Miracle in the Midst of Mayhem

Several years ago the Rainbow Family was having their annual gathering at the Allegheny Forest, an expansive national park in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania. One of my staff and I spent the majority of Friday, July 2 witnessing and passing out books and pamphlets to some of the 20,000 people who were involved in a smorgasbord of new age beliefs, eastern mysticism, occultism, and American Indian religions, as well as many using drugs and alcohol. Most were very friendly and receptive.

Two days later on the Fourth of July I went back alone. The massive encampment of 20,000 people was spread out over many wooded acres involving hundreds of trails. Upon arriving at the Allegheny National Forest, I turned into the area set aside for this gathering. I wore a tie-dyed shirt and bandanna. I picked up three “hippies” and gave them a ride for about 10 miles on a dirt road. After dropping them off, I realized I was not where I wanted to be so I turned around. At that point, another “hippie” asked for a ride. I asked him where he was going. He responded, “I don’t know. I am trying to find someone.” He told me that he had driven approximately seven hours from Cincinnati, Ohio to find a co-worker — a 20-year-old young man whose father had just died. He happened to be the only person who knew that the 20-year-old had hitchhiked with his dog to this “Rainbow” gathering. Becoming aware of the immensity of the event, he was simply overwhelmed. He had slept in his car the night before and had no idea where or how to begin. I told him the reason I was there and offered to help, saying that only the Lord would be able to assist in finding this “needle in a haystack.”

Cars were only allowed up to certain checkpoints, but because of the nature of our search we were allowed to drive further than most. Even so, after driving another five miles down dirt roads we finally had to park the car and walk. We passed several trails. There was a slight problem hindering us in communicating about our search. The morning of July 4th was their time of silent meditation — a quiet time to “honor and respect all those who have aided the positive evolution of earth and humankind.” The entire camp was hushed and people were gathered in the Main Circle to meditate for world peace and the healing of the earth. So, we could not talk out loud to anyone and had to speak to each other in hushed words.

After leading him to a spacious area where the silent meditation ceremony was focused, and telling him that this was as far as I could take him, he suddenly turned around and exclaimed, “There he is!” The 20-year-old we were searching for in the midst of 20,000 people was seated not even four feet from us. He told him, “You have to come home with me.” With a perplexed look the young man asked, “Why?” He was told that his father had passed away. As he gathered his belongings and his dog to leave, I said, “What you saw today was a miracle! Only the Lord could have helped us find you.” My co-searcher said, “Without a doubt!” I gave them my Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ book and Searching pamphlet which they gladly received.

Truly the Lord is amazing! In the midst of 20,000 people, down miles of dirt roads and numerous trails past hundreds of encampments, He guided us to the exact spot where that young man was sitting. I have seen God do these kinds of things over and over again. Truly He is Lord.