Brown Recluse Spider Bite

In June of 2005 when Bill was bitten by a brown recluse spider, he called Trapper (the ultimate outdoorsman who was an expert on insects, animals, and plants).

The brown recluse spider is the most dangerous spider we have in the United States. Trapper John told Bill, “This could be very bad since people have been known to die from the bite of the spider, while others have lost limbs.” Trapper remembered that Bill didn’t seem upset by what he was told and responded that the Lord would get him through this ― and He did.

One Sunday morning after BJ spoke at South Pymatuning Community Church, Trapper told BJ, “I saw that bite on your father and he should not have a hand or arm. It is a miracle your dad didn’t lose his finger or even worse. God truly protected him.”

On Labor Day 2006 Bill walked by Trapper’s booth at Buhl Day. Trapper was surrounded by people but when he saw Bill he told him to come over and hold up his left hand. Trapper told his audience this was a miracle and Bill should have lost his left hand or more.

In Trapper John’s words:

Trapper John Colombo, now deceased,
was a friend and supporter of BRM for
many years.

“I am well aware of the tragic results of being bitten by a recluse spider. Many people have suffered intense pain and lost some part of their anatomy because of this spider’s poison. Yet because of Bill’s complete trust and faith in Jesus Christ, his finger healed beautifully. He has no scar, no loss of flesh around the area bitten, nor any adverse results from this bite. Like the man said, ‘Faith can move mountains’ or in this case, stop a disaster by healing a finger!

“Everyone I know who has been bitten by a brown recluse spider lost all or part of a limb or has a hole in their leg or arm. Bill does not have even a mark on his finger. It is truly a miracle.

“Some people say they have faith but Bill proved his faith when he faced the brown recluse spider bite. I am convinced that without God’s help he would have a stub for a hand.

“God Bless you and may the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand until we next meet.”