Not Enough Evidence… Really!

by Jim Weikal

Many years ago I was listening to an interview with an elderly atheist. The interviewer asked towards the end of the talk, “If you are wrong and you see God after you die, what will you say to Him?” He said, “You didn’t give me enough evidence.”

As I considered that comment, some thoughts ran through my mind:

  1. God provided a written account of His creative work, but the atheist believes the Bible to be a human invention.
  2. God created this material universe from nothing in six days, but the atheist believes evolutionary processes over billions of years to be the cause.
  3. The Bible describes many miraculous accounts in its 66 books, but the atheist believes that miracles can’t happen.
  4. God raised Jesus from the dead, but the atheist believes the resurrection never occurred.
  5. God brought the Jewish people back to Israel after thousands of years, but the atheist believes this return to be nothing more than political coincidence.

I feel for the elderly atheist who committed his eternal life to the belief system of this world. But remember, it’s not by lack of evidence. Romans 1:18-20 tells us that people “suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, being understood by what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

2 thoughts on “Not Enough Evidence… Really!

    1. Years ago a self-avowed atheist reacted to an article I wrote, 50 Questions For An Atheist. Although she had some interesting comments, her frequently out-of-context and inaccurate statements only revealed her bias and the basic shallowness of atheism regarding the questions of life and eternity.
      About the time she was undermining faith in God and the Bible, I was comforting, encouraging, and providing hope and help to families who had lost loved ones or coping with crises. I am glad she wasn’t there to give her “words of wisdom and comfort.” It is most interesting that she identifies as Club Schadenfreude [pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune].
      If she had read the articles on my website (or done further research) under “Testimonies of Faith and Courage” regarding Dr. Damadian, who invented the MRI, or Dr. TV Oommen, a scientist for Westinghouse, she would have found that they disagree with many of her comments as do many other scientists – biologists, geologists, etc. (Perhaps she is more intelligent than they and have traversed the universe to confirm there is no God?) Countless scientists throughout history believe there is enough evidence to convince them there is a God! We all must make a leap of faith based on what we are convinced is true, and she does not have enough evidence to convince them that evolution and atheism are true. She thinks there is no God because she has not discovered sufficient evidence to convince her otherwise. I know there is a God because the evidence for God’s existence convinces me, accordingly.
      Why does she hide behind a veil? I put my real name and testimony out there so anyone can examine my claims and statements. Why is her real name and photo not made known? It would be nice to know who she is, see a photo of her, and read her “testimony.” She knows my name and location but she remains in the shadows. When Jim Weikal corresponded with her years ago, she would not even give him her real name or specific details of her background such as where she went to high school.
      She made absolute statements as if they were absolutely true but many are absolutely false. For instance, one of her statements was that Hitler was a Christian! He was no more of a Christian than she is. So let’s get to the “heart” of the matter. Why does she so hate Christianity and the church? Why doesn’t she make disparaging comments on Islam, Mohammed or Allah? Afraid they might not be so loving?
      I know the relationship she doesn’t have with God as she clearly stated, but she has no idea of the reality and depth of my relationship with Jesus Christ. I sincerely pray that one day she will come to know Him as I do and that she gains the peace and joy I am blessed with from His presence in my life, and the hope and assurance of eternal life with Him.
      I have another question for her to ponder. Suppose she became convinced there is a God, that Jesus Christ is the only way of Salvation and the Bible is God’s Word. How would that affect her life? While some “Christians” become atheists for various reasons (loss of a loved one, unanswered prayer, lifestyle priorities, evil and suffering…), many more atheists (some out of conviction and perhaps some out of convenience) become believers in God and Jesus Christ near the end of their lives. I have led former atheists to faith and peace in Christ. Hopefully, she also will eventually come to know the Lord. What I have is real and fulfilling and it’s still not too late for her. When all is said and done, time will be the determining factor of truth. I am confident in my beliefs and know they will stand the test of time. After accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord at age 18, I have focused the rest of my life on getting to know this God who created the universe and revealed Himself in Scripture, and it has been an amazing journey.
      I have seen God heal miraculously. If she would come and meet with me personally, she would find answers to several of her questions and comments. Think about this: If I was going to visit her, there would be several signposts along the way which would verify I am going in the correct direction. There are many signposts in my life and ministry that proclaim the reality and faithfulness of God. There are many photos and stories at the ministry – accounts that I think would be of interest to her. I would love to meet her face to face to discuss these issues. If she would come to my ministry center, I would let her see and hear some of the amazing and “miraculous” things Jesus Christ has done in and through my life. Maybe she would come to faith in Christ; if not, she would have material for many blogs.
      Dr. David Jeremiah wrote: “Some say the greatest question in life is Does God exist? I say the greatest question is: Do I know the God who does exist? Do I know about Him, and do I know Him personally?” His April 2023 Turning Points magazine and devotional is all about the blessings and benefits of “Getting to Know Him.” I would be happy to send her a hard copy if she would send me her mailing address.
      I hope she doesn’t keep running from God (denying and distorting every bit of evidence that Christian apologists and creation scientists have put forth). I hope she doesn’t keep spewing venom against God. He may want her to become another Saul (see Acts 9).
      At the end of our lives, we will both know fully as we are known. Until then, I will faithfully live for Jesus Christ, and I am certain she will enthusiastically continue the path she feels compelled to walk, unless something drastic changes in her life (perhaps truly coming to know Jesus Christ in a real and personal way) who alone will give meaning, purpose and hope as her body ages and her strength deteriorates. I know that one day the dead will be raised and given new bodies like that of the resurrected Christ. That is my ultimate hope which I am certain will become a reality as all the prophecies concerning the end times in the Bible appear to be dovetailing together.
      I am praying for her. I serve a powerful God who loves her in spite of her hostility toward Him. Hopefully, one day we will meet face to face.
      Peace and Grace!
      Bill Rudge

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