A Vision Only God Could Fulfill

In 1977, at the very beginning of the Bill Rudge Ministries, the Lord spoke to Bill’s heart and gave him goals and a vision that within five years the ministry would be reaching out nationally, and within ten years internationally.

Bill knew he could not fulfill this vision on his own – all he could do is be faithful to the Lord and let Him do it in His time and His way. Ten years later in 1987, through a series of traumatic experiences (described in the Strength Through Weakness booklet), Satan nearly stopped the fulfillment of that vision, but the Lord intervened and brought the victory.

Just as the Lord had provided ministry opportunities throughout the United States during the previous five years, He began to open doors internationally in 1987. Bill was able to go on his first radio station outside the U.S., the Caribbean Beacon, and soon thereafter on other overseas stations (long before streaming over the Internet was available). As a result, we began to receive letters from around the world requesting our books and audio messages.

Looking back, it is amazing how the Lord brought about the fulfillment of the goals and vision He gave Bill when the kitchen table was our desk and others questioned our survival. How awesome and amazing He is!

Gabriel – A Man from India

The Lord used a special man from India as a catalyst to help move this ministry beyond the United States to the world.

In 1986, Gabriel Massey, who was the General Secretary of the Federation of Evangelical Churches of India, was speaking in the U.S. We had never met or heard of each other. Gabriel happened to be in Youngstown, Ohio at a motel. He could not sleep this night because as he said, “The angels were disturbing my sleep.” So he scanned the radio dial for a Christian station until he came across Bill’s broadcast. The Holy Spirit spoke to him that “this man must come to India to minister.”

Gabriel went back to India and wrote requesting Bill to come and speak for their national convention in September 1987. Unable to go at that time because Karen had major surgery in June of 1987, Bill sent a representative. Then in December 1987, when Gabriel was again in the U.S. speaking, he looked Bill and Karen up, once again asking them to come and minister in India. The Lord strongly led them to go and did some phenomenal things in coordinating the plans to begin their world outreach.

Such was the beginning of Bill’s “Adventures in Missions” which would take him on many exciting, fruit bearing and oft-times dangerous ministry trips and missionary outreaches. In the past 30 years, we have been able to share the Gospel throughout India and the Himalayas, Haiti, the West Indies, South America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.