Incarcerated Minister Learning to Overcome Sexual Immorality

The following was written by A.L.P., Jr., Arkansas:

I am 31 years of age and currently incarcerated at Ouachita River Correctional Unit in Malvern, Arkansas. I was sentenced to nine years in prison for second degree Sexual Assault. I am taking advantage of this time to correct my problematic thinking and behavior patterns. For years, I have struggled with sexual immorality, and as a young minister of the gospel, I had every opportunity to rely on the Word of God as a guide for deliverance, strength, and healing. My failure to believe that as a “Warrior” I could conquer the war that raged in the battlefield of my mind, weakened my spirit and ultimately led to a crime and a nine year prison sentence. I make no excuses for my actions and take full responsibility for the hurt and harm that I have caused my victim and her family – as well as my family and those who were/are connected to me.

I have been blessed to write a book entitled Chronicles of a Warrior: A Journey to Complete Freedom that, not only tells of my struggle with sexual immortality and the spirit of heaviness, but also the internal freedom I am experiencing in Christ.

Bill Rudge’s book, Overcoming Sexual Immorality, has been a blessing to me. Thank you for hearing and obeying the voice of God. I was halfway in the completion of my book when my wife mailed Bill’s book to me. There are good nuggets in Overcoming Sexual Immorality that I would love to use in my book Chronicles of a Warrior. I have found the things Bill said to be true and effective. I would love the privilege and opportunity to share quotes from Bill’s book.

Thanks again, Bill, for your book. Because of your obedience and willingness to write this book, I have been able to use more effective tools in my journey to complete freedom. May God continue to use you and bless you for your obedience.

Life Is A Lot Like Sports

by BJ Rudge, Ph.D.

Being a sports fan is like being on an emotional roller coaster. You experience the high and excitement of watching your team win a game and the low and disappointment of watching them lose. As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, this was certainly the case for me over the past few weeks. In one moment I was cheering with excitement as they advanced to the AFC championship game, the next moment I was sitting in complete disgust as they lost and fell short of making it to the Super Bowl. Life is certainly a lot like sports. In one moment life is moving along smoothly and then, in an instant, it can change completely. We all experience moments in life that bring joy and happiness, while others that bring pain and sorrow.

Watching the Steelers lose was even more of a struggle considering the fact that the New England Patriots humbled them. It was difficult to watch the Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, completely dissect the Steelers defense. Time after time Brady found receivers completely wide open, and as this continued to occur I am sure I was not alone in wondering why the Steelers appeared to make no adjustments to stop it.   Certainly, the coaches from the Steelers wanted to win and go to the Super Bowl. But the question remains, “Why not change what you are doing if it is not working?” Especially when what you have done has consistently hindered you from beating Tom Brady and the Patriots. Just as adjustments in a football game need to be made when things are not going right, so too, in life, we need to make adjustments when we find our lives not going in the right direction. The adjustment might be changing the way we are spending our time or changing who we spend our time with. Regardless of what adjustment needs to be made, if we find ourselves, like the Steelers, consistently being defeated, then we need to recognize that something has to change!

So while there is some therapy for me as a distraught fan in writing this blog, two important questions still face us all. First, what are we building our lives upon that will help us weather the ups and downs of life? If we are wise, then we will build our lives upon the reliable foundation of Jesus Christ and His commands. When we put into practice Jesus’ commands, then when the ups and downs come our way, and when we eventually stand before God on judgment day, we can take confidence in the following words of Jesus,

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock” (Matthew 7:24, 25).

Second, what adjustments do you need to make today for you to find victory in your life? The purpose of the cross was not just to provide life beyond the grave, but was also to provide freedom in this life from the chains of sin (Romans 6:15-18). Yes, we will struggle in this life with sin, but we do not need to be kept captive by it. We can have victory in this life! As the author of Hebrews states,

“therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,” (Hebrews 12:1).

The Internet and Your Child

The following is excerpted from Seducers Among Our Children by Investigator Sergeant, Patrick Crough.

I have met child victims who communicated with their offender over the Internet right under their parents’ noses. Because chat room language is cryptic and hard to decipher, it allows the victim to become involved, and eventually seduced, by a predator. Many times the child will be lured out of the safety of their home to be sexually offended.

Once a man gets hooked on pornography he needs something more graphic for the same thrill effect. I truly believe he unwittingly invites a demon to take over his life. Eventually, his appetite becomes insatiable.

I have interviewed child predators who claimed they were spawned as a result of their addiction to Internet pornography. Some of the predators I interrogated told me that when they began viewing child pornography they knew deep down in their heart what they were doing was very wrong; but they had lost control and were unable to stop. It should be noted that when a man is viewing adult porn sites, he is constantly attacked by pop-ups, attempting to lure him to a different porn site. Some of these pop-ups are for child porn sites.

Fasting for Sensitivity and Power 5

by Bill Rudge

Bill Rudge has challenged thousands of believers and Christian leaders to fast, pray, and study Scripture. This five part series will equip you to master the biblical principles of fasting which have so greatly impacted Bill’s life and ministry. They fasted when they were humbling themselves before the Lord. They fasted when they were confessing their sins and repenting. They fasted when they were mourning. They fasted when they faced crises and emergencies or suffered defeats. They fasted when they were seeking God’s help or guidance. They fasted when they were given a special calling or were stepping out on a special mission. They fasted when they were earnestly praying and seeking the Lord with all their hearts. Moses fasted. David fasted. Elijah fasted. Daniel fasted. Esther fasted. Nehemiah fasted. Jesus fasted. Paul fasted. And many throughout church history who have impacted their world have also fasted.

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