God’s Hall of Fame

by Bill Rudge

As a teenager I wanted to be accepted by a group of older guys, so I was motivated to lift weights and train in the martial arts until I achieved that goal. However, the desire to be accepted by these older guys (which I accomplished) was replaced when I became a Christian at age 18, with a passion to be inducted into God’s Hall of Fame.

The aim of my life since then has been to, hopefully, be included one day in what Hebrews chapter 11 refers to as “heroes of the faith.” What an eternal honor that would be – well worth any sacrifice I may have to make to attain it!

Inspire Your Generation…

by Bill Rudge

Following in Moses’ footprints after his death, Joshua’s example of dedication to the Lord inspired his generation. Joshua’s influence was felt not only during his lifetime, but for years after his death.

This profound statement is recorded in Joshua 24:31:

Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders who outlived Joshua ….

May our example and the testimony we bear motivate our children and grandchildren to live for the Lord all the days of our lives and their lives. And may they, in turn, influence their children and grandchildren to also serve the Lord after we are gone.