Considering Eternity

by Bill Rudge

While working out at the YMCA in San Diego, I overheard two businessmen discussing death. One said, “I am not sure what’s beyond the grave, but no one will immortalize me anyway, or remember me years from now.” The other man said, “I figure that whatever is out there will have to accept me as I am.” I said, “I don’t mean to jump in, but don’t you think eternity is a long time? Therefore, it might be wise to spend a little more time considering its implications. Pause to reflect on the complexity of the human body and your DNA, the diversity and splendor of nature, and the vastness and awesomeness of the universe which contains billions of galaxies with billions of stars. If there is a God who created us and this universe – are you going to say to Him, “You must accept me on my terms?” Their look affirmed I was relating, so I continued. “No, if there is a Creator, then I must come to Him on His terms, not mine.”

They listened intently and their body language indicated they agreed with what I said so far, so I shared how I had rejected Christianity and spent many years searching in atheism, occultism, Eastern disciplines, and New Ageism until my search for truth brought me back to the God of the Bible. The one guy asked, “Then Jesus Christ is the only way?” I said, “Without a doubt, because He alone has the overwhelming evidence to validate His claims.” After sharing some of the evidence for the inspiration of the Bible and the claims of Christ, I thanked them for listening and they thanked me for sharing.

Bill Rudge has hundreds of witness opportunities every year. The preceding is from a new book he is writing entitled, Impact Evangelism – Sharing Your Faith Anywhere and Everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Considering Eternity

  1. “Pause to reflect on the complexity of the human body and your DNA, the diversity and splendor of nature, and the vastness and awesomeness of the universe which contains billions of galaxies with billions of stars. If there is a God who created us and this universe – are you going to say to Him, “You must accept me on my terms?” Their look affirmed I was relating, so I continued. “No, if there is a Creator, then I must come to Him on His terms, not mine.””

    So, Bill, show that the creator is your version of your god. Other religions make the same claims as Christianity and you all have the same evidence: none. DNA fails constantly, so is your god incompetent? Nature has worms that have to live in another animal’s eyeball, including human children. Is this “splendid”? You have a god that is so petty to murder children for the actions of their parents. If you want to claim that the “fall” is responsible for this, then how can you claim the universe is so great? How do you tell which pieces are which?

    So, all you have is baseless claims about something you cannot show is true. Christians themselves can’t agree on what heaven or hell are, what morals this god wants, etc. Why should I believe in your claims when you can’t do what the bible promises all baptized believers in Christ as savior can do (Mark 16, John 14 and James 5)? You all seem to be nothing more than frauds who invent a god in your image.

    1. Hi Vel aka Andrea

      My name is Jim and I am on staff here at BRM. I read your comments and then went to your web site. I found your web title, Schadenfreude, interesting. Am I to understand that it means you, Vel, get pleasure out of another person’s misfortune?

      In the Boss’s Office you seem to imply that I/bartender will “lend you a gat [revolver or pistol] if you need it and laugh at your problems.” Is this really how you feel or am I misreading?

      “I find sympathy easy to have but essentially worthless. I dislike most humans but have great hope for humanity.” Does this adopting of a-theism make you this down on humanity or is this simply who you are?

      As someone who grew up in the 50s, thanks for the introduction to “Dieselpunk.” I had no idea, looked it up. But I’m up for learning about new things.

      After reading your Bio, I see we have some things in common. I’m from WPA too, small town, and I left the church at 16 to live the 60s. I didn’t much care for religion or church.

      About 15 years later in my early 30s, I recommitted my life to Christ, commenced studying the Bible, going to church, and have come to a completely different spiritual worldview than you.

      If you are interested in dialoging about our similar but different conclusions, I’m open if you are. You can contact me here and set up emails so we can have a personal dialog.

      Whatever you decide, I’m glad you wrote us, and I feel sad that you started with God and allowed negative circumstances to change your life.

      Does your a-theism really comfort and fulfill you?

      “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Matt. 11:28-30).

      1. Well, Jim, if you have looked at my website, you know that I do have a great enjoyment of people’s misfortune *when they bring it upon themselves*. You’ve forgotten to mention that part, Jim, and I have to wonder why. I do like having Club Schadenfreude as a blog name since Christians think they have discovered something important when they figure out what schadenfreude means. It isn’t anything dire as they desperately hope.

        You are rather ignorant of the noir genre. A bartender who would lend you a gun (yes, I do know what the term means) and laugh at your problems is helping you and knows that we all have problems; sometimes you just have to laugh at them. Again, you are a Christian who has to imaging that anyone other than him is a horrible person. Happily, that isn’t the case.
        It’s “atheism”, dear, not “a-theism”. Sympathy helps no one, but empathy and action do. And many humans are disappointing but humanity has done great things. It’s great to see you trying so hard to claim I “look down on humanity”, completely ignoring that I said: I have great hope for humanity.

        I hope you are indeed up for learning new things because you have shown you haven’t learned much so far. Dieselpunk is a great deal of fun. I do love the science fiction, fashion and noir genre from that era.

        What small town did you grow up in? I grew up in the Clarion area.

        That you returned back to Christianity isn’t anything surprising. Many people do it, sowing their “wild oats” so to speak and then deciding that they want their foot in the pearly gates. That comes from being very ignorant in the rest of the world. I suspect we do have quite different worldviews but atheism isn’t a worldview, it is a conclusion that there are no god or gods. You are an atheist just like me; only believing in one more god than I do. As for my worldview, I generally consider myself an Epicurean.

        I’ve studied the various versions of Christianity, other religions and have come to the conclusion that most, if not all, religions make the same claims as each other, only differing by the name of the god. You all have no evidence for your claims and insist anyone who doesn’t agree with you deserves some horrible fate. I’m not impressed.
        Unsuprisingly, you have assumed false nonsense like so many Christians before you. I did not “allow” negative circumstances to change my life. You have to hope that was the case to convince yourself that atheists don’t come to their conclusions by thoughtfulness and facts.

        My atheism is nothing to comfort or fulfill me. It’s just a conclusion that there are no gods. Does your atheism comfort and fulfill you? I have plenty of things to comfort and fulfill me, my spouse of 30+ years, my family, my pets, my friends and confronting theists for their hypocrisy and ignorance. I also rather like to garden, brew, read, paint and cook.

        I need no magical “rest”. I have a very nice life. And I certainly wouldn’t worship a being that murders children for the actions of others. That isn’t a “yoke” that I would bother with. I have better morals than your god as presented by the bible.

        If you’d like to chat via email, you can reach me at

  2. Thank you for reading the blog and commenting. Life and ministry are extremely busy with so many people needing help and encouragement – some who are atheists or from other religions seeking information, comfort and hope. Those who are unbiased can read many insightful articles by apologists and creationist scientists such as Dr. Damadian who invented the MRI (a personal friend) and others who initially had hostility but eventually gave their lives to Jesus Christ. I would love to meet with you face to face for an hour or so at the ministry center to share some of the miracles this God has done. I am in the process of compiling a book entitled The Impossible that documents some of these many miraculous “coincidences” of God in my life. I would also like to hear you personally share your convincing evidence for the non-existence of God. Looking forward to meeting you. Bill

  3. Have another slice of Christian-Upside-down cake, Bill. Lack of proof is not proof of lack. Neither Club nor I (nor many others) believe in the non-existence of God – only in the lack of sufficiently convincing evidence for existence the God of Christianity, or any other. 😛

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