Touching Lives Locally, Throughout the U.S. and Around the World

Dr. Guy Bongiovanni’s daughter, Linda, and his wife, Esther (above left), donated a library of books to BRM from Guy’s Life Enrichment Ministries. Sheree Zippay and Carolyn Gonano donated their father’s audio equipment, and many other friends of the ministry donated Bibles, books, devotionals, audio messages and other biblical resources and supplies for our World Literature Outreach. Norm Simons and Dick Hetrick picked up the books at Bongiovanni’s, then Bruce Adams helped Norm and Sue Simons load their truck at BRM (above center). Several office staff surrounded the truck to pray for safe delivery and that many lives will be touched for Christ through these materials. Norm and Sue delivered their truck load and Ann Ore (above right) took a van load of BRM materials to missions, with which we partner, who ship them in large containers to various missions throughout the world. We also mail thousands of smaller packages (containing books and audio messages by Bill and BJ) directly to missionaries, pastors, chaplains, military personnel, prisoners, students and others requesting them.

A Note From Esther:

Dear Bill: What a blessing it was to have you, Norman, and Dick pick up the boxes of books from Guy’s library. You are truly blessed to have such men volunteering consistently in your ministry. They certainly portray a servant’s heart. Of course, I am especially grateful to the Lord for you who was so quick to be of help in any way you could. I always say, “you are a ‘trophy’ of God’s Grace.” What you were and what you have become just demonstrates the power of God to change a person’s life. God has blessed your ministry so tremendously, it just thrills me. And, of course, I cannot forget Karen, who has stood by you as your helpmeet. What a blessing! God bless you! Esther Bongiovanni, Canfield, Ohio

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