Junk Food for Your Soul?

by Al Menconi

What would be your opinion of a man who spends his evenings prowling through neighborhoods peeking into bedroom windows and watching couples having sex? And when he shares his voyeuristic exploits with his friends, he claims that his “habit” is simply normal entertainment? Would you consider him a pervert? I would!

Isn’t that what much of today’s entertainment is doing to us? It puts our mind’s eye in somebody’s bedroom watching sexual activity. … Are you allowing your mind to “peek into someone’s bedroom?” If so, are you acting like the pervert described in the opening paragraph?

How does this affect us? Romans 12:1,2 commands us not to be conformed to this world’s morals and values, but we should be transformed by renewing our mind. But how do we know if we are learning to conform to the values of this world? An obvious way is by examining our entertainment. Are we entertained by immorality, violence, and profanity and just excuse it away? If so, we are learning to conform to the world’s value system.

I’ve noticed that I have learned to accept more and more immorality in my entertainment. I remember reviewing the movie Superman II about fifteen years ago and being offended by all the violence and mayhem, and was especially disturbed that Superman had sex with Lois Lane. In fact, I remember sitting next to a little boy who was laughing and cheering at all the destruction and lusting at the sex scene. At the time, I was wondering what was wrong with his mother to let him watch it. But when I saw the same movie again recently on television, it didn’t bother me. It seemed normal. Like that little boy’s mother, I’d gotten used to it. Which is another way of saying that I am learning to conform to the world’s value system.

We use the acronym CAN to explain this phenomenon. Whatever is Common in the entertainment media is considered Acceptable. And if anything is acceptable in society, it must be Normal. Common, acceptable and normal. But it is not acceptable and normal in God’s eyes and I am ashamed that it is becoming acceptable and normal in my life. Has this acceptance of immorality invaded your life as well?

What can we do?

Realize we are in a spiritual war with powers unseen for control of our mind. The battle is for our mind! Romans 8:7:

“The sinful mind is hostile to God.”

Resolve not to entertain ourself with the godless values of this world. Colossians 2:8:

“Don’t let others spoil your faith and joy with their philosophies.”

Replace the empty values with Christian music. Colossians 3:1,2:

“Set your mind on things above instead of on things below.”

Remember that ultimately, the problem is not entertainment; the problem is sin! Ultimately, the answer is not Christian music; the answer is Jesus.

About the Author…

Al Menconi is president and founder of Al Menconi Ministries in San Marcos, California. He is a recognized authority on popular music and the media for today’s Christian family.

Reprinted with permission.