Upcoming New and Updated Books by Bill Rudge and Dr. BJ Rudge

Along with new videos and audio messages on a variety of timely topics, Bill and BJ are diligently writing several new books and updating and expanding the current ones. Some of the books that Bill and BJ are hoping to finish by the end of December 2023 are:

ABCs of False Teachings – An A to Z Guide to Recognize Unbiblical Phenomena and Teachings

Adventures in Missions – Catch the Vision – Highlights of Bill’s Mission Trips

Biblical Leadership – Being an Effective Leader

The Book of Jude – Contending for the Faith

Conquering Stress Before It Conquers You

Death, Dying and Eternity

Faith Through The Fire – BJ’s Testimony

Fasting for Sensitivity and Power

God in the California Wildfires – Protection and Ministry in the Midst of It

Impact Evangelism – Effectively Sharing Your Faith

Impacting Our World for Christ – How do we effectively live for Jesus Christ in a hostile environment?

The Impossible – Testimonies of the Miraculous in Bill’s Life and Ministry

Karen’s Journal – Her Journey of Overcoming Cancer and Meeting Challenges

Keys to Biblical Discernment – Avoiding Spiritual Deception

The Last Days – What’s Ahead for the World, the Church and the Apostate Church

Living Your Life in the Center of God’s Will – Hearing God’s Voice and Knowing God’s Will

Not Our Fathers Faith – How Doctrines of Demons Have Invaded the Church

Overcoming Sexual Immorality – A Path to Victory

Overcoming the Giants In Your Life – Biblical Insights on Victorious Living and God’s Promised Blessings

Peer Pressure – Dare to Be Different

The Power of Words – Are Yours Helpful or Hurtful?

Powerful and Effective Prayer – God Using Ordinary People to Accomplish the Extraordinary

Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ – Be all God Created You to Be (One of Bill’s most popular books, updated, reprinted and translated several times.)

Self-Defense from a Biblical Perspective

Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Christ – Triumphant in the Arena of Spiritual Warfare

Strength Through Weakness – One of God’s Most Powerful Lessons

The Taming of Godzilla – Bill’s Life Testimony

Uniqueness of Christianity and Evidence for the Resurrection

Where Have All the Christians Gone? – What Happens After the Rapture

Who Is This Jesus? – Overwhelming Evidence for Those Who Want to Know the Real Truth

Why I Quit Karate – Five Reasons Bill Discontinued Formal Training

Please pray for God’s anointing, wisdom, strength and the time to complete this monumental goal by the end of December 2023. Also pray God raises up additional people to help with proofreading, editing, production and funds for distribution of these vital biblical resources. These new and updated E-Books, video and audio messages (always free of charge) will be available through our web site and other venues.

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