Spiritual Health Exam

by Bill Rudge

“Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves!” 2 Corinthians 13:5

Want to test the condition of your heart? The following exam will help you evaluate which areas of your life are committed and which are compromised. The Holy Spirit can speak to your heart as you ponder some crucial questions – and help bring change where it is needed.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart;
try me, and know my thoughts”
(Psalm 139:23).


Do I only know about Jesus or do I really know Him?

Do I pursue only personal goals and dreams or seek God’s will for my life?

Do I resist and rebel or am I yielded and available so His Spirit can work in and through me?

Do pride and haughtiness dominate me or do humility and meekness (strength under the Lord’s control) define me?

Do I seek personal recognition or desire to lift up and glorify the Lord?

Do I tolerate deceit and lies or live a life of honesty and truthfulness?

Do I waste time in unfruitful pursuits or make time each day to study Scripture and pray?

What example and legacy will I leave my family if I died today?

Would I be ashamed if my spouse or children discovered the sites I visit on the Internet?

Do I allow television programs or movies in my house that compromise my biblical convictions or is my home a safe oasis for my family?

Do I avoid and run from sexual immorality and pornography or pursue self-centered pleasure?

Do I give up when facing obstacles and opposition or refuse to quit and persevere until God’s purpose is fulfilled?

Am I out-of-control or am I developing discipline and self-control over every area of my life?

Do my thoughts, words and behavior master me or do I master them?

Do my words cause discouragement, hurt and pain or encouragement, healing and comfort?

Am I controlled by the lusts of the flesh or displaying the fruit of the Spirit?

Am I afraid or embarrassed to share my faith in Jesus or looking for opportunities to tell others about Him?

Do I compromise in the face of opposition or have the courage to stand alone when necessary?

Am I victimized by peer pressure or making my life count by standing in the strength of my convictions?

Am I a cultural Christian or a biblical Christian? Am I lukewarm or committed?

Do I tolerate hidden sin or seek to live in purity and integrity before the Lord and the world?

Is my desire for God greater than my passion for sports, money or fame?

Is my life-priority Jesus Christ or someone or something else?

Do I care more about impressing and pleasing people or honoring my Lord and having His favor?

Am I more concerned about people’s opinion of me or the Lord’s?

What does my use of money and spare time reveal about my priorities?

Do I fill my life with worry, fear, unbelief and complaining or faith, peace, joy and thanksgiving?

Do I sacrifice for and serve others or manipulate them to get what I want?

Am I jealous of other’s success and possessions or do I rejoice when God uses and blesses them?

Do I serve and praise the Lord in difficult times or only when I am being blessed?

Do I attend a church that merely “tickles my ears” and makes me feel good or one where the pastor and people have a heart for Scripture, prayer, fellowship, service, evangelism and missions?

Are the funds I give to churches and ministries used wisely to advance the Gospel?

Do I invest in the spiritual development of my family or am I too busy and unmotivated to have devotions and pray with my spouse and children?

Does my heart long for the return of Jesus Christ or am I caught up in the cares of this world?

Do I seek to get what I can here and now or is my desire for an eternal reward and inheritance?

Am I certain of my eternal destiny or unsure of my final fate?

Do I treat my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit – a “living sacrifice” for His honor and glory?

Is my mind being renewed and transformed by God’s Word so that I have the mind of Christ?

Am I bringing every thought captive to obedience to Jesus Christ and dwelling on that which is true, honorable and praiseworthy?

Is my spirit, created in the image of God, being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ: filled with His Spirit, walking in the power of the Spirit, developing the fruit of the Spirit and operating the gifts of the Spirit?

I hope the preceding examination shows you to be in good spiritual health! But if your check-up was less than ideal and His Spirit has convicted you, the prescription to get your heart right with the Lord is to humble yourself as in 1 John 1:9, repenting as you ask His forgiveness.

Implement His effective remedy by beginning now to spend time daily in His Word and in prayer. Before you know it, His Spirit will restore your relationship with Him as your First Love. As a healthy believer, you will be a bold and faithful witness in a day and age that desperately needs His light, love and truth.

May the Lord accomplish His purpose in and through you and may you reach your maximum potential in Christ – physically, mentally, emotionally, and above all, spiritually!