Heaven and you will live with Him forever.


Tabby the Cat

Tabby the Cat answers are written by Tabitha Rudge Smith. If your child or grandchild has a question for Tabby, please e-mail her. Although she may be unable to personally answer each one, she will answer questions in future newsletters.