Staff and Board

There are many Staff, Volunteers, Board of Directors, Board of Reference, Prayer Intercessors, and Supporters who help in a diversity of ways to operate this growing international outreach ministry.

Staff, Volunteers and Board of Directors

  • Bruce Adams

    Position: Media Production

    Bruce Adams has volunteered at the Bill Rudge Ministries for over 35 years helping with radio broadcasts, audio messages, video duplication and web site production. His focus is on putting out the highest quality product for the glory of God.

    Bruce also helps with various special projects and maintenance needs. He is a humble man of God who is willing to help in any way possible. He is a great asset to the ministry. His wife, Janet, is very supportive. They have been a witness to the many miracles as this ministry has grown in obedience to God’s will.

    In Bruce’s Words:

    I have been a volunteer at Bill Rudge Ministries for over 35 years. Working here is like being on a mission field without leaving town and reaching the world without leaving Sharon.

  • Catrice Atwell

    Position: Accountant: Quarterly Tax Reports

  • Art & Teenie Blystone

    Art’s Position: Board of Directors / Grounds Care / Literature Table

    Teenie’s Position: Grounds Care / Literature Table

    Art and Teenie Blystone have been volunteering their time and talents for several years at the Bill Rudge Ministries. They plant flowers, trim bushes and trees and do so much more to keep the ministry center looking great. Art serves on the Board of Directors. They sometimes go with Bill or BJ on speaking engagements to run the ministry display and book tables. Art and Teenie traveled with Bill and Karen during the Holy Land Adventure to Israel, and are praying about traveling with Bill and Karen on the Around the World 3 in a few years. They have been a blessing to Bill and Karen and the ministry in numerous ways.

    In Teenie’s Words:

    Because Bill Rudge had been able to minister overseas so many times, he told us what to expect and what to do and not do concerning our first mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Bill was encouraging – praying for spiritual and physical strength, getting us on the right vitamins, encouraging us to go onwards in spite of any doubts and fears. Working with the Bill Rudge Ministries, one learns to be willing, ready and able to help wherever and whenever. When we volunteer, we feel it is such a blessing to know that we are helping some way with the ministry. I feel closer to the Lord when I’m working there.

  • Margie Brest

    Position: Prayer Ministry

  • Dan Burick

    Position: Proofreading

  • Audrey Colombo

    Position: Paper Cutter

    Audrey Colombo is a very active person. Over the span of her life this musically talented woman has given piano lessons, played trombone in the Greenville Orchestra and played the euphonium for 20 years in the Mercer Community Band. She was a YMCA camp counselor, a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, and was Chairman of the Shenango Conservancy.

    Audrey lived in Williamsville, New York before moving to Sharon and was married to “Trapper John” Colombo. After he passed away, Audrey moved to Whispering Oaks in Hermitage where she continues her active life by being involved in their activities and taking new residents “under her wing” to help them become acclimated to their new home. Her kitten, “Ditto,” keeps her company.

    As if that didn’t keep Audrey busy enough, she loves volunteering at Bill Rudge Ministries where she says she has been working “forever.”

    In Audrey’s Words:

    Bill Rudge Ministries is just phenomenal. Bill helps older people, kids (going into the schools), overseas’ missions (sends books, pamphlets, CDs, etc. upon request, free of charge) and is so economically solid (stretching every dollar, spending funds wisely, never incurring debt). I love that!

  • Mike and Ruthann Dunder

    Mike’s Position: Maintenance 

    Ruthann’s Position: Prayer Ministry

    Mike Dunder (of Mike Dunder Construction Company) volunteered to help with the construction of our first ministry center back in 1981. A few years later he volunteered a year of his life to head up the construction of a large addition and gymnasium. Since then, Mike has been involved in every building project at the ministry.

    Mike’s wife, Ruthann, has trained our staff on computer operations, helps with computer input, and is part of the prayer ministry.

    Through involvement in our many building projects and helping at various ministry outreaches, Mike has witnessed several miracles which are recorded in Bill’s books Overcoming the Giants in Your Life and The Impossible. Mike is the kind of guy that tells it like it is, so having him as an eyewitness and a faithful supporter says a lot.

    If everyone was as sensitive and obedient to the Lord as Mike and Ruthann, this ministry would never lack anything. An example follows. It was about noon on a Tuesday. Bill Rudge was in his office in a meeting when Karen knocked on the door. She quietly informed Bill that not enough money came in the mail to pay all the bills so they could close out the books for last month. Bill told her that somehow the Lord would provide and then returned to his meeting.

    Shortly thereafter as Bill was walking out of his office following his meeting he saw Ruthann Dunder walk into the ministry. She had an envelope containing a donation from her husband. Mike told Ruthann that the Lord spoke to his heart to get this money to the ministry right away so she special delivered it. The timing was perfect and enabled us to pay all the bills that had to be paid. This has happened with Mike several times before (and also by several other ministry friends) throughout the years. God is always faithful and speaks to the hearts of those who listen and obey.

    Mike and Ruthann have sacrificed their time, talents, and resources to help this ministry in many ways. For their more than 30 years of volunteer service and friendship we are eternally grateful.

  • Alice Garcia

    Position: Mail Pickup and Deliveries

  • Lois Greathouse

    Position: Financial Secretary / Newsletter Mailings

    Lois has faithfully worked at the Bill Rudge Ministries for over 35 years in many capacities (financial record keeper, bookkeeper, bill payer, order filler, computer operator, and more).

    In Lois’ Words:

    More than 35 years ago, Bill Rudge spoke at Countryside Church. Gene and I were impressed when we heard him speak. Our son, Gary, decided to check into doing some drywall for the ministry. This led to my husband, Gene, thinking maybe he could use his carpentry talent to do something also. Rather than sit home alone the evening Gene was going down to work, I called to see if I could do some office work. Of course, no one ever asks Bill that without being put to use somehow. I took my electronic typewriter with me that night and I have been volunteering – as Bill says, “Till death do us part!” – ever since.

  • Dick Hetrick

    Position: Obstacle Course / Literature Table

    Dick Hetrick has a heart for wood as well as a heart for Christ. After retiring from the Army Corps of Engineers in 2011, Dick took a woodcarving course in Asheville, NC, and classes in Plymouth, Mass.

    In his home studio, Dick enjoys carving kitchen utensils, and may spend 3 – 4 hours carving spoons and spreaders and 5 – 6 hours for bowls. Seventy-five percent of his sales are sent to missions, including Bill Rudge Ministries, with 25% retained for tools and specialty woods including walnut, maple, cherry, apple, plum, poplar, ironwood, lilac, rhododendron, birch and olive.

    Dick lives in Sharpsville with his wife, Willie. They have two children, Jonathan and Katie. BRM is blessed to have Dick and Willie who help the ministry in various capacities. Willing to volunteer their services wherever needed, Dick has volunteered in helping to build several obstacle course stations at BRM. Willie serves as a BRM Board Member and Prayer Intercessor.

  • Willie Hetrick

    Position: Board of Directors / Prayer Intercessor

    Willie Hetrick serves on the Bill Rudge Ministries Board of Directors and is a prayer intercessor for BRM. She and her husband, Dick, have been faithful supporters of BRM. They both have humble hearts for the Lord and are always willing to serve in any capacity.

    Willie and Dick sometimes go with Bill on speaking engagements and run the ministry display table. Willie helps with the “Change the World with your Change” for our World Literature Outreach packages. Dick has helped setting up and tearing down for school assemblies. We are so grateful to have Willie (and Dick) as part of our ministry team.

    In Willie’s Words:

    Having met Bill and Karen and hearing Bill speak a number of times over the years, I was convinced that Bill Rudge Ministries was blessed and anointed by God and was having a global impact for the Kingdom of God.

  • John Hogan

    Position: Electronic Newsletter

    John, a business consultant from Michigan, is responsible for sending the Bill Rudge Ministries e-newsletters each month. In addition, John and his wife, Dr. Gretchen Heutsche-Hogan, along with their children, have found various ways to contribute to BRM such as donating a couple of cars to the ministry. Their children have helped by donating a portion of funds they have earned.

  • Ruth Ischo

    Position: Newsletter Mailings

    Ruth Ischo has been a volunteer for Bill Rudge Ministries for 10 years. She was still working in the cardiology department at the hospital where she had worked for 20 years when she first started volunteering at BRM.

    Her connection with the ministry began when she was very ill and down on her back. She started reading the Bible and listening to the radio where she first heard Bill Rudge’s radio messages. Ruth began to support the ministry financially and when she got better, she started to volunteer to help with the mailings. She said, “I knew that I fit here.” She also loves proofing Bill’s books.

    God gave Ruth a heart to help and the gift of encouragement. Maybe it was because she was a polio survivor that she wanted to help others, so she would fix meals and send cards to those in need. The hymn, “His Eye is On The Sparrow” led her to include sparrows in the cards to those who needed encouragement.

    In Ruth’s Words:

    It is an incredible experience to volunteer for Bill Rudge Ministries. They are very humble, giving, and caring people. Bill thinks I am helping him, but really he is helping me in my path of learning and growing in the Lord.

  • Jean Lapham

    Position: Newsletter Mailings / Office Helper

  • Geil Lee

    Position: Proofreading

  • Bruce and Rosemary Lozier

    Bruce’s Position: All Around Helper

    Rosemary’s Position: Prayer Ministry / Proofreading

    Bruce and Rosemary Lozier are lifelong residents of the Shenango Valley. Over the years they have served the Lord together in various ways. Active in their local church, serving in various capacities, Bruce and Rosemary are involved in Celebrate Recovery at Bethel Life Church, Greenville and they host a weekly Bible Study in their home that Bruce leads. For several years they have brought the Good News of Jesus Christ into the Mercer County Jail, ministering to the prisoners there.

    One of their greatest blessings for many years has been to actively serve with the Bill Rudge Ministries. Bruce has traveled to Haiti with Bill, and closer to home, Bruce enjoys representing the Bill Rudge Ministry by visiting the sick and shut ins and helping out at the ministry wherever and whenever needed. He is also a prayer warrior.

    Rosemary has been a part of the Prayer Team for many years, faithfully praying for the needs of the ministry, the community and the world. She has also helped out in various other ways such as inputting articles on the computer, proofreading, mailing newsletters, sending Soldier boxes and answering phones. She has helped in the preparation of staff events and wherever needed.

    In Rosemary’s Words:

    It has always been a blessing to serve the Lord and to be a part of such an exciting ministry. To work alongside so many people who truly have a heart for the Lord is an honor. We have seen thousands of people come to know the Lord through the hard work and dedication of this ministry.

    In Bruce’s Words:

    I am very excited and honored to serve the Lord with my Christian brother, Bill. Working alongside of Bill has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. I’m looking forward to one day, reaching heaven and seeing the fruits of our labor through this ministry that started in Sharon, PA.

  • Ginny Marsteller

    Position: Newsletter Mailings

    Jack Marsteller became involved at the Bill Rudge Ministries in 1993 when he helped his brother-in-law, Gene Greathouse, build a garage which was later converted into offices for several staff at the ministry center. After that, Jack helped with various other projects at the ministry.

    His wife, Ginny began volunteering at the ministry center in 1994. She has been coordinating the newsletter mailings ever since. Ginny, along with her husband Jack, were prayer and financial supporters to the ministry. After 58 wonderful years of marriage, Jack went home to be with the Lord. Ginny faithfully continues to volunteer and support the ministry.

  • Darlinda McDonald

    Position: Editor: Website & Newsletter

    Darlinda McDonald met Bill Rudge while working at the printing company where the Bill Rudge Ministries’ newsletter, as well as other literature, was printed.

    Darlinda was raised in Greenville, Pa., and graduated from Reynolds High School. She worked for an advertising agency/documentary film company in the Washington D.C. area for 13 years before moving to the Los Angeles area where she worked for a film company and an entertainment law attorney in Hollywood. In 1990 she returned to Pennsylvania and went to work for her friend Richard Steinlechner who owned Protective Security Systems (and served on the Bill Rudge Ministries’ Board of Directors). When Richard bought the Globe Printing Company/Globe Leader newspaper Darlinda went to work there as the manager. When the newspaper portion of the business was sold, she moved with the paper and became the Managing Editor until she retired in February 2012.

    Darlinda is married to Kevin McDonald. They both have served in their church for many years in various capacities, including as teachers and board members. Darlinda also is the choir director for her church’s Christmas presentation each year. She and her husband go on mission trips and also host a Bible study in their home. Anyone is welcome.

    Darlinda is a great help with the ministry’s books, E-books, newsletters, web site, and media. She has a gentle spirit and a servant’s heart.

    In Darlinda’s Words:

    I met Bill Rudge while working at Globe Printing where some of his literature and his monthly newsletter was printed. Through talking with Bill over the years and reading his materials, I knew he was a man of integrity. When he asked me to use my editing skills at the ministry after my retirement as Managing Editor of The Globe Leader newspaper, I agreed. Though he thinks I am helping him, I am the one being helped through reading the many articles and books written by him and his son, BJ. It is a privilege to serve the Lord at this ministry.

  • Garry Meeks

    Position: Radio Stations Coordinator

    Garry Meeks, of Meeks Communications Management in Canton, Ohio, was the Bill Rudge Ministries’ radio representative for over 25 years. Garry worked with BRM since the late 1980s but never met Bill face to face. Garry first heard Bill on WTOF, a sister station of WHLO that he was managing. He contacted Bill and asked if he would like to be on WHLO as well, and so the relationship began. Garry was instrumental in putting the “Living Truth for Today with Bill Rudge” weekly broadcasts and minute messages on many radio stations throughout the U.S., as well as all around the world. Unexpectedly, Garry went home to be with the Lord last month. Susan, Garry’s wife, who worked with him closely, has taken over Meeks Communications Management.

    In Garry’s Words:

    The thing that stands out to me about working with Bill is his efficiency with his finances. Bill takes every available dollar and makes it stretch. He is such a good steward and able to do more than any ministry I know of. I also appreciate his commitment to quality in every aspect from content to technical. I would put him in the upper 1% of ministries. He is a pleasure to work with.

  • June Merchant

    Position: Newsletter Mailings

  • Bob and Carolyn Mild

    Bob’s Position: Maintenance

    Carolyn’s Position: Board of Directors

    Bob and Carolyn Mild have been supporters of Bill Rudge Ministries from the early days of the ministry. They met Bill Rudge over 35 years ago when they called him for help with a family member. Bill was very encouraging and directed them to the resources they needed. After that, they started coming to the Ministry’s annual banquets and liked what they saw. They wanted to be a part of something bigger and decided to get involved. Carolyn helped raise funds for the banquets, made decorations for events, and became a member of the Board of Directors. Bob helped build two of the former ministry centers and provides plumbing and electrical maintenance at the current ministry complex. As senior sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, Carolyn sponsored Bill’s weekly radio broadcasts on local stations and Bob and Carolyn continue to faithfully support the Ministry.

    In Bob’s Words:

    The ministry does a great job. We have been involved since our children were young. Back when the ministry added on a gymnasium, I helped with the wiring, and have been working as a volunteer ever since. I really like how the Ministry sends literature (free of charge) all over the world.

    In Carolyn’s Words:

    I knew when I met Bill that he was the ‘real deal’ and that the ministry was not ‘just an ordinary ministry.’

  • Beverly Morrison

    Position: Certified Public Accountant

    I have been working with the Bill Rudge Ministries of Living Truth, Inc. since 1999. This ministry seeks to maintain the highest level of integrity and accountability. Bill Rudge strives in every way to be a wise steward of the resources received and to be upright in every way regarding the financial matters of the ministry. It is a privilege and an honor to work with Bill and the Bill Rudge Ministries. From my observation, it seems in everything that is done, it is done to the glory of God.

    Beverly Morrison, CPA

  • Ann Ore

    Position: Financial Records / Proofreading

  • Mark Oss

    Position: Radio Broadcast and Audio Production Coordinator

    Mark Oss in Tupelo, Mississippi and Garry Meeks in Canton, Ohio have been of tremendous help to our Radio and Audio Ministry. Mark edits and produces our weekly radio broadcasts and audio messages while Garry (who went home to be with the Lord last month) coordinated the various stations that our weekly broadcasts and minute messages have aired on over the years. Bruce Adams (featured previously in our newsletter) has assisted with several aspects of our radio ministry in the Hermitage, Pennsylvania headquarters for over 40 years.

    Mark Oss first heard of Bill Rudge shortly after starting with Focus on the Family in 1997. Following a visit by Bill, the head of the Focus broadcasting department asked if any of the audio editors would like extra work on the side. Mark said he would, and so began his professional relationship with BRM.

    At first, Bill sent Mark recordings of his early messages on reel to reel tapes or cassettes. Mark would EQ them (use an Equalizer tool) to reduce hiss and other unwanted recording sounds. He wrote the introduction and closing to each message, and then produced 15-minute radio broadcasts and listener CDs.

    Mark won many awards for audio productions at Focus during his time there. He is currently the production manager at American Family Radio, while continuing to edit for Bill Rudge Ministries on the side. We are blessed to have someone as talented as Mark assisting with our radio ministry.

    In Mark’s Words:

    It’s hard to believe we have worked together now for 25 years. In that time we have added a one-minute short feature to the line up that uses Bill’s biblical insight, and we have produced audio books. I remember reading a testimony from a listener in the ministry newsletter that said, “I listen to Bill Rudge Ministries broadcasts and they are very encouraging. After the broadcast the announcer at the end of the program invited me to pray with him to accept Jesus as my personal Savior, and I did.” That announcer was me! When I read that, I knew God was using me and Bill Rudge Ministries to reach many for Christ! God has gifted me for audio work and ministry, and although Bill tells me I am a blessing, I have been truly blessed to be able to contribute to Bill Rudge Ministries with my time and talent for so many years.

  • William Reese

    Position: Media Production

    Bill Reese has been a great blessing to the ministry in numerous ways as he faithfully worked on many ministry projects both at the ministry center and from his home.

    In Bill’s Words:

    My name is William Reese … Bill for short. I am the publications coordinator for the Bill Rudge Ministries and have been since 2001. I am responsible for the newsletter, have been a vertebra in the backbone of multiple projects such as Bill’s and BJ’s books and E-books, and work on various media projects. I have my masters degree in Mass Media Arts Journalism and Communications Studies with an emphasis on media production and design. They say God will not only give you what you can handle, but also what you need. When I got a call from Penn State that fated day, June 5, 2001, I found myself with my first professional design job offer in the Hermitage area. I pulled up to the ministry building to meet Bill Rudge for the first time. He sized me up, and offered me the design job on a trial basis. I accepted, and am still here. Now, that thing I said earlier about God not only giving you what you can handle, but what you need. At the time Bill and I met, he had been praying for a designer that would meet his needs. I also got what I needed — a nice boss, and some very nice and intelligent people to work with. I greatly enjoy my time and my work at the ministry.

  • BJ Rudge, Ph.D.

    Position: Vice President, Board of Directors

    Read BJ’s Testimony: Faith Through The Fire

    BJ Rudge, son of Bill and Karen Rudge, worked as an executive assistant at the ministry center since 2000. His many ministry responsibilities include speaking at churches, schools, leadership and men’s conferences, and special outreaches as well as biblical research, apologetics, crisis intervention, writing books, blogs and articles for the newsletters and other publications, and producing radio broadcasts and audio messages. BJ is Lead Pastor of Truth and Grace Fellowship in Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

    BJ earned his Ph.D. in apologetics and philosophy and also serves as an adjunct professor for a seminary and part-time professor for a university. BJ was one of the youngest head coaches for any varsity sport in U.S. public schools. He was voted Referee of the Year, was nominated for Who’s Who Among American Teachers and has received many other awards. BJ was a girls’ varsity soccer head coach for 16 years. He also ran soccer clinics and obstacle courses and trained individuals and groups. BJ has a heart for the Lord and ministry. A book about his life, Faith Through the Fire, is a powerful testimony of how God worked in his life in the midst of great adversity. It has touched the lives of many young people and adults.

    BJ has been a great asset to the ministry. His wife Tara supports him in all his ministry endeavors. BJ has always been Bill and Karen’s favorite son, and now Tara is their favorite daughter-in-law. They have six precious children who have occasionally helped at the ministry center.

    In BJ’s Words:

    I enjoy speaking, writing and talking to people from different countries. We reach a multitude of people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The vision of this ministry is unique, especially when considering the international outreaches to pastors, missionaries and military personnel. With the major issues facing people today, we have a very relevant ministry: reaching the world for Christ and encouraging believers to reach their maximum potential in Jesus

    Click here for more information on BJ Rudge

  • Karen Rudge

    Position: Communications Coordinator

    Since Karen married Bill when she was 17, she has followed him virtually everywhere he has gone (Bible College in Ohio, Youth Pastor in North Carolina, hundreds of trips across the country and around the world – except a few of the extremely dangerous mission trips). She has worked side by side with him in the daily operations of this ministry since they started it 42 years ago.

    Karen is involved in virtually every aspect of the ministry: correspondence, prayer, notes of encouragement and thanks; e-mails, tweets, proofreading, ordering supplies and equipment; coordinating vehicle rentals and air travel, keeping Bill abreast of the news and current events (his secretary at times); prepares packages and boxes for mailing our books and audio messages, makes snacks for the staff and guests, writes articles, hosts staff, board and ministry events; cleans, does the ministry and personal finances and pays all the bills! She saves the ministry thousands of dollars every year by getting the lowest prices and catching double billing or overcharges, and on and on. We are blessed in having many staff who assist her in many ways, but nevertheless, her responsibilities are many.

    For all Karen’s services to this ministry, she receives no pay, but her rewards will be great in Heaven. She is a true helpmate who has been instrumental in making this ministry so effective.

  • Rev. Bill Rudge

    Position: President / Executive Director

    Click here for information about Bill Rudge

  • Susan Simmons

    Position: Proofreading

  • Caeley Smith

    Position: Monthly financial reports

  • Lily Smith

    Position: Proofreading / Audio

  • Tabitha Smith

    Position: Office Assistant / Newsletter Mailings / Prayer Room

    Tabitha Smith, daughter of Bill and Karen Rudge, served as receptionist at the ministry center before she moved to San Diego and eventually married Clayton Smith. Tabitha and Clay’s garage was renovated and used as an office for Bill and Karen while ministering in California. Their home was also available for various ministry activities.

    Tabitha and Clay now live in Pennsylvania where she serves as office assistant and prayer ministry coordinator. Tabitha wrote the Dear Tabby column for children and various articles for the newsletter, as well as proofread some of Bill’s new books. Tabitha and Clay have gone on mission trips with Bill. Their “Storybook Romance” was aired on The 700 Club and is also included in Bill’s book, Overcoming Sexual Immorality.

  • Allan Titus

    Position: Board of Directors

    Allan has been a faithful friend and board member for over 30 years. He is a man with a gentle spirit and a heart of gold. Allan and his wife are true servants of the Lord. During Bill’s third outreach to Haiti they came to help in any way possible. Many Haitians were touched by their display of genuine love.

    In Allan’s Words:

    My connection to Bill Rudge goes back to the late 1970’s when I attended a Bob Larson crusade that Bill had been instrumental in bringing to the area. Both my wife Elaine and I were impressed by the energy that Bill put into his service of the Lord. Later, when I was asked to serve on his board, it wasn’t hard to say “yes.” Throughout the years I have been able to see what a consistently faithful servant Bill has been. He is true to the Word, straightforward in his relationships, and best of all honest and wise with the use of ministry finances. His heart is focused on seeking ways that he can take the Gospel to those who are waiting to hear. These are the reasons that we have continued to support Bill and Karen. I have seen first hand how this ministry has truly gone first to Jerusalem, then to Judea and Samaria, and now the world.

  • Gina and Tom Toth

    Gina’s Position: Music Ministry

    Tom’s Position: Music Ministry

    Spreading God’s Word One Note at a Time

    Tom and Gina Toth, the husband and wife team of Humble Music Ministries, serve as volunteers for the Bill Rudge Ministries. They have sung for several BRM events as well as many of Bill’s speaking engagements. They have an awesome music ministry of praise and worship.

    Tom and Gina are dedicated to serving God’s people and reaching out to the unbeliever. Their goal is to reach as many people as possible, to uplift spirits and heal the brokenhearted through a mix of Southern gospel, folk, hymns, original tunes, and fun participation songs.

    Their music and message are inspirational and Gina’s personal testimony is touching because it expresses how God has used her to bless others through severe visual challenges and health issues. Tom and Gina minister in various locations in a five county region in the Penn-Ohio area at nursing homes, churches, and other venues. More information can be found at their web site They look forward to being a blessing to your church or organization.

    In Tom and Gina’s Words:

    We really appreciate Bill and Karen Rudge’s dedication to the Lord and their devotion to the ministry. We find them to be a very inspirational couple and are delighted whenever we can spend time together. We consider them to be excellent mentors and love the fact that they are so true to God’s word.

  • Tyler Tringhese

    Position: Webmaster, Tech Support

  • Eilene Urmson

    Position: Secretary-Treasurer, Board of Directors

    In 1979, Eilene Urmson was asked to serve on a committee to help deal with the finances for an area-wide crusade that Bill Rudge was organizing. It was as a result of that special outreach and the tremendous success of it that she got involved with the Bill Rudge Ministries in 1981 as Board Treasurer. Her husband Gordon spearheaded the Rudge ministry’s first building project in 1981 and helped with several more that followed.

    Over the years, Eilene has helped in numerous ways such as organizing details for the ministry’s yearly fund-raising banquets and, of course, preparing all the ministry’s monthly financial reports. She also serves as the corporate secretary-treasurer for this multi-faceted ministry.

    The Bill Rudge Ministries is truly blessed to have Eilene’s conscientious and diligent skills to assist in maintaining its financial accountability for over 40 years. Gordon has also been a great blessing by volunteering his time and talents to help with numerous projects at the ministry center.

    In Eilene’s Words:

    I have always been impressed with the work that the ministry does. It is an honor to be involved in the work of the Lord through one of the most prominent and far-reaching outreaches in the Valley.

  • Jim Weikal

    Position: Biblical Instruction Director

    Youth and Maturity

    by Jim Weikal

    Forty-five years this August 2022 for Bill Rudge Ministries (BRM) and it is still going strong. Bill and Karen have ministered so long now that we forget they were once youngsters with a heart to work for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Ever since the Lord sent me to this ministry back in the mid-eighties, I have always respected Bill’s wisdom and judgment. But I am sure many people just shook their heads that two recently saved “kids” in their early twenties would ever last for this long in a ministry that must look to the Lord daily for its survival.

    I am reminded of Timothy whom God called to minister with the apostle Paul. Unlike our 21st century culture, which places great stress on youthfulness, the Greeks placed a high value on age and experience. Timothy was young by their standards (thirties) so Paul encouraged him: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12).

    Over the years God has provided many challenges for this ministry, and Bill and Karen have met them through God’s grace. I am an eyewitness to many of the ways the Lord miraculously intervened as they stood in faith in seemingly impossible circumstances. They have followed Paul’s dictate to set an example for believers (1 Timothy 4:12).

    I came to BRM in 1986 looking for someone who could teach me to serve the Lord. I had a desire to serve but was not sure how to go about doing it. I understood from Scripture that Joshua had learned from Moses and Timothy had been instructed by Paul, so I knew the necessity of learning from someone who was following the Lord.

    My first job at the ministry was using a hammer to put shingles on the new addition. Gradually, I began to proofread, do research, lead Bible studies, speak in area churches, write for the ministry newsletter and serve as Biblical Instruction Director.

    In all of these activities, I was continually being taught by Bill as he imparted his knowledge and experience to me. I also learned by his example which is always the best teacher. Fortunately, I know Bill not only as a teacher and spiritual advisor but also as a friend. In all circumstances, Bill strives to honor God and maintain the highest level of integrity.

    When I came here all those years ago, I could not have known the extent to which Bill would positively influence my walk with the Lord. I could not have learned from textbooks what I have learned from Bill:

    • Through prayer and fasting always seek to know God’s will before you do something.
    • Spend more time reading the Scriptures than you do reading supplemental books.
    • Continue a healthy lifestyle and diet so the body and mind can do God’s work.
    • Maintain the highest level of integrity in all spheres of your life.
    • Always seek to honor God in all you do.

    I have followed the Biblical principles learned at the Bill Rudge Ministries while serving as a pastor and ministering in many other ways. I believe the Bible to be the last court of appeals in all matters of the faith, and the Word and the testimony of Jesus need to be the standard for all Biblical Christians.

  • Louise Wieneke

    Position: Artwork / Proofreading

  • Joe Wingard

    Position: Proofreading

  • Sandy Wolfgang

    Position: Proofreading

  • Gert Wooten

    Position: Proofreading

  • Scott Young

    Position: All Around Helper

Board of Reference

  • Position: Pastor, Lakeside Evangelical Congregational Church

  • Position: Pastor, Shenango Valley Baptist Church

  • Position: I.H.S. Gospel Ministries

    Pastor Chuck Eckles and his wife Joan, who previously served at South Pymatuning Community Church, were one of the first churches to support the Bill Rudge Ministries. Their support and friendship continued throughout the years.

    Pictured to the right, Joan and Pastor Chuck of I.H.S. (In His Service) Gospel Ministries brought in a bag (one of many) of cash for the Bill Rudge Ministries’ World Literature Outreach. They kept a jar in their vestibule to collect change that they donate to this cause.

    In September 2021, Pastor Chuck and Joan donated the I.H.S. Gospel Ministries’ church building to Dr. BJ Rudge, who is lead pastor of Truth and Grace Fellowship. Pastor Chuck remained on staff there until December 2021.

    The Eckles graciously responded to a ministry request, received through BRM, from a church in New Castle needing weekly pulpit supply while without a pastor. The congregation loved Chuck and Joan (who loved the people) so much that they continued in ministry there for several months until the new pastor arrived in January 2022. Our ever faithful God led Pastor Chuck and Joan to gift their former church building to BJ, while enabling them to fulfill pastoral ministry at the New Castle church.

    Pastor Chuck was vivacious and youthful until early in 2022 when his health began a rapid decline. Although in great pain the last few months of his life, his humor, faith and love remained strong. Two days before he went home to be with the Lord, he assured Bill and BJ that he was waiting for God’s final assignment: either being restored to health so he could continue speaking at various churches for the ministry or for the Lord to take him home. As Pastor Chuck would tell you, “Do not believe that I am dead, for I am more alive now than ever before!”

    It was an honor for Bill to officiate at Pastor Chuck’s funeral: The Lord’s presence was so apparent. Now he is with the One whose Word he read, to Whom he prayed and in Whose name he ministered. One day Joan will be reunited with her beloved husband, but until that day, Pastor Chuck is delighting in the glory of God, enjoying the incomprehensible splendor of Heaven, meeting the heroes of the faith throughout the millennia, reunited with loved ones who have gone on before, and meeting the countless people whose lives he touched throughout 50 years of ministry. Until that glorious day when Jesus returns, may the Holy Spirit comfort Joan and their family as they cherish the wonderful memories of Pastor Chuck!

  • Don Hinkson

    Position: Mission Chairperson, Lakeside Evangelical Congregational Church

  • Chaplain Karl Holsberg

    Position: Retired Administrative Chaplain, Manatee County Sheriff’s Office

  • Pastor Steve Linamen

    Position: Pastor, Paynes Corner Christian Church

  • Pastor Joe Marzano

    Position: Pastor, Grace In The Wilderness Fellowship

    Pastor Joe Marzano was a youth pastor for eleven years when he and his wife made the decision to step away from their church because it had drifted from the Word of God. During some time in the wilderness, and after much prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit they decided to start a church. They knew, however, that they needed some Biblically sound direction. That is when Pastor Joe decided to call Bill Rudge Ministries.

    “Bill was a great encouragement to me,” said Pastor Joe. “He supplied me with some materials that helped show me the error I had been taught as well as the new truth and freedoms in Christ. It was a definite breath of fresh Scripture.”

    Pastor Joe now leads a church called Grace in the Wilderness Fellowship. He states, “The church I pastor now, Grace in the Wilderness Fellowship, is based on the Word, Sola Scriptura. The Bible is more than sufficient, it is our lifeline. I have been blessed with people who have a hunger and thirst for God’s Word. Last November, we celebrated our 20th anniversary as a church. I want to thank Bill, Karen, and Dr. BJ, as well as the entire BRM ministry, as they were lovingly praying for us at a crucial time in our life. When others said we would fail, Bill and others encouraged us like Barnabas did with Paul. I am grateful for this ministry, and twenty years later we are constantly reminded that the Lord is faithful. Blessings to the Rudge family and ministry.”

    Pastor Joe Marzano and Grace in the Wilderness Fellowship are faithful supporters of BRM (Bill Rudge Ministries).

  • Dr. Vincent Price

    Position: International Director, European Christian Mission

  • Pastor David Searle

    Position: Pastor, South Pymatuning Community Church

  • Reverend Jeffrey T. Smith

    Position: Pastoral Counselor, Western PA Adult and Teen Challenge

  • Pastor Warren Sullivan

    Position: Lead Pastor, New Life Baptist Church