41 Years of Helping People Reach Their Maximum Potential

By Darlinda McDonald

This month, Bill Rudge Ministries is celebrating 41 years in ministry locally and around the world.

Bill Rudge Ministries (BRM) has been helping children, teens and adults to reach their maximum potential – physically, mentally and spiritually – for the past 41 years. Stepping out in faith, Bill and Karen Rudge began the ministry locally in 1977 with no money or facilities, and have grown to become an international outreach covering over 135 countries.

Many in the Shenango Valley will remember the popular programs BRM offered (Teen Life, Kids Life, Total Health & Fitness and the Research Division) that reached out to area youth and adults in the early years. Within five years of the ministry’s inception, Bill was speaking nationwide and ten years later he was not only speaking internationally but distributing, free of charge, their books (written by Bill and his son Dr. BJ Rudge), pamphlets, tracts, audio and video messages to anyone who asked. Over 1.5 million of their biblical resources have been requested by missionaries, pastors, chaplains, military personnel, prisoners, students and searching people everywhere. Some of their books have been translated and reprinted in several languages.

Many have been inspired by Bill’s personal testimony which was dramatized on Unshackled and aired on over 1,200 radio stations worldwide as well as his weekly radio broadcast, Living Truth for Today, and A Minute of Living Truth, which have aired on AM, FM, shortwave, and Internet radio stations across the U.S. and around the world.

Bill has led dozens of mission trips into remote and often dangerous areas to minister at conventions, churches, schools, leper colonies, hospitals and villages. He has also hosted 10 Holy Land Adventures. Bill and BJ have spoken more than 3,000 times at churches, schools, colleges, seminaries, military bases, prisons, detention centers, hospitals, rallies, retreats, banquets, conventions and pastors’ and leadership conferences throughout the United States and in over 25 countries.

In addition to presenting school assemblies and self-defense clinics, BRM offers specialized training programs for students, military personnel, youth groups, sports teams, mission teams, and others at its obstacle course. Recognizing the importance of staying fit physically as well as spiritually, Bill Rudge Ministries designed the Ultimate Challenge Obstacle & Fitness Course for those who desire a challenging workout.

More than 30 staff and volunteers serve in various capacities either in the Hermitage headquarters or from their own offices and homes throughout the country. From running the daily responsibilities of the ministry, creating newsletters, blogs and podcasts, processing requests for materials, responding to letters and e-mail, and managing the web site to producing radio broadcasts, organizing school assemblies, assisting with the obstacle course, participating in the prayer ministry and many other ministry activities, these people are the heartbeat of the ministry.

None of these things (and so much more) could have happened without the Lord’s provision which has come through the generosity of the Ministry’s many supporters which include individuals, churches, businesses and organizations. This has also allowed BRM to complete several building projects and run a multi-faceted outreach for 41 years without ever paying one penny of interest.

Our ability to offer free resources and services has been accomplished through your generous and faithful support. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. To everyone who has helped by giving of their finances, time, services, equipment or assistance in any other way, we extend a heartfelt thank you! We pray the Lord blesses you beyond measure.

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