God Wants Firstfruits, Not ‘Lastfruits’

by Bill Rudge

It was on the third day of my January fast, as I was strategizing when to begin my intense Scripture study and prayer time, that the Lord spoke to my heart. I was also contemplating how to focus even more time on Bible study and prayer each day in the midst of a hectic ministry schedule and with many projects we have been attempting to finish for several years.

Suddenly, and unexpectedly, the Lord spoke to my heart: “I do not want the lastfruits; I want the firstfruits.” It was crystal clear. He was not asking for what was left over after all my deadlines, meetings and helping everyone in need was accomplished. He wants the firstfruits. He desires the “choice portion” of my time each day.

Life has a way of overwhelming us. But it is good to be reminded to quiet our hearts and seek Him each day. As we make Him the priority of our lives, He will teach us what is really most important and reveal to us new and wondrous things by His Word and Spirit.