School Assemblies a Big Hit

by Darlinda McDonald

I can be amazing: learn from my mistakes, change my bad habits, take responsibility for my actions, use good words intentionally, encourage others, and work as a team player to help solve problems. These are just a few of the lessons that school students at Artman, Case Avenue, Greenville, Ionta, and Sharpsville Elementary and Middle schools learned during six exciting multi-media assemblies in their school gymnasiums sponsored by Bill Rudge.

The media presentation, titled “I’MPOSSIBLE,” splashed visuals across three giant 14-foot screens. It used famous people, current music, and contemporary film clips to deliver messages about bullying, kindness, working hard toward your dreams and encouraging others. True-life examples of children with a dream, who experienced loss, or were physically challenged showed how they handled each of their situations with positive attitudes. The students laughed, clapped, and sang their way through the assembly as they recognized familiar movie scenes and popular songs, but you could hear a pin drop as they became silent during the narration and messages.

The assemblies also included an inspiring message by BJ Rudge and powerful demonstrations by Bill Rudge showing the meanness of bullying, the value of self-defense, the importance of resisting negative peer pressure and how to overcome the impossible. Bill’s helpers included local volunteers and assistants Chris Chrastina, Dick Hetrick, Shawn Hill, Bruce Lozier, Ken Ridgley, Brandon Santana, and Carson Smith as well as a few teachers Bill chose from the audience.

The multi-media presentation was created and produced by Motivational Media Assemblies and brought into the schools by Bill and BJ Rudge. These six assemblies were provided free of charge, courtesy of underwriting by New Virginia United Methodist Church, Jan Anderson, Mary Alice Mook, and Denny and Andrea Staul.

Tens of thousands of elementary, middle and high school students, as well as teachers and principals have been inspired, challenged and encouraged by the more than 100 assemblies Bill and BJ Rudge have sponsored and/or spoken at throughout the years on a variety of topics presenting powerful messages on anti-bullying, choices, consequences, courage, strength, self-control, discipline, self-defense, determination, love, kindness, helping others, respect, and other positive and inspirational topics. Bill Rudge has also spoken at assemblies across the nation and around the world for over 30 years.

The response from the principals, teachers and students was outstanding. A few of the many comments received from the principals were: “Truly remarkable! The students loved it! We have heard so many positive comments! The message was very timely and critical for our students! Everyone could feel the excitement in the gym! It was the best assembly ever! Fantastic show with a great message!”

A few weeks later Bill was in Sharpsville Middle School doing Street Survival Strategy Defense Clinics for all the eighth grade students. (In a future newsletter we will share exciting highlights and photos.) In May the Ultimate Challenge Obstacle Course opens at Bill Rudge Ministries.

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