Upcoming New and Updated Books by Bill Rudge and Dr. BJ Rudge

Along with new videos and audio messages on a variety of timely topics, Bill and BJ are diligently writing several new books and updating and expanding the current ones. Some of the books that Bill and BJ are hoping to finish by the end of December 2023 are:

ABCs of False Teachings – An A to Z Guide to Recognize Unbiblical Phenomena and Teachings

Adventures in Missions – Catch the Vision – Highlights of Bill’s Mission Trips

Biblical Leadership – Being an Effective Leader

The Book of Jude – Contending for the Faith

Conquering Stress Before It Conquers You

Death, Dying and Eternity

Faith Through The Fire – BJ’s Testimony

Fasting for Sensitivity and Power

God in the California Wildfires – Protection and Ministry in the Midst of It

Impact Evangelism – Effectively Sharing Your Faith

Impacting Our World for Christ – How do we effectively live for Jesus Christ in a hostile environment?

The Impossible – Testimonies of the Miraculous in Bill’s Life and Ministry

Karen’s Journal – Her Journey of Overcoming Cancer and Meeting Challenges

Keys to Biblical Discernment – Avoiding Spiritual Deception

The Last Days – What’s Ahead for the World, the Church and the Apostate Church

Living Your Life in the Center of God’s Will – Hearing God’s Voice and Knowing God’s Will

Not Our Fathers Faith – How Doctrines of Demons Have Invaded the Church

Overcoming Sexual Immorality – A Path to Victory

Overcoming the Giants In Your Life – Biblical Insights on Victorious Living and God’s Promised Blessings

Peer Pressure – Dare to Be Different

The Power of Words – Are Yours Helpful or Hurtful?

Powerful and Effective Prayer – God Using Ordinary People to Accomplish the Extraordinary

Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ – Be all God Created You to Be (One of Bill’s most popular books, updated, reprinted and translated several times.)

Self-Defense from a Biblical Perspective

Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Christ – Triumphant in the Arena of Spiritual Warfare

Strength Through Weakness – One of God’s Most Powerful Lessons

The Taming of Godzilla – Bill’s Life Testimony

Uniqueness of Christianity and Evidence for the Resurrection

Where Have All the Christians Gone? – What Happens After the Rapture

Who Is This Jesus? – Overwhelming Evidence for Those Who Want to Know the Real Truth

Why I Quit Karate – Five Reasons Bill Discontinued Formal Training

Please pray for God’s anointing, wisdom, strength and the time to complete this monumental goal by the end of December 2023. Also pray God raises up additional people to help with proofreading, editing, production and funds for distribution of these vital biblical resources. These new and updated E-Books, video and audio messages (always free of charge) will be available through our web site and other venues.

Powerful and Effective Prayer

by BJ Rudge, Ph.D.

James 5:16

After calling his readers to pray in times of trouble and sickness, and to confess their sins one to another, James asserts that, “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much” (James 5:16). To illustrate, James refers to the prophet Elijah as a person who had a powerful and effective prayer life. Assuming that we can have an effective prayer life like the prophet Elijah, the question is, “How?” Some people would suggest we do things such as recite a verse or a word repetitiously, sit in silence to achieve an altered state of consciousness, walk a prayer circle, or employ other techniques and methods to experience God. However, prayer is not some “magical incantation” or “manipulative tool” we use to control God or conjure phenomena. As Jesus Himself taught:

And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetitions as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words (Matthew 6:7).

Prayer is not looking inward but upward. “Looking up toward heaven, He [Jesus] blessed the food” (Matthew 14:19). Jesus often separated Himself from others to spend time in prayer with His Father. He would slip away to the wilderness and pray (Luke 5:16) or go up on a mountain (Matthew 14:23) or to a secluded place to pray (Mark 1:35). Right after Jesus taught His disciples the Lord’s Prayer, He told them a parable illustrating the importance of persistence in prayer (Luke 11:5-10). In this parable, Jesus asks His disciples what they would do if a friend unexpectedly showed up at their house and they had no food to give them. In a culture that highly valued hospitality, this parable demonstrates how they could find the means to meet their obligation to feed and lodge their friend for the night.

For instance, despite the fact it was night and their neighbor was sleeping, the host went to the neighbor’s house and asked for food. Note the response of the neighbor: he did not want to get up to give them food because he would wake his children. This may not make sense to us today, but at this time:

the children would sleep on mats on the floor of the one-room dwelling; unbolting the heavy bar that was laid through rings attached to the door was a bother and would make noise that would awaken them (The IVP Bible Background Commentary).

So considering this, we can understand why the neighbor did not want to get up and get the food. Yet, Jesus goes on to explain that the person would eventually get up and do it, not because of his friendship, but because of his persistence.

The Greek word for persistence carries with it the idea of urgency, boldness, shamelessness, and relentlessness. Thus, just as the friend was not afraid to go to his neighbor, despite the fact it was late at night; so too, we should approach God with that same boldness and persistence. Why should we do this? Because as this parable demonstrates, “if a sleeping neighbor…will act in response to [a] persistent request, how much more God” (Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels).

Any believer following the Bible can have a powerful prayer life just like Jesus and Elijah. Seven biblical principles on prayer are explained in BJ’s e-book, Powerful and Effective Prayer, which is available free of charge in the store at https://billrudge.org/store/e-books.

The Highest Example of Integrity

by Jim Weikal

Integrity: “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness” (Apple Dictionary).

The highest example of integrity/honesty is God Himself. This quality is important to believers because we represent Him here in this fallen world. Believers are examples to unbelievers every day whether we like this role or not. It’s just the way it is. When we fail to live up to His standard, we sully God’s reputation as well as our own and hurt those in our sphere of influence.

According to Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”

We need to realize that men and women in the church will disappoint, fail, or even disgrace the name of Christ. But we don’t serve them; we serve God. He does not disappoint!

In addition, how are you doing in living up to God’s example? Though they may curse you, the world sorely needs Godly examples. (Check out Psalm 89:35; Titus 1:2; Hebrew 6:18.)

Jim Weikal is a Biblical instructor at Bill Rudge Ministries.

Is Progressive Christianity even Christian? Podcast (Part 2)

What is progressive Christianity? Should we even consider it to be part of the Christian faith? In this podcast we will examine the dangers of progressive Christianity? We will also share ways you can identify if progressive Christian beliefs have infiltrated your church.

Make sure to watch part 1 of our podcast on progressive Christianity. Also make sure to like, subscribe, and comment below on any topics that you would like us to do in a future video.

Click on the following link to read the article, “Theological Agnosticism Coming to a Church Near You”


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Sorrow and Joy

By Joyce Haslebacher

He’s gone now, this son we love,
Called to his home up above.

The pain, the grief, the woe
Through which he had to go,

It’s over now and he’s at peace,
But we who love him have great grief.

He was kind and gentle, sweet and dear,
Oh, how we’ll miss him being here.

But You know best and do things wise
And though we hurt, praise does arise,

That all his suffering now is past;
He’s in heaven at long last.

The mantle cell that took such toll,
Young he was but grew so old;

At 65 and young at heart,
Yet You called and he must depart.

Thank You, Lord, his pain is gone,
And with You he’s living on.

Due to Christ and His Calvary,
One day soon his face we’ll see,

And all rejoice on heaven’s shore
With love and peace forevermore.

No more cancer called mantle cell
No more misery from devil’s hell.

Just together in Your heavenly place
Due to Your mercy, love, and grace.

Christ shed His blood to end all pain,
Hell to shun and heaven to gain.

Amen and Amen

Joyce Haslebacher wrote the above touching poem in honor of the memory of her son, Charles Haslebacher, who died February 4, 2021 of mantle cell lymphoma. Joyce and her husband Herbert met Bill and Karen Rudge many years ago when Bill spoke at the church they attended in Clarksburg, West Virginia. They have been dear friends and faithful supporters of BRM ever since.

Is Progressive Christianity even Christian? (Podcast Part 1)

by BJ Rudge

What is progressive Christianity? Should we even consider it to be part of the Christian faith? In this podcast we will examine the key beliefs that are being promoted in progressive Christianity today, and how we can respond from a biblical perspective. Make sure to look out for part 2 of our podcast on progressive Christianity. Also make sure to like, subscribe, and comment bellow on any topics that you would like us to do in a future video.

To see more videos from BJ Rudge please check out his YouTube channel “Living Truth for Today.”

‘Spot On’

by Darlinda McDonald

The Last Days was written in 1999 but is so relevant for today! Bill Rudge is ‘spot on’ as he reveals what’s ahead for the body of Christ, the apostate church, and the world.

We are living at the most exciting time in the history of the world. Our generation has the potential more than any other generation to see the fulfillment of Revelation. We have had false prophets. We have had wars and rumors of wars. We have had earthquakes, famines and pestilence. But never before in history have we seen such an increase in both intensity and frequency of these and many other signs that indicate Christ’s return is near. This book is an eye-opener. It will stir you to readiness.

Some topics are:

• Seven Mountain Peaks of Bible Prophecy
• Signs of the Times
• Mark of the Beast
• Global Society
• Unity of Religion
• Increasing Persecution
• Apostate Church
• Defeat of Antichrist
• God Has it All under Control
• Paradise Restored

Bill and BJ are in the process of updating and expanding this book on The Last Days. In the meantime, the 1990s edition is available free of charge upon request or as an e-book at https://billrudge.org/last-days-e-book.

Age Not a Deterrent for Audrey Colombo

By Darlinda McDonald

Audrey Colombo at work in the office of Bill Rudge Ministries.

Audrey Colombo is a very active person. Over the span of her life this musically talented woman has given piano lessons, played trombone in the Greenville Orchestra and played the euphonium for 20 years in the Mercer Community Band. She was a YMCA camp counselor, a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, and was Chairman of the Shenango Conservancy.

Audrey lived in Williamsville, New York before moving to Sharon and was married to the famous “Trapper John” Colombo. After he passed away, Audrey moved to Whispering Oaks in Hermitage where she continues her active life by being involved in their activities and taking new residents “under her wing” to help them become acclimated to their new home. If all that didn’t keep Audrey busy enough, she loves volunteering at Bill Rudge Ministries where she says she has been working “forever.”

In Audrey’s Words

“Bill Rudge Ministries is just phenomenal. Bill helps older people, kids (going into the schools), overseas’ missions (sends books, pamphlets, CDs, etc. upon request, free of charge) and is so economically solid (stretching every dollar, spending funds wisely, never incurring debt). I love that!”