Sports Ministry

Go For It!

“Those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize. Run in such a way that you may win.”
1 Corinthians 9:24

Next time you are tempted to quit, remember the words of the apostle Paul, who among all people knew adversity and obstacles: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). The qualities, which make for a good athlete, will also help you in your personal life. Choose to be a GREAT ATHLETE. Remember, sports are only for a season, but attitude and faith will last a lifetime.

Poor Athlete

  • Does not play fair
  • Does not give 100%
  • Gives up easily
  • Has a bad attitude
  • Is out for himself / herself
  • Discourages others
  • Complains, makes excuses, or blames others
  • Lets himself / herself be defeated by frustration
  • Loses like a poor sport
  • Thinks they are a loser if they lose a game

Great Athlete

  • Plays fair
  • Gives 100% all the time
  • Never gives up––NEVER
  • Has a good attitude
  • Is a team player
  • Encourages others
  • Does not complain, make excuses or blame others
  • Overcomes frustration by being the best he / she can be
  • Loses like a good sport
  • Realizes that if they play to their maximum potential, then they are a winner – whether the game is lost or won

Are you a Wimp, Whiner or Winner?

Wimp = quitter Whiner = complainer Winner = doesn’t quit or complain

Bill Rudge coached soccer for four years. He used these principles to motivate his soccer teams to four championship seasons.

“Success does not mean that you always achieve your goals, but that you give your best effort to attain
those goals. … Success is not what you do, but who you are.”
– Coach BJ Rudge

Bill encourages players and coaches to never forget: “His name is more important than my game.”

© Copyright 1989, 2022 by Bill Rudge

Touching Lives Through Soccer

BJ Rudge was instrumental in bringing soccer into the schools in his region. He has coached several high school, middle school, and youth soccer teams. He coached three teams this year and ran a soccer camp. BJ also trained numerous individuals, including his nephew, Carson (pictured in poster at right), who has competed in many national soccer tournaments on various teams. BJ’s soccer experience, speaking engagements, serving part-time as professor at Penn State (Shenango Valley Campus) and working full-time at BRM, continues to touch the lives of many young people and adults. Because of BJ’s love for the game he has impacted the lives of numerous players, coaches, parents, administrators, referees….

The Heart of a Coach

BJ Rudge’s testimony may be found in the Faith Through the Fire book. You can read about The Heart of a Coach in the following article (initially printed in Janor Bestwick’s newsletter for Fellowship of Christian Athletes). Used by permission.

BJ’s Comments On Perseverance

Dictionary definition:
“To continue in some effort in spite of difficulty; to be steadfast in purpose.”
My definition:
An unrelenting drive and desire to overcome any obstacle or challenge in the pursuit of achieving a particular goal.

My favorite biblical passage that deals with perseverance: “Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to heaven” (Philippians 3:13b – 14).
Why I chose this passage:
It reminds the believer, that just as a runner in a race, he must be persistent and steadfast in pursuing the goal of Christ-likeness.

Application of this attribute in my life:
While playing soccer as a youth, I came to understand the importance of perseverance. After three soccer related injuries, all of which required surgery and extensive rehabilitation, I had to overcome many obstacles in order to play soccer again. Through these challenges, God not only taught me the importance of never giving up, but also taught me always to keep my focus on Him.

How I apply this to my coaching: At the beginning of the season, I have my players write down specific goals that they want to accomplish. Then, when the team faces obstacles and difficulties during the season, I remind them of these goals. I do this to motivate them and help them recognize that they will only attain their future goals if they are willing to persevere through their present challenges.

Congratulations to coach BJ Rudge (center back in photo at right), his coaching staff (assistants Andrew Levitt, Caitlyn Bleggi, Doug Orendi, Bob O’Kresik plus manager Emily Grande and trainer Tammy Thomas) and the Hickory High School girls’ varsity soccer team for a great season and being Region Champs eight years in a row, 3-time District 10 champions and qualifying for the State playoffs.

As a youth, BJ was passionate about soccer. His dream was to compete in the Olympics and become a professional soccer player. Although the Lord took his life in another direction (see his book, Faith Through The Fire), He didn’t take away his passion for soccer and has used it to impact many lives.

BJ Rudge (age 16) with Haitian boys to whom he gave this soccer ball (see photo at right). A few days later these boys saved the lives of BJ, Bill, and several BRM team members surrounded by angry voodoo participants. Soccer is a universal language and if you have a soccer ball you have an opportunity to communicate and touch lives.

Students at Artman Elementary School in Hermitage listened intently as high school soccer coach BJ Rudge addressed them during Career Day. Rudge told them not only about soccer but also that he teaches his soccer players about “giving back”. To illustrate this message, he had the first graders participate by signing soccer balls that BRM was sending to the Karen Rudge Foundation in Liberia.

The soccer balls and jerseys were contributed for the children from the Shenango Valley Soccer Club and Hermitage Soccer Boosters. The youth of the Karen Rudge Foundation in Liberia were thrilled as they wore their new jerseys and used their new soccer balls.

“The soccer tournament at the stadium in Liberia honoring William Rudge brought together four communities. The Yellow Jersey team won while the Blue took second place. The pamphlets from Bill Rudge Ministries were shared for the glory of God. The teams and I distributed the tracts to the community. The kids took the true life testimony of Bill (The Taming of Godzilla) home to their parents. Also, thank you for your contribution to purchase a new chalkboard for the children of this village. May you never lack anything in life. Your contribution will be a remembrance in the lives of these kids. We are so grateful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Festus Banks, Liberia.”

Following a devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, BJ sent several soccer balls while his sister Tabitha coordinated the Run for Haiti to raise funds for earthquake relief. BJ spoke during a school assembly for kindergarten classes. Since his daughter was in kindergarten, her teacher asked BJ to share what he did as the high school girls’ soccer coach. In connection with this, he had the kindergarten kids, as well as members of the soccer program, sign soccer balls for Haiti. The Bill Rudge Ministries sent them to Mission Possible in Haiti for distribution.

These Haitian students loved the new soccer balls they received from Bill Rudge Ministries. They no longer have to use rolled up rags or old deflated soccer balls to play their favorite game.

BJ (holding soccer ball) and Peter (director of an orphanage in Haiti) speak to youth and parents at Upward Soccer. First Assembly donated a large box of soccer balls and air pumps for Peter’s orphanage. Chaplain Bruce Miller, a friend of Bill’s, delivered the box to the orphanage. The youth received them with great joy.


The following are excerpts of just a few of the thousands of notes and letters we have received from across the United States and around the world.

Must Have Resource

Your Fasting for Sensitivity and Power book is certainly one of the best straight forward and biblical resources I have encountered to date. A member of the program here briefly shared his copy with me – a must resource to have and to share with others. I praise God for you as my journey has been difficult, yet full of God’s grace!

T. B., Texas

Out of the Park

You knocked it out of the park. A lot of people were talking about your sermon and how it was opening their eyes to the deceptions we are facing. I think you got it beautifully across to the church. For many it may be the first time they actually even thought about it.

A. G., Pennsylvania

Turn Around

Overcoming Sexual Immorality was so real it took me a day’s journey to read your whole book and confirm the quoted verses. This book gives me a total turn around.

T. J., Kenya

Useful Literature

At the entrance of a church I visited last week was some Christian literature displayed on a table. I was told it was provided by Bill Rudge Ministries! You cannot imagine the happiness in my heart knowing that God has carried my path to this church to come across these USEFUL literatures, as people literally swamped around the tables to get a look at them.

Evangelist M. O., Nigeria

God’s Promise

Thank you so much for sending your God’s Promise tracts! A church in Roanoke uses them for their street and homeless ministry. The pastor’s wife used her last one and is begging for more because the tracts bless everyone who receives one! Thanks for bringing God’s word to the world!

S. K., Hands For Christ, Virginia


I read Self Defense from a Biblical Perspective by Bill Rudge. Awesome book. I am requesting more books by Bill.

J. H., Alabama

Let’s Roll America

Hi Bill, I am a firm believer that God brings people together at the right time to share His word and to do His work! I wanted to start with a strong message on faith! I prayed about it and felt you would bring that message of strength. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of the inaugural event of Let’s Roll America. We are already planning for 2022 and I hope you will consider coming. Your message was powerful and on point. We were blessed to have you!

J. H., Founder, Let’s Roll America

State Prison for Women

Brother Bill, I am the Prison Ministry Pastor supporting the Faith and Character Program at State Prison for Women. We have 100 inmates who are seeking Christian training materials. I am asking for 25 copies of your book, Reaching Your Maximum Potential.

J. W., Georgia

Overcoming Sexual Immorality Book

I recently acquired a copy of Bill Rudge’s book through Jesus People, Sacramento, CA. The book is Overcoming Sexual Immorality (not the reason I’m in jail). I love the book because it reminds me to put myself in my place. It’s a fantastic book with some cheerful testimonials, too! It’s a topic that would have made me queasy before, but is absolutely necessary for any adult – God fearing or not!

C., California

County Correctional Center

Dear Bill Rudge, I recently finished Overcoming Sexual Immorality. It was a wonderful book and really hit home to something I’ve struggled with for many years. I read the book in about 4 hours, but plan to read it again soon expecting there is something beneficial I may of missed. I am currently reading your book, Not Our Father’s Faith – another excellent read.

K. B., New Jersey

Bledsoe County Correctional Complex

I am finding it difficult to fully express the gratitude that I have for all of you at Bill Rudge Ministries. Thank you sooooo much! There are a total of 2,500 inmates here with only three Chaplains. The resources that you so graciously donate go a long way in helping us share the Gospel and make disciples. Thanks for equipping our men and women to fight for all of those things that pertain to life and godliness.

G. W., Tennessee

Like a Spider Spins a Web

Bill, I and my colleagues read your book The Last Days. You are very good to string words together in this book like a spider spins a web, which makes it easier to understand and clears away confusion. You have a special gift from God in putting all the articles together in your newsletter that takes one around the Bible. Well done! Please send Not Our Father’s Faith book so we can use it to teach others. Very harsh situations in this country are increasing. Thank you for helping fellow workers with Gospel literature for soul winning.

Pastor J. O., Love Truth Christian Ministry, Nigeria

Wake-Up Call

Hi Bill, Just a note to say I listened to your Revelation series the other day. Wow – you can see how everything is falling into place much like you said. I think things are happening fast. What a wake up call to all. Thanks

T. B.

Leaving a Legacy

Dear Bill & Karen, Thank you so much for your prayers, calls and concern in our lives. I know the sacrificial life you lead and serve God in good times and in bad. You are leaving a wonderful legacy that only Heaven will reveal.

C. G., Pennsylvania

West Hill to the World

Karen and Bill, I think of you both often, and the early days. I’ll never forget standing by my locker with you Karen, asking you to go to church. I’m happy you did. I’m so proud of you Bill, from the West Hill to the World. Jesus knew who He was choosing.

A. R., California

Overhearing Passenger On Bus

I received your email address from a lady who was inside a passenger bus teaching from Bill Rudge’s literature to those who were seated while the bus was enroute to a nearby town. Thereafter I was convicted of my sins and so received Jesus as the Lord and the Savior. Would you send me your free book Who Is This Jesus? to help me get further information about Jesus Christ, who died on the cross so that I can be saved!

A. E., Nigeria

Because of Your Generosity

I recently had written to your ministry to request Bill’s book, Overcoming Sexual Immorality. To be honest, I was unsure how my request would be received due to personal financial constraints, but I was completely taken off guard when my name was called during mail call and I was handed not only the requested book, but others as well. Hallelujah! I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for this blessing. This material certainly will not go to waste. I have been studying the material myself, which has provided me with areas I need to personally develop more. I am also going to ensure that the brothers in our community here take advantage of your blessing. I am on a daily mission to better myself and reflect the image of my Savior, and I take this very seriously. I am glad that there are ministries like yours that are willing to share the Good News of the Messiah from the heart. I want you all to know that I count myself blessed because of your generosity. Thank you and Shalom.

J., Federal Correction Center, Virginia

Grateful For “Showing Up For Us”

Bill and Karen. The ways that you both faithfully showed up for us is something we are abundantly grateful for. The phone calls, messages on our Caring Bridge site, and most of all the prayer support you have will always be something that has left a lasting impression on us. I’m also filled with such gratitude with how you took time to pray with my parents on the somber day in which my brother and I took Mom to see Dad at the hospital for their final moments together on earth days before Mom went to be with Jesus, Bill. God beautifully orchestrated that moment and I know for a fact that my parents were grateful for you being there and to have you pray with and over them during such a hard time. I simply can’t thank you both enough. I couldn’t let another day go by without reaching out to convey my gratitude to you both. Thank you for the gift of friendship you bestowed to my dear parents. And thank you for faithfully praying for our family as a whole as Mom and Dad were ushered home to be with Him! Praising and thanking God for you tonight and asking for blessings to continue to be yours as you pursue more of Him and work fervently for the cause of Christ!

Blessings, J. B. M.

Good Teaching

Dear Bill and Karen, Just wanted to write to say that my wife and I recently read two of your books together: “Not My Father’s Faith” and “Maximum Potential in Christ.” Enjoyed both studies very much, and it’s a joy to dig into good teaching with my wife. I search for good material to supplement our Bible study to grow deep in Christ, and then to live more dedicated to Him. Thank you for your ministry, preaching, and writings!

D. and J. L., Vermont

I Appreciate

Dear Bill, It was such a pleasure to talk with you and learn more of your ministry. I really value your time and appreciate your knowledge and wisdom that you shared with me in how to get my ministry operational. It’s exciting and solemn at the same time to see how God is going to direct my ministry. I look forward to meeting again. Thank you so much.

C. K., Ohio

Extreme Generosity

Bill Rudge Ministries, Thank you so very much for your extreme generosity. I received your package with all those books, pamphlets, and that gorgeous Study Bible; what a beauty! Unfortunately the cops had to do some surgery on it and take the hardcover off, but after reconstructive surgery on my part she’s as beautiful as ever. When my name was called I was wondering what could this small box be and I was nervous. As the officer got to the contents inside I saw your name and was relieved. Even the cop was a bit hesitant to cut out the hard cover but he must do his job. YAHWEH indeed is good and has given me a very useful tool to enhance my biblical knowledge and understanding as I begin my spiritual journey until I achieve maturity. And He has used you to help me. I’m so thankful to Him and to you. God bless you and your ministry many times over. The scripture says that we are to support those who feed us the Word. You have given me valuable biblical and spiritual knowledge that will help me become more mature in my spiritual walk. I’m sending you a small donation. I know it is not much, but I also know that Yeshua will multiply it many times in your hands.

R., Valley State Prison, California

Your Ministry is Amazing

Hi Bill, Your ministry is amazing. I just perused your website. Great content! I just printed off your overview of Revelation. I read your article on when terrorism will end…so true. One of the most poignant moments for me while in Israel was the realization that it seems like most Jews want peace above all things. Amazingly, it seems they want it at any cost. Everywhere I went they incessantly talked about peace, peace, peace…Then, it dawned on me, this is how the Antichrist will be able to negotiate with Israel. He will simply offer them what they want more than anything else…peace. It was a blessing meeting you at the Dutch Embassy. I pray God our paths cross again. In the meantime…BLESSINGS!

K. B., Political Commentator seen regularly on Fox News and author of “Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America”

Faithful to God’s Word

Thank you for the materials you give away. I have been blessed by them. I know it takes monies to publish and send them out. You preach a message that is Gospel truth, no pretense. I give to your ministry because you are faithful to God’s Word.

P. B., North Dakota

Still Impacting My Life

BJ, Your message on Facebook had me in tears. I think about you often because you were always trying to guide me and I was too stubborn and prideful to see your message. I would like you to know that I found GOD and am in a great church in Virginia. I felt so moved by your message that I felt I had to let you know that you are still impacting my life! God bless you!

M. M., Virginia

Great Blessing

I am thankful to Bill Ridge Ministries for your faithful prayers, books and booklets which are a great blessing to us here.

Dr. A. C., New Bombay, India

So Educative

BJ, your newsletter article, “Why Do Bad things happen?”, is so educative in understanding God’s Word! Thank you so much and God bless you and your ministry so you can continue to be a blessing to the body of Christ.

C. E., Nigeria

Following a Tragedy

I am writing to ask permission to share BJ’s blog “Looking for Light in the Darkness Following a Tragedy”. I am currently running an Upward Basketball Program at a church in Albuquerque and would really like to share your message as a devotion at halftime. Before this, I was Head Athletic Trainer at Grove City College (PA) for 32 years. My career ended abruptly due to an unknown genetic heart condition. In fact, I was in the area the week of the accident and funerals. I believe your message is powerful and others might re-think their everyday living.

K. E., New Mexico

World Literature Outreach

We received the package of Bill Rudge Ministries’ books and CDs. Our prayer is that Almighty God be with you, your family, ministries and all the donors with you as you are spreading His Gospel all over the world. There are great changes in our lives both physically and spiritually through reading your books and newsletters. All your Gospel materials are classic. Please send us more books for our lending library where hungry souls are feeding daily.

Professor N. L., West Africa

Gold Standard

Dear Bill, We appreciate your love for the Lord and your whole-hearted service to Him. We also appreciate your openness and transparency. I am preparing a letter to advise a young woman who heads up a non-profit for deaf children in Haiti. I look at your financial policy as the gold standard. We listen as often as we can to your radio messages. I appreciate your ministry.

D. R., Ohio

Example to Many

Bill, I know you have the love and support of a million people because you have touched a million people. I know you, and you make something positive out of everything. You’re such an example to so many.

P. B., Pennsylvania

Society Turns Its Head

Greeting from the “Inside” society. Thank you for the great book, Overcoming Sexual Immorality, by Bill Rudge. Very kind of you and rare as most of society turns their head as the word prisoner is said or used – especially ones with sex charges.

C. S., California

Overcoming Giants

I am incarcerated at the Gatesville Prison. I read Overcoming Giants in Your Life and loved it. I never heard about Bill Rudge until I read your book that was passed to me. So I decided to write you personally to see if you can send me one of your books that I can keep so I can refer back to it when I need encouragement. I greatly appreciate this and look forward to hearing from you. God Bless you,

E. R., Gatesville, Texas

Taming of Godzilla

I really enjoy reading your newsletters. Most of all I enjoyed reading Taming of Godzilla because Bill lived a life like mine and he changed his life around. It’s very, very encouraging. Please pray that I grow in my walk with our Lord and remain strong upon my release in February 2019 and finally stay out of prison for good.

J. W., California

BRM Books Point South Carolina Inmates to Christ

Columbia International University’s Prison Initiative in South Carolina prisons is among many who have used Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ to train inmates. They requested 750 copies of Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ and other books by Bill and BJ Rudge to train inmates to live in accordance with biblical principles and equip them to minister to others right where they are located.

The men in the program find your materials to be extremely valuable. Your book Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ proved to be very useful and a great tool. We are out of the supply you sent. We will be happy to receive any and all that you can send. Graduation day was a big day and the story was carried by television all around the state – and to many parts of the nation by newspaper. Thank you.

D. O., Director Columbia International University Prison Initiative, Columbia, South Carolina

I am currently a student of Columbia International University. Following my graduation, I will be sent to another institution. I plan to supplement the services of the chaplain’s office by providing a discipleship program. With your permission, I would like to use your books as a supplemental text to teach various topics. Thank you in advance.

D. C., Kirkland Correctional Institution, Columbia, South Carolina

Incarcerated Minister Learning to Overcome Sexual Immorality

I am 31 years of age and currently incarcerated at Ouachita River Correctional Unit in Arkansas. I was sentenced to nine years in prison for second degree sexual assault. I am taking advantage of this time to correct my problematic thinking and behavior patterns. For years, I have struggled with sexual immorality, and as a young minister of the gospel, I had every opportunity to rely on the Word of God as a guide for deliverance, strength, healing, and to conquer the war that raged in the battlefield of my mind. I make no excuses for my actions and take full responsibility for the hurt and harm I have caused my victim and her family – as well as my family and those who were/are connected to me.

Bill Rudge’s book, Overcoming Sexual Immorality, has been a blessing to me. Thank you for hearing and obeying the voice of God. My wife mailed Bill’s book to me. There are good nuggets in Overcoming Sexual Immorality. I have found the things Bill said to be true and effective. Because of your obedience and willingness to write this book, I have been able to use more effective tools in my journey to complete freedom. May God continue to use you and bless you for your obedience.

A. L. P., Jr., Arkansas

Wish I Knew You Before Prison

Thank you for sending me your newsletter. I only wish I had gotten to know you before. I can’t send money but I do have you in prayer.

J. M., United States Penitentiary, Arizona

Faith Through the Fire Touches Inmate

I am incarcerated at the Mercer County Jail. BJ’s book, Faith Through the Fire was great. I remember BJ. I played soccer for Sharon High and also George Junior. I am trying to turn my life around and am a recovering addict to cocaine. I would like more of your books.

L. P., Pennsylvania

California Inmate Inspired By Giants Book

I was born in East Los Angeles. I am 36 years old and serving a hefty sentence. When your book Overcoming the Giants in your Life was first given to me I sort of blew it off because it was all torn and badly beat. Yes, I was judging it by the cover. What’s funny, an ex-skinhead gave it to me with a little note asking me to please not give up! Finally, I started reading your book – awesome! What inspired me is your discipline. It takes discipline to be obedient! Being in prison is hard at times – people mistake the Bible for a weakness much like Paul (1 Timothy 1:15). I appreciate you for crossing my path. I want to be a doer not a sayer. Talk is cheap, let’s lead by following Jesus. Your book has helped me a lot. Please forward a copy to my wife who accepted Jesus as her personal savior. Brother in Christ Jesus I love you, keep strong.

A. J. E., California

Former Prisoner Has Leadership Position in National Ministry

Bill, Thank you for your ministry and its impact on me. Sitting in a prison in Chino, California from 1997 – 2000 I read many of your books and newsletters and listened to many of your radio programs. To God be the glory! Only He can change lives.

L. G., Texas

Jail Is A Place Where God Gets Our Attention

Bill, I’m serving a four year sentence. During my incarceration I gave my life over to Christ. Jail is a place where God can deal with certain individuals such as myself who lived as a career criminal. None of the fleeting pleasures of the world brought true happiness, but made me more miserable by the day. God softened my heart towards Him by allowing me to learn the hard way. So my incarceration was actually a blessing in disguise, because this is where God got my undivided attention. I read your book, Beware, Deception & Delusion in the Church, and God used it to open my eyes. It inspired me to evaluate all things in light of Scripture. Also, thank you for your awesome book Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Christ. It came at perfect timing. Being incarcerated around inmates and correctional officers who have no fear of God, and being separated from my wife and kids is difficult to bear. Your book encouraged me as God spoke in so many ways through it. May God expand your ministry for His glory.

T. M., State Prison

Maximum Potential Book Impacts Inmate

I just finished reading Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ, and am sitting here all watery-eyed because the power of the Holy Spirit convicted me through your book. I have spent over 20 years of my life incarcerated and I am about to be released this December. I have read many Christian books but never, I mean never, have I read a book so powerful. I have never even heard of you, but God knew what I needed. I am a 47 year old black male from Ocean City, New Jersey. I was a good athlete, grew up in an upper middle class family, and graduated from college, but I got caught up in the love of money and put it before God. Again, your book is the most powerful Christian book I have ever read.

K. G., Pennsylvania

Prisoner Touched by Jesus and Giants Books

Wow. I am sitting here in my cell with tears in my eyes again. I write ministries and never hear from them, but God put Bill Rudge on my heart after I read a book by him entitled Reaching Your Maximum Potential. I would like to thank the couple whose love offering to Bill Rudge Ministries enabled them to send me two additional books by Bill, Who Is This Jesus? and Overcoming the Giants in Your Life. These two books had me so caught up in the reading that I missed chow twice. God touched your heart to send me this package of blessing. I never met a ministry that teaches the Word of God uncut like Bill Rudge.

K. G., Pennsylvania

California Man Needs Burmese Translation of Jesus Book

I recently led a young man who is from Burma to the Lord. Sonjeer is such a beautiful example of a man who has his first love daily –– he is out walking with tracts sharing in his broken, almost impossible to understand, English. I would like to give him a copy of your book Who Is This Jesus? in Burmese. I have spent hours showing him that Jesus is the only way to heaven. While he accepts the words I read and speak to him I know if he was able to read your book Who Is This Jesus? in his language it would be so much easier to explain. Thank you and bless your ministry.

M. B., California

Iowa Department of Corrections

Thank you for sending the monthly newsletter you so graciously provide and the wonderful Christmas card. It’s nice to be thought of by people on the outside. I know you do much for many and probably aren’t thanked as often as you should be. God bless you all!

D. G., Iowa

Books throughout South Carolina Prisons

Brother Bill: I received your March Newsletter today and was encouraged by what I read; your books are being sent from coast to coast here in America. I was aware of the shipment to Columbia, S.C. as I visited there, but what you don’t know is that they are being moved all around South Carolina. I visited a maximum security prison in Bishopville, S.C. and guess what, your books are there also. The inmates transport them when they are moved (Isaiah 55:11) so true. May God bless you, your family and staff as our redemption draws nigh. Yours in Christ

Pastor W. C., Mizpah Baptist Church, South Carolina

Female Prisoner in New Mexico

I am a prisoner at a New Mexico State Penitentiary. A sister in Christ allowed me to use her book, Fasting for Sensitivity and Power. I used it for my very first true fast. What an awesome blessing to understand motives and the phases of my fasting and prayer methods. My friend has since been released. Would you PLEASE bless me with a gift of this little but mighty book. I would be eternally grateful.

T. B., New Mexico

Utah State Prison

Bill Rudge’s books have been passed around among the inmates and it has been brought to my attention to ask for a donation to our chapel-lending library so more of the men may have an opportunity to study your material. This particular unit is also the womens’ prison, so they too have access. We have no funding for such things so they asked that I write your ministry.

The inmates have expressed their thankfulness and have asked that I forward their Christian love to you. Your books have made a great addition to the library. The inmates have a very high opinion of your insight into the Word of God. We welcome any future materials you are able to donate.

All of us express our gratitude and love for your service in the Lord. May God continually bless the efforts of your ministry. We deeply appreciate your help.

Chaplain B. F., Utah State Prison

Touched By “Reaching Your Maximum Potential…” Book

I have spent all but 5 months of the past 11 1/2 years in prison. While in prison, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was very sincere and made tremendous changes in my life. I borrowed your book, Reaching Your Maximum Potential In Christ. Reading through I was blessed by its messages. It addressed many of the shortcomings that led to my fall and explained what I must do to overcome, correct, and prevent them. I’m quite impressed with the straightforward, Biblically sound, and sincere approach of your ministry.

You have no idea how much your response means to an individual in my situation. For example, several years ago I had written to approximately ten different churches. I asked for nothing other than some guidance and hoped for a response. How many responded to my letter? … not a single one! The total rejection was hurtful. So, when I received such a personal and sincere response as the one you shared, it was quite a blessing!

C. A., Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

I Wish I Had Accepted Your Messages

Since this is my second time in jail, I am most likely going to be locked up for a while. Through all I have done, stories unlimited, I have always remembered your family and the love you willingly showed me when I let you. To me you are some of the greatest people ever to enter my life. I wish I had gratefully accepted your messages when I was younger.

J. W., Pennsylvania

Testimony and Maximum Potential Book Having Impact

I am currently in a youth correctional facility in the Chino area. The tape you sent was a blessing. You have such an awesome testimony. I shared it with one of the sergeants and one of the secretaries. They enjoyed it. Also your book, Reaching Your Maximum Potential In Christ, was awesome. All the Christians here should read it. I have two copies going around right now. I can see the impact it has on people. You have been a blessing to me and many others here.

L. G., California

Belgian Wants to Translate “Who Is This Jesus?” Book

I am a citizen of Belgium near the end of a five-year prison term in the United States Federal System. I am scheduled to be released and should return to my country of Belgium. Throughout my five years, your newsletters and various publications were a blessing of tranquility. I want to sincerely thank you for the appropriateness and accuracy of facts and information used to substantiate your conclusions. For your honesty and gift of persuasion, I most graciously thank you. I was so intrigued by your book, Who is This Jesus?, that I now respectfully ask permission to translate it in the Dutch language. God Bless.

N. T., Pennsylvania

Lending Library in Utah Prison

Your books and audio messages have been passed around among the inmates and it has been brought to my attention to ask for a donation to our chapel-lending library so more of the men may have an opportunity to study your material. This particular unit is also the womens’ prison, so they too have access. The inmates have a very high opinion of your insight into the Word of God. We welcome any future materials you are able to donate.

Chaplain B. F., Utah State Prison

Former Muslim in Guyana

I was born a Muslim. In my younger days I never gave the Bible a chance. I was a man without self-control and I ended up on drugs and alcohol. I lost my daughter and son. It was in prison I read the Bible and offered my life to Christ. I became a changed man. Bill, I listened to your message and every word is true. Your message on courage healed me completely. Now I have the “courage to stand alone” and I pray every day. I was left to die in prison and I gave my soul to Christ and I lived.

M. H., Guyana, South America

Federal Prisoner Hears about BRM

A Christian brother gave me your address as a ministry that provides Christian materials to prisoners at no charge. What a great blessing that would be. I will pray for God to increase you and your ministry. All God’s Best,

D. J., Federal Correctional Institute, Fort Dix, New Jersey

Texas Prison Chaplain Appreciates BRM Books

We received the box of books Bill Rudge Ministries sent for our Chapel Libraries, and we want to express our sincere appreciation for them. As you know, we depend on people like you to help us get the Word of God to our ladies. Your books will be a blessing to the ladies here! Thank you for all you do and may God bless your ministry.

Chaplain Garcia, Texas

California Inmate and Former Gang Member

I am reading your new book Not Our Father’s Faith. Thank you so much. I am a new Catholic Christian –– by only a year. I love studying the Book of Revelation. I also have your book The Last Days. Love it, man. You’re the best. I am 43 years old now –– 30 years were spent in gangs and drugs in Los Angeles County. I was shot three times –– starting from when I was 11 years old. I was raped twice by men, beaten as a kid, in jail and prison five times. I also was a godfather from a gang, worked for the Mafia and hurt people. Now, I am saved by God. I have been in prison eight years with three more to go. I love you brother Bill, keep me in your prayers. God bless you.

R. R., California

San Quentin Inmate Helped by Spiritual Warfare Book

I am 29 and in prison for my first time. I am new to Christ and was saved this year while in San Quentin. I am currently reading your book Spiritual Warfare and Victory in Christ. It is powerful. I am reading and trying to soak up everything I can. My past consists of a life of drugs and crime. I started drinking and using when I was about 13. It has caused me to lose everything. It also caused a lot of heartache. But I know as long as I stay on my path with Jesus and keep the Lord first, I will have the life I’ve always wanted. I will be able, by the grace of God, to reach people like me and bring them to Christ. If at all possible could you send me some things to help me grow in the Lord. Bless you in Jesus’ name.

C. K., San Quentin, California

Pennsylvania Female Inmate Blessed by “Maximum Potential” Book

I am incarcerated at the Mercer County Jail for DUI charges. God brought me into captivity to bring me back to Him. I was in the library in the spiritual section. I asked God to direct me to a book that was fit for me. So I moved books from the front row and all the way in the back I found a book that popped out Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ. I picked it up and opened it to page 65. The first paragraph was regarding drinking alcohol, which was a big problem for me. I knew that was a sign for me to read that book. As I went to my cell I saw the name Bill Rudge on the cover. I remembered a BJ Rudge, who was a couple of years older than me and I wondered if there was a connection. I opened to the first page and it said Hermitage, Pa. I am halfway done with the book and I love it. I’m like a kid absorbing all the information. I was wondering if you had any other books you could send. It’s a wonderful thing what I’m going through spiritually but jail still is jail and is hard being away from all the people you love. God bless you,

M. L., Mercer County Jail, Pennsylvania

North Carolina Inmates Receive “Maximum Potential” Books

A quick update on the Kairos Prison Ministry in North Carolina: We met last year at the Chapel breakfast in which Bill Rudge was the guest speaker. Bill Wardle from your Board introduced us, and you provided me with copies of Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ. If possible could you supply 50 more copies? Do you have any events in the NC area coming up? I would like to attend.

Chaplain G. B., Kairos Prison Ministry, North Carolina

U.S. Senator Congratulates BJ

Coach Rudge, I want to offer you and your team my warmest congratulations on receiving the Team Ethics and Sportsmanship Award from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. This recognition speaks to the high regard in which you and the Hickory High School Girls Soccer Team are held by your peers. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor and wonderful acknowledgment of your hard work, commitment and leadership.

Robert P. Casey, Jr., U.S. Senator, Washington, D.C.

Sexual Freedom

I would like more copies of your newsletter on Temporary Pleasures. I belong to a Men’s Group of about 50 men. Most of them are battling the flesh and other addictions. I would like a case of Bill’s book Overcoming Sexual Immorality. Also, wanted to relay a message from one of the young men in our group. I had given Alex one of Bill’s books on sexual freedom. He said that book changed his life. He wanted to say thank you so much. God Bless,

E. L., California

Conquering Sexual Immorality

I just read Overcoming Sexual Immorality and found it to be the best advice I have found to date. I am 69 years old and have suffered from addiction to pornography for over 60 years. Bill’s book has helped me in my understanding and conquest of the issue. Thank you,

R. D., Virginia

Karen Rudge Foundation Soccer Tournament

The soccer tournament at the stadium in Liberia on July 26, 2018 in honor of William Rudge brought together four communities. The Yellow Jersey team won while the Blue took second place. The pamphlets from Bill Rudge Ministries were shared for the glory of God. The teams and I distributed the tracts to the community. The kids took the true life testimony of Bill (The Taming of Godzilla) home to their parents. Also, thank you for your contribution to purchase a new chalkboard for the children of this village. May you never lack anything in life. Your contribution will be a remembrance in the lives of these kids. We are so grateful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Pastor Festus Banks, Liberia

Election Day

Chaplain Bill, I want to thank you for your kind words on election day. It is amazing (don’t know why I am amazed after seeing God work for over 40 years) how God sends a word or kind deed when we need it most. You were a blessing and a help. I was so glad to hear you giving your testimony to the others there. I am praying that what you said will take root in hearts. May God bless your ministry.

V. M., Pennsylvania

Boy Scouts Challenged

Dear Bill Rudge & Team, Thank you so much! We found the obstacle course very challenging. It pushed us to be our best. It helped us learn and try to overcome the challenges.

Signed by all the Boy Scouts of Troop 45

Blessed by the Message

BJ, Wow, your message spoke directly to the hearts of those in attendance! One person made a special trip to our trailer to let us know that she was blessed by your message. Two ladies (sisters) who had never been to the church service were so moved by your message they started to weep. Blessings upon you, your ministry and your family.

Nancy, Slippery Rock Campground

Minute Message

Thank you for your encouraging Minute of Living Truth with Bill Rudge entitled “Have You Suffered?” As hard as it gets at times, it helps to remember that we ‘are counted worthy’ to suffer these things. What an honor to be a servant of the living Savior.

H. W., Florida

Comment on “Spiritual Addiction” Blog

BJ, I can not say a loud enough amen to your post! I spent over a decade in a false religion that is defined by experiences. I hated prayer and reading the Bible… Once I was saved everything changed. The prayer and study I use to hate, I now love. Thank you for this post, friend.

Word Press

Grateful for Gospel Materials

We received the parcel containing your Not Our Father’s Faith book and messages on Samson and Daniel. All your materials are excellent for the salvation of lost souls and building up Christians spiritually. Thank you very much.

Professor Lambert, Biblical Research Library of Nigeria

Encouraged in Ministry by Overcoming Giants

I read Bill’s book, Overcoming the Giants in Your Life. It is very helpful to my spiritual growth to read about Bill Rudge’s personal experience in the Lord Jesus and His mighty works. How Bill totally depends on God encouraged me in ministry.

Pastor Bollapalli, India

Woman with Disfigured Face Finds Forgiveness

One night I was reading a friend’s book, Who is Jesus Christ? by Bill Rudge. I received deliverance from unforgiveness as I realized I had allowed the devil to torment me with memories of people who had mistreated me over the years…some laugh at me because of my disfigured face as a result of a fire incident. Others laugh at me as a poor widow who has hearing difficulties, etc. But through the teaching in this book I asked God to forgive me and help me love unconditionally. You and this book are a blessing to my life.

F. O., Nigeria

Blog on Discernment

BJ, Your blog on discernment was great. In fact, your whole series is great. We have been having some discussion about what contending for the faith means and your article nails it down really well. Thanks.

W. F., Arkansas

Inspirational Messages

Dear BJ, As one of our favorite speakers, we thank you for your inspirational messages. The students look forward to you coming. Your messages could be heard over and over. Thanks for taking time out of a very busy ministry to bless us.

S. B., Pennsylvania

Prepared for Heaven

Bill, There are so many reasons we thank God he sent you into our lives. But the most important is you gave Jim his faith in God again. You gave him peace at the end. Thank you for your kindness. You are a very special man. God bless you.

K. W., Pennsylvania

God Moved in a Special Way

Bill and Karen, God Bless you, both! Your ministry was and continues to be a blessing to us all. Thank you for coming and sharing with us. God moved in a very special way and used you for the building up of His kingdom – Hallelujah!

Major T. L., Florida

BRM’s History Is Impressive

Bill, Our congregation responded well to your excellent presentation. Thank you for opening our eyes and hearts to the wide scope of your ministry to our local communities and the entire world. BRM’s history is impressive and its future seems so bright in the light of our world situation.

Pastor D. F.

Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ

BRM, Thank you for blessing me with Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ book. I am enjoying it completely. I recently read the entire New Testament and wrote down every Scripture that touched me. As I read Bill’s book I came across more and more of the scriptures I had written down. I am seeing life in a whole new perspective.

Z. H., California

With My Own Eyes

Dear Bill and Karen, I really appreciate your newsletters and its sound wisdom on biblical prophecy and the urgency to evangelize and be witnesses to the world around us. I also want to thank you for the example you have been. I consider you mentors in my life and I pray for you when I get your newsletters.

K. C., Ohio

Translated into Mizo and Burmese

Karen, Praise the Lord for every great thing He has done for us through your ministries, especially Bill’s books and CDs which are being translated into Mizo and Burmese languages. They encourage us everyday. One of our members, U Kyaw Tun, is now banished by his family because of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. His mother said to him, “Your God, who is killed on the stake (cross) can now provide you food.” But U Kyaw Tun is not upset. He can now count many blessings.

H. K. L, Myanmar

Accepted Jesus as Her Savior

Just want to share some exciting news. Had a client who was into New Age. On the way home from Julian cabin, she got to listen to Bill’s CD on the occult and spiritual warfare. When we got back to El Cajon, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Praise His Holy Name.

M. C., California

Thank You for Being Faithful

My heart swells with joy when I hear of ministries who are using the money wisely and for the glory of God. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being faithful and I pray God will touch many hearts and convict them to help you.

J. J., Nevada

Stood the Test of Time

Dear Bill, Thank you for all you and Karen have done and continue to do for the Kingdom of God. It is a blessing to see a ministry that not only has stood against the attacks of the enemy, but has stood the test of time. Your faithfulness is to be commended. It is definitely an encouragement and inspiration!

Pastor S. D., Pennsylvania

Karen Rudge Foundation in Liberia

Dear Karen, I am grateful to God Almighty for making me a partner of your great ministries. I am blessed to receive Bill’s books, pamphlets, and CDs to increase my spiritual growth. The box of items you sent were distributed among the children. My special thanks to Tabitha and Clay Smith and family for sponsoring it. We lift our prayer for them. Karen Rudge Foundation is working in 10 communitites to get the children off the streets; from sleeping in the market places. A big thank you to dad Bill and mom Karen for allowing us to be their son in Africa.

F. B., Karen Rudge Foundation, Liberia

On My Mind

BJ, Thank you so much for coming to our middle school. Your message will definitely be on my mind and in my heart throughout my high school years. Also, thank you for your book. Your testimony is very inspiring. I will definitely share the book with my family and friends.


Challenge Was Super

BJ, Just finished listening to your message CD from when I was away on vacation and wanted to thank you for such a timely and well-done message for our church family. Your organized thoughts and God’s challenge were super. Thanks for not only being willing to fill the pulpit, but for the evident time you spend preparing God’s Word before preaching. As a pastor it is extremely vital to know that in one’s absence the Word of God is being preached and the Spirit’s direction in the heart of the minister is evident—such is always the case with you and your dad when at our place of ministry. Thank you for being used of the Lord.

Pastor D. S., Pennsylvania

Power of Prayer Raises Up New Supporter

BJ, I want to tell you a very neat thing. For quite some time I desired to support the Bill Rudge Ministries. I have been asking God to speak to my husband and allow him to be the one to make the commitment. Many times I wanted to ask him if we might be able to add you to our monthly giving, but always felt the check in my spirit to wait. This morning before my husband left for work, he said, “I made a decision about our finances.” He then went on to explain that he felt we needed to add Bill Rudge Ministries on a regular monthly basis. I just sat there and smiled, praising God for His perfect timing. He went on to say, “I have listened to you retelling some of BJ’s conversations about his talks with kids and how he is leading the soccer team. I feel he is a man of God whose heart wants to serve Him.” I got tears in my eyes and gave him a hug. I am looking forward to sharing with him the journey of prayer that led to this day! God’s timing is so very perfect and worthy of the wait.

K. C., Pennsylvania

Impacted My Life

I happened to see one of your newsletters at the Hermitage Bible Store and was glad that I found your web site. You impacted my life and if I have never said “thank you” for stepping out and being honest, let me say “thank you” now. I have respected you for years and always enjoyed your ministry. You are a blessing to me and a blessing to so many others. Thank you for doing God’s work and for all you and Karen do.

L. B., Nevada

Faithfulness, Strength and Courage

Every time I drift and quit reading Scripture, I come across one of your newsletters or audio messages or books. Your faithfulness, strength and courage (tenacity) to make the total commitment everyday over so many years are so comforting. I know in my heart that if it were not for you and your ministry I would be in deep trouble. May God bless you and Karen, your family and your ministry.

G. C., Pennsylvania

God Never Failed

I have been following your lives and the success of the ministry for a long time. I marvel at how faithful you are to trust the Lord completely in all you do. You are showing the world what faith is really all about. I’m sure there were times you wondered if you were doing the right thing, stepping out in faith so often, but God never failed you and He sure came through for you time and time again. Thanks for sharing your lives with us all. The newsletter is always such an encouragement. Keep on trusting the Lord and being faithful to Him. He’ll never fail you nor forsake you. How we praise Him. You, and your ministry, are “lights” in a dark, dark world.

E.W., Pennsylvania

Solid and Genuine Commitment

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your new book. I have been reading it non-stop every chance I get. I wish I could explain how much your whole family has touched my life. Every time I have the privilege to be around you, I come away feeling peaceful and challenged or inspired all at once. Thank you for your solid and genuine commitment to Jesus Christ.

K. D., New York

Example of Biblical Living

After listening to Fasting for Sensitivity & Power and reading Beware, our Lord allowed me to see more than ever my need to repent of any and all sloth and foolishness in my walk with Him. For several years, my pastor and I have sought the Scriptures for examples of godly living. We desire to make an impact and set an example for our generation. We have been blessed by your materials and example of godliness, self-control and holy living. We praise God for your modern day example of what Biblical and practical Christian living ought to be. I want to encourage and thank you by saying that your labor has not been in vain, and that you have, by the grace of God, made a difference in my marriage and our lives.

C. L., California

Karen’s Prayer Changes A Life

You are part of the reason I am where I am. If Karen hadn’t prayed with me and led me to the Lord, I probably would never have been here! Thanks for all your support.

C. L., Minnesota

Saints Under Attack

I have listened to Bill’s CD How Long Can America Stand and God’s Purpose in Suffering three times now. It really speaks to me. Bill Rudge was correct about the suffering in the Body of Christ. I have never seen so many saints come under attack with spiritual warfare as I have seen in the last three years. We need food and encouragement in regard to the spiritual battle.

D. L., Arizona

Former Neighbor

I used to be a neighbor of yours about 25 years ago. I was a young boy who would try to get into and cause trouble with my friends. Long story short, I have been on a journey to find a stronger faith. I talk about this with a good friend at work, Art. I know my faith isn’t very strong and want to hear more about the Word. Art told me a little about you and how he felt you were a true man of faith –– with money, with relationships and with life –– it all started and finished with the Lord. I want so much to be a man who lives on faith instead of worrying about things that really don’t matter. I read your testimony on the web site and wish I would have taken the time to talk to you when I was younger. My journey may have been a little easier if I had. I was raised to not trust religion and by proxy didn’t trust you and for that (and any trouble I caused) I am sorry. Sincerely,

R. B., Pennsylvania

The Gift of a Guitar

Dear Bill, I want to share with you the power of God’s Holy Spirit and testify to His marvelous ways of uniting His saints. I was handed one of your pamphlets by a friend here in Jacksonville. He and his wife first met you in a “revival” meeting in Pennsylvania. He tells me that you gave him a guitar as a gift and that he still plays it to this day at church services.

I. F., Florida

Red Cross Nurse at California Wildfires

Hi Bill, Just want to thank you so very much for the book and newsletters from your ministry –– loved seeing the pictures of you and the memories it brought. Actually came at a perfect time as I’m usually pretty “up” but had been feeling “down” –– lifted my spirit greatly! I “re-listened” to the CD you had given me at the California wildfires. I felt a real bond with you from the minute we first spoke –– guess God was trying to tell me something. I have been going to church pretty regularly for about two years. May God keep you safe in your travels in His work.

S. L., California

Snow Run

Bill, Loved your ‘Snow Run’ article and applications to it! What a message! Guess I’ll have to try it from the house to the church sometime to see if I get the same applications! By the way—am reprinting last month’s lead article on “Purity and Perseverance” for the church family. We’ll be inserting it in the bulletin. Thanks for the great challenges in your newsletter from the Word. As a believer and pastor I really appreciate it. God bless!

Pastor D. S., Pennsylvania

Newsletters as Devotional

Dear Bill, Karen, & BJ, Thanks for your excellent newsletter. Now let me tell you how I use it in my daily devotions. On day one I read the lead article and ponder its relevance to my personal and prayer life. On day two I do the same with the next entry, and so on until I finish the issue. Thought this might be a helpful suggestion for other readers and supporters of Bill Rudge Ministries. May God continue to bless!

Dr. J. H., Pennsylvania

Letter to the Church in America Video

Bill, Esther and I leave tomorrow for Florida, but I wanted to quickly send off this note of appreciation for your letter to the churches in America. Our daughter, Karen, emailed it to us just yesterday. Thank you for this fine, penetrating paraphrase of our Lord’s letters to the churches. You did a superb job and the graphics were equally well done. I trust it will be used of the Lord to awaken us all to the gravity of our times and the imminency of His coming. Blessings on you, Karen and the family. We are so proud of you!

Dr. G. B., Ohio

Perseverance of a Pastor and Prayers of a Church

Just a quick note to let you know that Mizpah Church has placed you on their annual budget. It has taken me two years for this to happen but everything is in God’s perfect timing. Bill Rudge Ministries has been on our Wednesday night prayer list for almost two years.

Pastor W. C., South Carolina

Pastor Dedicates Book to Bill

I lost contact with Bill Rudge due to military oppression in my country, but today I decided to search the web. I am so happy now! Your books and tapes and other materials sent to me in the past blessed me tremendously. In fact, one of my books to be published soon is graciously dedicated to Bill Rudge. Reason? Simple. I was actually ordained and sent forth by Bill Rudge many years back when he was the guest minister at God’s Deliverance Gospel Church. Then I was in Bible College. I respect Bill Rudge a lot and look forward to a fruitful relationship.

Pastor O. W., Nigeria

Blessed by Books and Messages

I want you to know just how much your ministry has meant to myself and the congregation that I have been blessed to lead. They really love you even though many of them do not know you. Just by reading your books, as well as listening to your messages, they all testify to the fact of the great blessing they have received from you.

Rev. M. C., Trinidad Messages

During a Conference

I am an Evangelist in Italy for Jesus. It blessed us greatly to hear some of your audio messages during a conference in Bergamo, Italy. Spiritual Warfare and your other audio messages impressed our fellow believers’ lives so much that, after the conventions, they approached me for some of these messages. In unison with 30 pastors we decided to establish an audio library to facilitate easy lending and borrowing of your messages.

K. A., Italy

Library Touching Community in Kenya

I am very grateful for the library of Bill Rudge’s books and CDs sent by Hands for Christ International. They are very spiritually uplifting and changing many lives. Unbelievers from all parts of the community have come and thank God many have turned their lives over to Christ.

Pastor S. S., Kenya

Persecuted Pastor Requests BRM Books

On Christmas Eve while on my way to our church service, I met a group of unbelievers who were saying there is no God. When I spoke boldly about Jesus Christ, they grabbed me and threw me out of the bus into a nearby gutter and hit me with fists and sticks they found nearby. One of them said, “You are trying to make us lose many chances of enjoying life and having fun. What about the woman I told to wait for me in the brothel; do you want me to cancel that plan? Or do you want to tell my wife or daughter about her?”

I managed to get up from the gutter and said the words to them Jesus said to His disciples, “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of man shall come in the glory of His Father with His angels; and then He shall reward every man according to his works” (Matthew 16:24-28).

Before they left, one of them who had pity on me gave me a card containing his address stating he wanted to know more about Jesus. I went to teach the gospel of salvation to him.

I need your prayer and Bill Rudge’s book NOT Our Father’s Faith for people to come back to Jesus. After a meeting in the church we are requesting 25 copies of your books to help take the Gospel to villages, hospitals, churches, schools, and Muslim environs. God Bless you for your encouragement!

Pastor K. O., Come Back to Jesus Church, Nigeria

Priest in Kenya

Thanks and best wishes from our communities of hospitals and the prisons. We always pray for the Bill Rudge Ministries because of your support and encouragement. The spiritual books you are sending us are bringing a lot of enlightenment to prisoners. Our entire community was very happy and grateful. The youth, children, and even sick people read the good materials you are sending. We love your books and tapes. Thank you and God bless you.

Father P. L., Kenya

Touching Young People’s Lives

Faith Through the Fire is outstanding! BJ’s story is instrumental in touching a lot of young people’s lives. What a great testimony to seeking God’s plan for our lives.

S. W., Missouri

Dying of Heart Disease

Dear Mr. Rudge, I praise God for your ministry. I am dying of heart disease, but Ihave found the Lord. Only 20% of my heart is working and I give it all to Him. Your book, Beware! Deception and Delusion in the Church, was the most inspiring book I have had the pleasure of reading. So much truth!

H. B., Utah

Book Found in Secondhand Store

My uncle was browsing around in Bibles for Missions, a secondhand store in Abbotsford, British Columbia. He came across your book, Beware! Deception and Delusion in the Church. He lent it to me and I spent nearly a whole day reading it along with the Word of God. I was so encouraged. I thank the Lord Jesus for laying it upon your heart to write it. I am so encouraged by your ministry and I am challenged to live a more convicted life in Christ Jesus.

Y. N., British Columbia, Canada

Beware Book “Snuck” Onto Bookshelf

It is so uplifting to see a ministry that is so on fire for our Lord, and most important, so dedicated to an absolute and uncompromising reliance on His Word. I wanted to let you know what an impact your book Beware had on me. I must tell you a funny story about this book. I have a fairly decent Christian bookshelf, and know where most of these books are from or who gave them to me. I wanted to quote Pastor Chuck Smith from his book Charisma or Charismania? That is when I saw your book Beware. To this day I haven’t a clue where it came from! (I pray the Lord blesses the brother who snuck this book into my library!) Anyway, the Lord must have really had His hand upon you for this timely message.

B. M., Utah

Reality-Based Book

I just want to commend you on the great work you are doing for the Lord. Be encouraged; people are blessed by your ministry. I have been re-reading Beware lately and it is great. I first read it way back in 1996 and forgot how good and reality-based it is. It takes great boldness to stand for biblical truth. Keep it up. I only pray that I may have the same boldness as I strive to serve the Lord. I really like your challenging stress on living a disciplined, biblically-based Christian walk. May God richly bless your faithfulness and obedience.

D. W., Ohio

“Giants” Waiting in Maryland

Bill, thanks for a powerful weekend at the men’s retreat. The giants were waiting when I got home. Thanks for your book on Overcoming the Giants in your Life. I put it to work and turned it over to the Lord and He helped me. God bless you and your ministry.

S. U., Maryland

Overcoming Giants Book Helps Pastor in Nigeria

You are an agent of God for my ministry at this critical time. My eyes caught the title of your book Overcoming the Giants in Your Life in a bookstore here in Nigeria. I got a copy and read the numerous challenges you have gone through and emerged victorious. My courage has returned.

Pastor L. O., Nigeria

Overcoming Sexual Immorality in Ghana

I am 22 years old and facing a lot of problems concerning sexual immorality. I live in a place where immorality is on the increase, especially among the students. I came across your book Overcoming Sexual Immorality which caused a great change in my life. God bless you.

A .K., Ghana

Overcoming Sexual Immorality a Popular Book

Your book Overcoming Sexual Immorality was loaned to a former colleague and never to be seen again. It’s been that popular! Every time I show it to someone they want to keep it. With so many “loose women” and “sex-orientated” men out there today my community really needs to see this book! The ladies in our ministry are desperate to distribute more of Overcoming Sexual Immorality –– not only to help women keep chaste, but also to distribute to the men who are pursuing them. We need 50 copies. Our funds are limited, but your book is worth it because it is the single most important issue for women today!

L. J., California

Broadcast Brings Tears

I was driving home from the market listening to your program on Fasting. Everything that you were saying was convicting me. I felt the Holy Spirit so strongly that tears ran down my face; even when I pulled into the garage and went into my home, there were still tears flowing. I thank God for working through you. I feel that the Holy Spirit guided me to be in my car at the time of your program. Your sister in Christ,

M. J., California

Radio Listener in China

I salute all your radio workers; your hard work reaches more and more audiences’ hearts. I have listened to your radio broadcast for a long time – from not liking to loving it passionately. Your program brought me the ocean of a new world and new knowledge. Ever since hearing your program there have been changes in the whole aspect of me.

T.J., China

Overcoming Giants Radio Program

I am writing to thank you for your message, Overcoming the Giants in your Life. On our way to Mexico for a day, we heard your broadcast. My husband asked me to take notes. As your sermon progressed we knew we would want to hear it again without distractions. Please send us a copy of this message. Thank you for sharing these truths of God’s Word.

C. C., Arizona

Glad for Monday

I am glad for Monday only because I get to listen to you. Thank you for a Spirit filled broadcast.

S. C., Florida

One Who’s Been There

I have been listening to you for about six months and I wanted to say how much I like your program. You teach from the perspective of “one who’s been there” and that is very effective. Bless you Pastor Rudge.

D. W., Kansas

Wake-up Call

I pray that your outreach is as effective with others as it is with me. You definitely got my attention and I needed a wake-up call! Bless you,

C. P, Universal Christian Radio

Stirred By Maximum Potential Book

Your Reaching Your Maximum Potential In Christ book is super. It has broken, sharpened, and stirred me for His work in the United Kingdom.

M. D., West Sussex, United Kingdom

Nigerian Pastor Challenged By Bill’s Messages

I remember when you visited Nigeria and the way the Lord used you. I can never forget it. Even the prayers you offered were great and powerful. Your life is a very big challenge to me as a servant of God. Whenever I listen to your messages it makes me study the Word of God more. I gave two of your audio messages to the representative of our state governor. He was very happy after listening to them.

Pastor S. E., Nigeria

Whole Heart Commitment

Having read your book Reaching Your Maximum Potential in Christ, I must confess it motivates me so deeply to wholeheartedly commit my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ.

G. O., Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria

Nigerian Churches Blessed

Your ministry has been a blessing to me and my churches in Nigeria. Your books and audio messages have been a source of inspiration and provided study and teaching materials for the churches. I want you to visit this country again, so my people will be able to benefit from your personal ministry. I will serve as your Ambassador to Nigeria. You can remember that during your previous visit to Nigeria, you ministered on my television program.

Bishop A. I., Nigeria

Lives Touched at Himalayan Convention

It was indeed a great pleasure and a real privilege to listen to the Word from you at the India Evangelistic Crusade (Himalayas). We were very blessed by your challenging sermons. We returned home with a new vision and burden for the work of the Lord. Thank you for your visit to Takdah.

Pastor D. M., Darjeeling, India

Ministry in Egypt

Though your stay was very short, it was a wonderful time when you were speaking in Egypt. I am always listening to your audio messages when I am driving in the car.

H. S., Cairo, Egypt

Jerusalem Ministry

Shalom. It was a blessing to have you come and share with the saints during Saturday evening Shabbat service. I am blessed in many ways, Bill, since I made contact with your ministry. I wrote your office and graciously received materials on many subjects I use in our ministers’ training meetings.

P. B., Jerusalem, Israel

Pastor Comments On Bill’s Message at His Church

Bill, Your message was a very pertinent and timely challenge for God’s people. I appreciate your stand and ministry more than you probably know and I am very grateful to have you and BJ sharing the Word and ministering like you do. Not only was the message God’s, but your servant’s heart is as well. Thank you again.

Pastor D. S., Pennsylvania

Response from Previous Revelation Series

Bill and BJ, thank you so much for your teaching on Revelation. We are so thankful for your commitment to our Lord and willingness to give of your time and talents. Your teaching helped us sort a great deal out and clarified much. Also your suggestion to read Revelation each week was extremely helpful. May God continue to bless your ministry and protect your family as you go about the world serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Your father and son team did a superb job relaying the information to us.

J. C., Ohio

University Student’s Life Changed

In our 11 a.m. service there were two people baptized who shared their testimonies. One of those is a young man named Chris who shared that the men’s retreat last winter impacted his life and he thanked both Doug (for planning the retreat and inviting him) and Bill Rudge, who was the guest speaker. Chris just graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a degree in geology.

R. M., Canada

Translate BRM Books into Tamil

I am a translator and a broadcaster. I received your valuable books, pamphlets, and newsletters. Thank you very much. I have read them and am seeking your permission to translate and publish your materials into our mother tongue, “Tamil” and to distribute them among our people. I have a burden on my heart to reach our Tamil believers to become Biblical Christians.

Pastor C. S., India

Pakistani Wants to Translate Bill’s Book

I have been going through the studies at your web site, and am deeply inspired with all of the teachings. This is such a wonderful study you have arranged for all the nations of the entire world. I am from Islamic Republic of Pakistan where it is difficult to have radio and TV channels for preaching purposes. They would not allow us to do that here. We humbly request you to expand your outreach into Urdu and Punjabi language. Urdu is the language spoken and understood by more than one sixth of the total population of the world. Urdu is spoken in Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Afghanistan and also in Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran and others. I volunteer my services as translator, recorder, dubbing and distribution. This will bring a lot of blessings for Urdu and Punjabi speaking people. There is nothing more precious than to hear the Word of God in your own language.

N. G., Pakistan

Three Questions Video

Thank you so much for the Three Questions video! It’s amazing! This will be forwarded to my Address Book! Love and blessings.

D. T., San Diego, California

Touched by Witch Doctor Video

Absolutely beautiful testimony of HIS Love! The Holy Spirit reached me through your video. The older man in the end with the green shirt on; oh, how I felt the Holy Spirit flowing thru this man and I know we will meet in heaven one day! Praise His Name! Whew, God thank you!

Elizabeth, e-mail

Band Uses Bill’s Message

I would like to use samples of Bill’s speech about Haiti on a music CD. It is primarily for a Scottish audience and samples Jimi Hendrix too! Would you let me know if it is ok for me to proceed with your approval?

D. M., The Hugh Trowsers Band, Scotland

Testimony Read in Church Service

The following is the testimony Sister Odura read in the church service yesterday: “For over 29 years I was nothing but troubled and wanted nothing to do with God. On July 1, 2010, things changed. I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I did not realize how hard it would be to go back out into the world without becoming like the world again. It took me years to have my eyes opened to the truth. If it were not for web site I would not have known the truth. And if not for the pastor of this church who showed me your web site, I have no doubt I would be dead and in hell today. Now, the Lord has blessed me beyond any words that I can write. He saved me. He gave me a new life and mended my broken relationship with my parents after many years of separation. I will forever be thankful to you for your web site.”

Pastor C. I., Light of the Gospel Ministry, Nigeria

God Removes Desire to Fight

The following letter is from one of the musicians who performed at Petra Cafe when Bill spoke there at the Presidio of Monterey, California. I hope you remember who I am. I talked to you at the Petra Cafe after you spoke. You and I talked about martial arts. It was truly a blessing talking to you. You have a powerful ministry. Yesterday I noticed that God took the desire to fight away. Even sparring. It is great when the Lord removes things without us even realizing it. That’s the easy kind of surgery! Please send me that information you told me about the martial arts.

D. C., North Carolina

Why I Quit Karate Book a Great Witnessing Tool

I am scheduled to speak at a seminar on “Why Many Christians are Leaving the Martial Arts.” I am planning to pass out many of the Why I Quit Karate booklets you wrote. They have really proved to be a witnessing tool. I could use about 100 booklets. I agree wholeheartedly in all that you write. Can’t tell you what a blessing those books have been to me, as so many people have done a complete turnaround after reading them and listening to the lecture and witnessing sessions with question and answers. Thanks Bill!

B. J., Minnesota

Translate Bill’s Self Defense Book in India

I am from Northeast India and got your Self Defense book from my brother as a present. It was so great and gave a challenge, because I always fight with others. Now I am applying the formulas from your book. I have a great desire to translate your book in my language and am planning to start after my graduation.

A. K., India

Dissuaded from Kung Fu

Would it be ok to read sections of your book Why I Quit Karate to people I exchange audio tapes with? You’re an excellent writer and your book certainly helped to dissuade me from taking Kung Fu lessons. Looking back, I see that the Lord protected me from getting mixed up in the martial arts, as it had a pull on me since childhood.

J. V., Ontario, Canada

Lord Changes Heart On Martial Arts

At first I didn’t agree with the stand you made on the martial arts because I had such a love (and pride) in it. But now the Lord has changed my heart to let go and humble myself. The Lord did it in such a way it’s been easy to let go of the physical warfare and remember it’s spiritual. So I prefer my knees over my fists. My prayers are with you. God richly bless you in your faithful service.

D. B., Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Adventures in Missions

Bill Rudge has led dozens of mission trips into remote and often dangerous areas of the world to minister in villages, jungles, leper colonies, orphanages, hospitals, schools, churches, conventions and conferences. He has trained many adults and young people on these trips who have returned to their local churches to share incredible experiences. Some later coordinated their own mission trips and teams to multiply our missionary vision.

Around the World Outreach 2

Arizona, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, India, and Israel

The Bill Rudge Ministries’ “Around the World Outreach 2” was a whirlwind of missions activities focusing on the Acts 1:8 vision of reaching the world for Christ.

In the breathtaking time of only 3 weeks, we traveled to Arizona, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Israel. The response to our ministry was tremendous!

We began in Arizona Bill where Bill and Karen were interviewed on TV 21, Trinity Broadcasting and on KXEG radio. Bill then spoke to a receptive audience at an awesome church in Green Valley, Arizona.

From there we flew to South Korea. Because of Bill’s well received ministry to the military in South Korea, the chaplains who sponsored him invited him back.

In the Philippines we ministered in song and word at a Chinese high school where over 2,000 students attended an assembly to hear Bill speak. Bill also spoke at a seminary in the Philippines. The impact was tremendous at both of these places, and Bill was requested to return to speak at other schools and colleges throughout the Philippines.

On a 12 hour layover in Thailand, we toured Bangkok and handed out some of our pamphlets.

The impact of our ministry in India was excellent as we had opportunity to minister at a convention, rallies, youth outreaches, a pastor’s conference, the famous Wanless Hospital in Miraj, and a leper colony. We received numerous letters from various leaders throughout India who came to hear Bill speak and then requested him to minister at their future conventions. One pastor and his wife rode 24 hours by train to invite Bill to minister at their upcoming convention. Many in India who came to hear Bill speak gave their lives to Christ. Believers were greatly challenged to live totally for the Lord and walk in the genuine power of His Spirit.

Our faith was strengthened once again in Israel as we spent time researching various archaeological sites and at the Temple Institute –– investigating plans to rebuild the Temple which many believe will fulfill Bible prophecy.

We had a rigorous travel and ministry schedule (frequently with little sleep), but the team handled it well. Karen Chenoweth did an excellent job ministering in song before Bill’s speaking engagements. Other team members –– Bill’s wife Karen, Rick Chenoweth, and Cal and Julie Langle –– also did a great job sharing and were a blessing to the people to whom they ministered.

Hundreds of Bill’s pamphlets, books, and audio messages were joyfully received by those on the street and by those hearing Bill speak. We also gave packets of our materials to all the schools and colleges where we ministered, and to host pastors.

The Prayer of a Haitian Woman

Photo shows our mission team with Haitians forming a large circle to pray in a remote village of Haiti.

About a hundred people were gathered outside a witch doctor’s hut in Haiti in a voodoo village. The mission team formed a large circle and were about to pray when one woman became very agitated.“You didn’t bring us food and clothing!” she cried out in Creole. Having nothing left since the team had already given away the food and clothes, Bill Rudge responded through an interpreter, “If I give you food today, tomorrow you will be hungry again. If I give you clothes today, in a few months they will wear out and be tattered and torn. But what I came to give you today will last forever. I offer you spiritual food that will satisfy you now and for all eternity.” She nodded to acknowledge that what he said was good.

During the prayer, Bill glanced to see if this woman was participating. Her head was bowed and her eyes were closed. The thirst of her heart was greater than her need for food and clothes.

Giving water to someone who is thirsty is admirable, but unless the life-quenching water of Jesus Christ is offered, we deprive them of their most crucial need. If we give a bottle of water or food or clothes to someone in need, we should do so in Jesus’ name. While we should care about people’s material and physical well being, we should be even more concerned about the condition of their soul.

Elage Remembers

The photo at left shows Elage Estime and his wife, Betty, sharing memories with BJ Rudge as they peruse photos from Haiti.

The following is only one story showing the powerful impact a BRM Mission Team can have on the people they serve:

“My name is Elage Estime. Do you ever wonder about the long term impact of short term mission teams? What happens when the team returns home? Allow me to tell you a bit of my story.

“As a young child in Haiti, I spent a lot of time with missionaries. Mission Possible hosted many mission teams and Bill Rudge Ministries was one of those teams. This team was so important to me. They were a good model of what a missionary is. I remember the way they served and witnessed in the community. Even the local voodoo priest was converted.

“I watched how they sacrificed, even giving some of the clothes they were wearing to the locals. I will never forget the times Karen slipped money into my pocket when we were praying. Their son, BJ, was my good friend. They offered themselves in so many ways. The seeds they sowed changed my life.

“After attending a mission school, I married my wife, Betty Metzler. We have a mission serving two Haitian communities. The tools I learned through mission teams as a youth, continue to impact Haiti. Our ministry is focused on teaching children Bible stories, music and life skills. We also host clinic teams and do prison ministry. We plant the seeds, yet God determines the increase. Thanks again, Rudges, for the way you impacted my life.”

Holy Land Adventure

Bill has led ten journeys into the land of the Bible (Israel, Jordan, and Egypt). Those who have gone with him on one of these Holy Land Adventures testify that it was a trip of a lifetime – inspirational, faith-building, and life-changing.

11th Holy Land Adventure April 18 – 26, 2023

Bill Rudge Ministries invites you to come with us on an unforgettable trip to the land of the Bible. This will be our 11th journey to the Holy Land and we believe the best tour at the best price – for a truly life-changing experience. Bill also has led numerous mission teams to many countries. Each tour has been outstanding and we will do everything possible to make this another incredible trip!

The Holy Land Adventure will be filled with ancient biblical history, culture and spiritual blessings as we walk where Jesus and the patriarchs, prophets and apostles walked. Traveling through the land of the Bible – where God became flesh and where Jesus taught, healed, died and rose from the dead – will provide a deeper understanding of Scripture. It will come alive before your eyes as you encounter the people, places and events of the Bible. It has been said that we read the Scripture in black and white, but upon visiting the Holy Land our eyes will see in color. Bible scholars say a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is equal to one year of Bible college.

We would love to have you come with us on this inspirational, faith-building and life-changing journey. Ask a family member or friend to join you. For a brochure, including itinerary and registration form, e-mail, call 724-983-1223, or mail your request to P.O. Box 108, Sharon, PA 16146.

Holy Land Adventure Slide Show.

Holy Land 10 was an Awesome Adventure

Bill and Karen’s 10th Holy Land Adventure was an inspiring pilgrimage, exciting adventure and fruit bearing mission for a team from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Oregon. They enjoyed wonderful weather as they visited and explored sites throughout Israel that confirmed the veracity and historical accuracy of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. It was a great learning experience regarding Scripture, history, archaeology, culture, current events and end times prophecy, as well as providing special ministry opportunities that touched lives through the distribution of books, clothes, and supplies, verbal witnessing, and ministry in Jerusalem.

Team members participated in a Shabbat service in Jerusalem at For Zion’s Sake Ministries (Calvary Chapel of Jerusalem) to a loving congregation of Russian Jews and messianic believers. It was an awesome service with special music by Elaine Titus and Charlotte Zimmerman, testimonies by Deborah Ford and Jerry Zimmerman, and a powerful message by Bill through a Russian interpreter. Bill has spoken many times in Jerusalem, as well as ministering in other Middle Eastern countries – always a great blessing.

The team visited two former BRM staff, Ron and Gigi Banjak (now living in Israel), and had a private meeting with Holocaust survivor, Moisha Shamir, to hear his incredible story.

We also had a meeting with Pastor Naim in Bethlehem who shared his amazing testimony. He has been shot multiple times and his church has been set on fire and the windows broken several times. His brother was martyred in Bethlehem by three men with machetes. Yet he still boldly proclaims the Gospel in a predominate Muslim area.

Our team gave clothes to Ron and Gigi for Ethiopian immigrants. We also donated clothes, supplies and BRM books to Russian immigrants and bedouins, as well as to Pastor Naim for distribution to Arab Christians and Palestinians.

Those who were baptized by Bill were truly “buried in Christ” as they momentarily disappeared under the waters of the cold murky Jordan River. It was an amazing trip and many lives were touched, blessed and encouraged through the love of Yeshua. The team returned safely with many wonderful experiences and accounts of God’s faithfulness and blessing.

Thanks to everyone who donated finances to help with the Holy Land Adventure or gave clothes, socks, batteries, ink cartridges, suitcases and other supplies to bless the people in Israel and Palestinian Territory. Lakeside EC Church provided a suitcase full of children’s clothes and paid the airline fee to take it to Israel and Sharon Alliance Church provided a van and driver (Chuck Cory) to transport us to and from the Pittsburgh airport. Also, thanks to everyone who kept Bill and Karen and the team in prayer. God answered with many wonderful blessings and daily victories!

The following pictures are from our 10th Holy Land Adventure as well as previous trips to the Holy Land.

Obstacle Course – Ultimate Challenge

Challenging Youth & Adults to Reach their Maximum Potential

The Obstacle Course at Bill Rudge Ministries in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, provides exceptional opportunities to train sports teams, youth groups, church groups, military personnel (soldiers, sailors, marines) and new recruits, mission teams preparing for upcoming trips, Scouts, children, teens, adults and families – all free of charge. Since 1986, Bill has designed a variety of obstacle courses for specialized training in gymnasiums and outside recreational venues throughout the U.S. and abroad. Bill has created several recreational activities, incorporated into his course regimens, which have been published by several magazines.His more rigorous routines are designed to help prepare new recruits for boot camp and the challenges of military service. An Army Recruiting Sergeant reported that his soldiers and new recruits loved it and were soaked with sweat – just what he wanted. A Navy Petty Officer said the exercises were great; that the sailors really enjoyed it. A Marine Recruiting Sergeant said the course was challenging in multiple ways and that his future Marines had a great time. Notes from coaches, players, youth leaders and others testify to the fun, challenge and life lessons gained through the obstacle course experience. Some who trained on the BRM Obstacle Course were preparing to try out for the Navy Seals and other Special Forces while others were conditioning to try out for American Ninja.Bill customizes every obstacle course adventure to meet specific needs, goals and levels of intensity for each group. Typically, groups are scheduled for 90 to 120 minutes. The shorter time includes mainly the obstacle course while the additional time involves innovative drills, relay races, recreational or sports activities, and individual or team competitions.Assistants help Bill lead participants through the multifaceted course where they face a variety of physical and mental challenges and choices. The obstacle course is great for motivating youth and adults to step out of their comfort zones and for Team Building – improving communication, producing leadership skills, promoting teamwork, instilling cooperation, and enhancing trust and encouragement of each other as groups take on challenges and reach goals together.Workouts on the obstacle course are interspersed with motivational and inspirational comments on such concepts as: attitude, choices, confidence, commitment, courage, determination, discipline, faith, life-balance, loyalty, nutrition, respect, and self-control (all biblical principles) with the intended purpose of challenging youth and adults to reach their maximum potential: Physically, by developing upper and lower body strength, agility, balance, control, and endurance. Mentally, in remembering the required exercises and options at each station while developing problem-solving skills to make necessary adjustments based on the circumstances. Emotionally, by rising above one’s fears to meet challenges with a positive attitude and confidence. Spiritually, Bill shares his personal experience in discovering true strength; talks with them about how skills developed on the obstacle course can be used in life, and gives copies of his books to those who request them.

How It All Started

Bill started developing obstacle courses for the youth soccer teams he coached, which have morphed and expanded over the years. The current course was built by many volunteers – primarily using natural materials such as logs and tree stumps. Dick Hetrick and other volunteers cut down trees on-site, then crafted them for the various challenges. Throw in some car, truck, and tractor tires, ropes, and over-sized monkey bars, as well as a balance beam and wall (built by South Py Community Church) and you have the Ultimate Challenge Obstacle Course at Bill Rudge Ministries (BRM). Several individuals, businesses, churches and organizations volunteer their time, talents, and resources toward maintenance, while others assist Bill in running it.

Summer’s Best Two Weeks

Thank you for another fun and bonding experience. I am so happy that we were connected with you last year and this year. You have a great thing going and I am looking forward to many more memories for our group with you on the obstacle course.

S. R., SB2W Director

Cross Country Coach

My kids had an amazing time on the obstacle course! I know that God will use the words you shared for his glory! Thank you so much!

B. M.

Boy Scouts

Bill & Team, We found the obstacle course very challenging. It pushed us to be our best. It helped us learn and try to overcome the challenges. Thank you so much!

All the Boy Scouts of Troop 45

Varsity and JV Soccer Teams

Bill and family, Thank you very much for having the soccer team at your obstacle course. The players and coaches really enjoyed and learned from the experience.

A. M.

U.S. Army

The day went so well preparing the recruits for their journey in the U.S. Army that we are planning to return (which they did a few weeks later).

Sgt. K. R.


All the future Marines had a great time at your course. The course was challenging in many different ways and they appreciate you having us. And we will be using your course in the future to prepare our young future Marines.

Gunnery Sgt. M. K., Station Commander

Varsity and JV Volleyball Teams

Bill, It was great! We definitely will do it again and make it part of our conditioning next year. Thank you so much.

S. G.

Cray Youth and Family Services

Bill, We always enjoy the activities and the way you present them.

A. W.

Huge Inspiration

Bill and Karen, Thank you for having me at the ministry center and obstacle course so many times over the years. Your outstanding character and relationship with Christ has been a HUGE inspiration for me. You have changed my life in more ways than you know.

M. L.

Varsity and JV Soccer Teams

Bill, I really enjoyed the course. It was so fun! Thank you for teaching us how to physically challenge ourselves and for teaching us life lessons! The team bonding experience helped me learn to trust each other more and get to know everyone better!

K. P.


Karen, you and Bill are great people. My daughter joined Sharpsville Cross Country this year and was at the ministry last week for the obstacle course. You can pass along to Bill that my daughter just loves him! She talked about him for at least 45 minutes after she got home that night!

C. A.

Cross Country Coach

Bill, Thank you so much for allowing us to use the obstacle course and teaching the kids the importance of team work and other life lessons. The kids were thrilled and challenged by the course and your words of encouragement!

B. M.

Military Ministry

Bill Rudge has spoken to thousands of U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard members at military bases in the U.S., South Korea, Germany, and other venues. Bill and BJ were privileged to dedicate the Sergeant York Historic Trail and Monument in the Argonne Forest of France. Alvin York, a devout Christian, was America’s greatest hero in World War I.

BRM has donated thousands of our books to chaplains, enlisted men and women, officers, and their family members. Bill has spoken in schools on Army bases to the teenagers of military personnel. In addition to mailing our own Military Packets, we donate books and audio messages to other organizations who include them in their packages for U.S. troops.

Bill and BJ have provided personal ministry to many current and former military personnel and their families, perform weddings and funerals, participate in memorial services and ceremonies, and train new recruits and active military on our obstacle course.

Desire for Military Service Fulfilled God’s Way

by Darlinda McDonald

with excerpts from an article by Joe Pinchot in The Herald

Bill Rudge was seventeen, just out of high school. His plan was to join the Marine Corps and go to Vietnam. In June of 1970 he went to Pittsburgh for the physical exam. He passed and was to return in a week to be sworn in. About the same time, his older brother, who was a Test Officer and Second Lieutenant in the Army at Fort Benning (right before being promoted to First Lieutenant and deployed to Korea as Compound Commander of a recreation center), told Bill to go into the Army and join the Rangers if he wanted rough training. This way he would have the tough training and adventure he wanted and also an opportunity for a future career. All Bill had to do was sign on the dotted line –– but there was this girl.

Karen and Bill were getting serious in their relationship and Karen did not want him to enlist and leave her so he agreed to wait. Besides, Bill knew he probably would have been killed or maimed in Vietnam because of how foolhardy he was. A year later, in June of 1971, Bill (18 years old) and Karen (17 years old) ran away and got married.

Bill was still interested in military service but Karen again begged him not to enlist. He agreed to wait and see if he was going to be drafted. One day Bill and Karen sat in front of the TV watching as the birthdays on the TV screen listed draft numbers for 18-year-olds. Bill hoped his would be low so he would have to go. Karen prayed Bill’s number would be high. It was high and Bill ended up in Bible college. That was it. Rudge’s life went in another direction and he never did do one push-up in basic training.

The Bible says that God gives us the desires of our heart. Several years later Rudge’s ministry took on a camouflage hue. Bill has been a frequent speaker at military bases in the United States and overseas, and the visits became an important part of his ministry. He has spent many weeks on military bases and has provided military personnel and their families thousands of free books he has written as well as his audio messages.

“In a roundabout way, I am paying back my military service and doing my ‘tour of duty’,” said Rudge, an ordained chaplain with The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Rudge, a 1970 Sharon High School graduate, mixes personal stories of life on the West Hill, his rebellious teenage years, and mission trips around the world with biblical examples to talk about peer pressure, courage, self-control, determination, commitment, overcoming giants, and so on to very attentive and receptive audiences.

Rudge, who has spoken over 50 times on military bases in the United States, Germany, France, and Korea, always set aside time after he spoke to talk to, pray with and counsel attendees. Rudge called his base visits “one of the single-most fulfilling things I do” because of the esteem in which he holds soldiers. He prepares for each trip by fasting and praying. He lives on base when speaking and often works out in the gym with the soldiers.

Rudge continues to minister to the military in any way he can. This includes training new recruits and active military personnel on the Ministry obstacle course. “They’re defending our country and our country’s freedoms,” he said. “I respect them for making that sacrifice.”

A Word about Bill from Colonel Mastriano

Bill Rudge has been a part of the U.S. Army chapel system for quite some time. It started in 1990 when he spoke at numerous functions at the Furth Military Chapel at Darby Kaserne in Nuremberg, Germany. God gave him a burden to reach the military and since then he has preached the Gospel to 3rd Infantry Division soldiers at Vale Chapel at Fort Stewart, Presidio of Monterey, the Greater Washington, DC area, Maxwell Air Force Base and even in Haiti and Korea.

Every time that he has lectured on base, I am astounded by the wonderful response from the military and family members. He is a definite plus to ministry endeavors and a complement to military outreach. I can personally vouch for his integrity (both personal character and financial) and his faithfulness to preach God’s Word.

He is doctrinally sound and has a dynamic outreach to impact the world for Jesus Christ. The chaplains who invited Bill to speak can confirm all that I have written.

I praise God for all Bill does to reach America’s Armed Forces. This is something that few do, making his endeavor even more crucial.

God has always provided what Bill needs and he gladly comes to minister at military bases whether or not his expenses are met.

Sergeant York Display at BRM

Tim McCall, Sergeant First Class (retired) and Colonel Douglas Mastriano stand by the Sergeant York display at Bill Rudge Ministries. Colonel Mastriano is holding the first book he authored, Alvin York, A New Biography Of The Hero Of The Argonne.

Bill and BJ Rudge were honored to dedicate the Sergeant York Historic Trail and Monuments in the Argonne Forest of France during the 90th anniversary of World War 1.

Prayer at Retirement Reception

Bill Rudge prays for Colonel Douglas V. Mastriano and his wife Rebbie and son Josiah.

Bill Rudge was honored to speak and do the benediction at Colonel Mastriano’s Retirement Reception. Colonel Mastriano and his wife Rebbie have sponsored Bill and Karen to minister at numerous military bases and events in the U.S., Germany, France, and Canada.


A Soldier Meets God

The following poem was found on the body of a nineteen-year-old American soldier in Vietnam.

Look God: I have never spoken to You,
But now I want to say, “How do You do.”
You see God, they told me You did not exist;
And, like a fool, I believed all of this.

Last night from a shell hole I saw Your sky;
I figured right then they had told me a lie.
Had I taken the time to see the things You made,
I would know they weren’t calling a spade a spade.

I wonder, God, if You would shake my hand;
Somehow, I feel that You will understand.
Strange, I had to come to this hellish place
Before I had time to see Your face.

Well, I guess there isn’t much more to say,
But I am sure glad, God, I met You today.
I guess the zero hour will soon be here,
But I am not afraid since I know You are near.

The signal – well, God, I will have to go;
I love You lots, this I want You to know.
Looks like this will be a horrible fight;
Who knows, I may come to Your house tonight.

Though I wasn’t friendly with You before,
I wonder, God, if You would wait at the door.

Look, I am crying, me shedding tears!
I wish I had known You these many years.
Well, I will have to go now, God. Goodbye—
Strange, since I met You, I am not afraid to die.

Reprinted from the Jesus People Newsletter, Volume 47, Issue 2, Sacramento, California.

Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar

The Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar (NCBM) is a military correctional facility whose mission is to return the maximum number of military personnel to honorable service and prepare the remaining prisoners for return to civilian life as productive citizens. The Chaplain’s Office at NCBM is responsible for providing religious programs for over 350 prisoners representing all different faith groups. Our mission is to facilitate religious practices and to provide religious education that contributes to spiritual growth, rehabilitation, and development.

We opened a new women’s facility to house 50-100 inmates. As a result of this new building for the females, we will be opening a second chapel for that facility. In order to achieve our mission we need your books, newsletters, DVDs, CDs, and pamphlets. Our service members greatly appreciate any donations you may be able to provide us. Sincerely,

Chaplain L. T., Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar, California

A Word From Iraq

Hi, I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to the Bill Rudge Ministries and specifically to Bill, Karen, and BJ Rudge for all your support while overseas. Your prayers and letters have helped greatly and the resources (pamphlets, books, newsletters) have been a great witnessing tool. They go like hot cakes here because there is such a great need for spiritual support. May God richly bless you all.

J. L., Iraq

Christmas Packets Bless Many Troops

A special thanks to everyone who donated items, funds, and time to help us bless so many U.S. military personnel stationed throughout the world as we sent out many Christmas care boxes from this ministry. In addition, hundreds of Bill’s books and audio messages were donated to several local churches and Military Moms of Sharpsville, to be included as part of their Christmas mailing to our troops. It was a privilege to join together in this way to show our appreciation to our men and women in arms for their personal sacrifice and dedication to God and Country. Your gifts help bring home a little closer.

R. L., Military Moms

Thanks from Iraq

Bill and Karen, I am a soldier in Iraq with my brother, Ken. This is the second war for both of us. We were both in your youth group in Hermitage when you first started in the early 1980’s. We grew up in Greenville, and went to Sharpsville schools. I just wanted to say that after all these years we never forgot what you did for us as kids to make us better people. We had a lot of fun in your youth group, and we are proud to serve this country to protect people like you. The world needs more people like you. You are both amazing people. Keep up the good work. Sleep safe tonight, the US Army is protecting you.

We have been receiving care packages and it really makes us feel good to know that people care. I received your audio messages and books in my last package and I thought I would personally thank you. Both of you have done so many good things for so many people over the years.

I thank you again for getting me through my teenage years the right way and keeping me out of trouble. I still carry those values with me to this day, that and the military has made me what I am today and you were a big part of that. God Bless all in America. I gotta go out on a mission

C. B, U.S. Army

Military Package Caught Up

Dear Karen, I have been asked to pass along my grandson’s appreciation for the box that was sent to him. He was on missions and then changed camps, but the box caught up with him. He is now stationed in Baghdad. God bless each and every one involved in your ministry. Our troops appreciate it more than they can tell you.

C. M., Ohio

Blessing to Soldiers in Bosnia

I am writing to express gratitude for your contribution to the soldiers here in Bosnia. Thank you for the literature. Your ministry is definitely sound and anointed. Your ministry has become a great blessing to soldiers in Bosnia.

Chaplain D. S., Bosnia

Geared to Man On the Street

I am a chaplain in the U. S. Army, and also a theologian. One item I search long and hard for are tracts and pamphlets which are not only theologically and Biblically sound, but geared to the man on the street. So many can only be understood by Christians. I read some of your literature and I’m very impressed. Please send me a catalog. I heard about you from another chaplain here in Bosnia.

Chaplain J. G., Bosnia

Tough Guys Need Jesus Too

Thank you so much for inspiring me to greater faith and service for Jesus Christ. So many people — so, so many — were so moved by your last trip here and I would love to also have you work with our youth groups. Many women said their husbands were very convicted about their personal relationship with Jesus, too. Sometimes it is hard to get through to those tough guys. That is why your ministry to the military is a perfect fit because tough guys need Jesus too! May the Lord keep you safe in the palm of His hand.

A. W., Germany

World Literature Outreach

Over 1.7 million of Bill and BJ’s books, audio messages, pamphlets, tracts and other ministry resources have been provided free of charge to missionaries, pastors, chaplains, military personnel, prisoners, students, and spiritually hungry youth and adults in every state in the U.S. and over 145 countries. Thousands of letters and notes from across the U.S. and around the globe testify how these biblical resources are impacting and enriching lives and ministries. Our World Literature Outreach is funded by our “Change the World with Your Change” contributions and by various sponsors. Contributors bring in donations in cups, bottles, cans, baskets, boxes, jars, bags, envelopes and piggy banks.A growing number of lending libraries – often on mission fields, behind prison walls, on military bases, and in churches, ministries, camps, orphanages, schools, colleges, and seminaries – use our materials to share the Gospel and help believers grow in their relationship with God.Several of Bill and BJ’s books have been translated and reprinted in such countries as Nigeria, Malawi, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, and Egypt. Some articles and ministry ideas have been published in magazines and journals, while quotes and excerpts from their books and messages have been used by various authors and speakers in sermons, blogs, websites, newsletters, and books.In photo top right, Darlinda McDonald kneels on the lawn at BRM behind a globe and a large jar that one of our ministry friends had filled with change for our “Change the World with Your Change.” In photo at right, Sheree Zippay holds her hand over a map of the U.S. and world (with pins representing BRM outreaches). Sheree, a Messianic Jew, was Bill and Karen’s first volunteer staff and continues to faithfully support BRM’s vision of reaching this nation and world with the love and truth of Yeshua (Jesus).

Casting Bread Upon the Waters

Bill Rudge Ministries arranged shipments of over 1,000 soccer shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, balls and other sports apparel to orphanages in Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, and South America, as well as to U.S. missions. Also included were hundreds of Bill and BJ’s books, pamphlets and audio messages. We are grateful to the Shenango Valley United Soccer Club for donating soccer shirts, shorts and balls; Sharpsville Area Schools for contributing apparel; Matt Kraynak for donating hundreds of pens; Senator Douglas Mastriano for providing ball caps; Hank and Jeannette Clinger for giving an auto harp and South Pymatuning Community Church for donating $750 to cover the expenses of distributing and shipping these items.

Delivering these materials, (equivalent to 20 large boxes weighing 50 – 100 pounds each) was a daunting task that required many people and organizations. South Pymatuning Community Church covered the cost of shipping two huge boxes to Liberia and helped with the delivery expenses to various mission organizations. (At the Karen Rudge Foundation orphanage in Liberia, the community is invited to soccer tournaments where Pastor Festus Banks and the teams use this opportunity to share the gospel by passing out these BRM materials. The children also took Bill’s personal testimony, “The Taming of Godzilla,” home to their parents.) Photo at right: Carson Smith weighs a box to be shipped.

Bill and Karen and their granddaughter, Caeleana, drove 17 hours (through rain, fog, snow and darkness) in one day to deliver a full load to Equipping the Saints in Virginia for shipment to orphanages in Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and/or Argentina. A few days later Bill and Karen delivered a large box to Lancaster, PA to Elage and Betty Estime for their Haiti orphanages. (Elage and BJ’s friendship began years ago as teenagers when BJ went on a mission trip to Haiti. Elage has never forgotten the many ways BJ helped him as they spent time together doing ministry and playing soccer. )

BRM volunteer Willie Hetrick and her sister Marty are carrying uniforms and books and audio messages by Bill and BJ to an orphanage they established in Uganda. Amiee Matthews, and others from New Life Baptist Church who are going on a mission trip to Kenya, are carrying sports apparel and Bill and BJ’s books in their suitcases to Building of Hope in Kenya. The books from Bill Rudge Ministries are intended to establish Lending Libraries

Below Photos (left to right:) Ann Ore processes soccer and sports apparel at BRM for orphanages in Liberia, Kenya, Uganda and Haiti. Bruce Adams prepares audio messages for U.S. and overseas. Anneka and Moriah Rudge pack huge boxes for the Karen Rudge Foundation orphanage in Liberia.

Photos below: (left to right) Lucas Rudge busy packing soccer shirts for the orphanage; youth at the orphanage show off their new yellow soccer shirts; at the Karen Rudge Foundation in Liberia, the youth celebrate the receipt of clothes and tracts, then distributed requested copies of Bill Rudge’s testimony at a soccer tournament and to the surrounding community.


View as PDF.

Bill’s Testimony on “Unshackled” in Multiple Languages

Bill’s Dramatized Testimony on “Unshackled” in Multiple Languages

Produced by Pacific Garden Mission, “Unshackled” aired Bill’s dramatized testimony on over 1,200 radio stations several years ago. Now they have translated his testimony into Spanish, Russian, Polish and Korean. Praise God for continuing in many ways to advance His Kingdom through this ministry.

English Version

Korean Version

Polish Version

Russian Version

Spanish Version

School Assemblies

Since the 1980s, thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students, teachers, and principals have been inspired by Bill’s powerful presentations on a variety of topics such as bullying, choices, courage, determination, peer pressure, reaching one’s maximum potential, and self-control. Bill has spoken in auditoriums, classrooms and gymnasiums, at public, private, vocational, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, and military schools; and at Arab centers, correctional facilities, colleges, and seminaries across the U.S. and beyond (England, Germany, Haiti, Paraguay, and Philippines). Response has been outstanding, as when Bill spoke on courage to 2,000 Chinese high school students in Manila and when he and BJ and other team members presented school assemblies throughout Haiti.

BRM also sponsors motivational assemblies in area schools.

Students Enjoy “The Good Life” and “Everyday Heroes”

by Darlinda McDonald

On one day, the entire student body – elementary, middle and high school – of Sharpsville Area School District, over a period of four assemblies in the Middle School gymnasium, were able to enjoy powerful presentations by Motivational Media of California. After each program, Bill Rudge addressed the student body sharing some of his experiences as a youth and the importance of making wise choices.

Three giant 14-foot screens, contemporary music, real-life stories, sports footage, film clips and familiar animated characters brought strong messages to the students about bullying, kindness, working hard toward your dreams, never giving up, truth matters and encouraging others.

The elementary students could barely contain their enthusiasm as they laughed, clapped, cheered, and sang their way through the assembly when they recognized familiar movie scenes and popular songs. You could hear a pin drop, but, as they became silent during the narration and messages of the presentation titled, “Everyday Heroes.”

The Middle and High School students’ assembly was called “The Good Life” which struck a more serious note as the students witnessed the results of using drugs and alcohol, texting and driving, and bullying. A most poignant scene showed teens talking lightheartedly about texting and driving. The mood changed quickly, however, in viewing a partially-paralyzed woman sit in front of the teens and share her story of the accident that crippled her and killed her parents because of a drunk driver. Throughout the assemblies the students were well behaved, attentive and responded enthusiastically to the messages – some students and teachers cried.

We received thank you notes from the principals, guidance counselors and superintendent. Principal Jonathan Fry wrote, “Bill, Thank you for all of the hard work that you do for our students. The program that you shared with us today was fantastic! Our students and staff truly enjoyed it and learned from it….”

Throughout the years, Bill Rudge has brought educational and inspirational multi-media assemblies to area schools, as well as he and BJ speaking at assemblies across the U.S. and in many countries. Bill also does self-defense clinics in the schools and runs an Ultimate Challenge Obstacle Course at BRM for many athletic teams from several schools. BJ trains students in soccer.

Special thanks to New Virginia United Methodist Church Missions Committee, Jan Anderson, Andy Canady Concrete Construction and Mary Alice Mook for underwriting these assemblies. Also, thanks to Chris Chrastina, Dick Hetrick, Shawn Hill and Bruce Lozier for helping set up the equipment and Darlinda McDonald for taking photographs.

“I’MPOSSIBLE” School Assemblies a Big Hit

by Darlinda McDonald

I can be amazing: learn from my mistakes, change my bad habits, take responsibility for my actions, use good words intentionally, encourage others, and work as a team player to help solve problems. These are just a few of the lessons that school students at Artman, Case Avenue, Greenville, Ionta, and Sharpsville Elementary and Middle schools learned during six exciting multi-media assemblies in their school gymnasiums sponsored by Bill Rudge.

The media presentation, titled “I’MPOSSIBLE,” splashed visuals across three giant 14-foot screens. It used famous people, current music, and contemporary film clips to deliver messages about bullying, kindness, working hard toward your dreams and encouraging others. True-life examples of children with a dream, who experienced loss, or were physically challenged showed how they handled each of their situations with positive attitudes. The students laughed, clapped, and sang their way through the assembly as they recognized familiar movie scenes and popular songs, but you could hear a pin drop as they became silent during the narration and messages.

The assemblies also included an inspiring message by BJ Rudge and powerful demonstrations by Bill Rudge showing the meanness of bullying, the value of self-defense, the importance of resisting negative peer pressure and how to overcome the impossible. Bill’s helpers included local volunteers and assistants Chris Chrastina, Dick Hetrick, Shawn Hill, Bruce Lozier, Ken Ridgley, Brandon Santana, and Carson Smith as well as a few teachers Bill chose from the audience.

The multi-media presentation was created and produced by Motivational Media Assemblies and brought into the schools by Bill and BJ Rudge. These six assemblies were provided free of charge, courtesy of underwriting by New Virginia United Methodist Church, Jan Anderson, Mary Alice Mook, and Denny and Andrea Staul.

The response from the principals, teachers and students was outstanding. A few of the many comments received from the principals were: “Truly remarkable! The students loved it! We have heard so many positive comments! The message was very timely and critical for our students! Everyone could feel the excitement in the gym! It was the best assembly ever! Fantastic show with a great message!”

School Assemblies Impact Students, Teachers…

Elementary students learn how to be everyday heroes. Middle and high school students are inspired to make good choices concerning alcohol and drugs, texting and driving, bullying, self-control, courage, overcoming challenges and never giving up.

The multi-media presentations deliver fast moving, powerful messages using contemporary music and movies, along with real life stories about other young people. The students sometimes clap and sing along with familiar songs as they are fully engaged in the presentations.

The response has been outstanding from students, teachers, and principals with such comments as: “awesome,” “excellent,” “wonderful,” “loved it,” “great assembly,” “thumbs up,” “very challenging,” “best assembly ever”…. Teachers and principals were impressed with the excellent assemblies and their message to encourage others, overcome challenges, try their best and never give up. Several principals commented that of all the various types of assemblies they had ever seen these were the best.

It was a special blessing to have four of Bill’s grandchildren in three of the local elementary school assemblies. They all loved it and said their friends talked about it for days. One of their friend’s parents said the assembly was the topic of conversation the whole time during dinner that night. A State Trooper whose daughter had just seen Bill and BJ’s assembly in her elementary school, said he still remembers the assembly Bill did back when he was in high school.

A gym teacher at another elementary school remembered the impact of the “Champions” assembly Bill sponsored at Sharon High, when he was a high school student there. Jim Weikal first met Bill at an assembly at Reynolds High School where Jim taught. Jim thought the assembly was great and one of the best they ever had. Jim became a volunteer at BRM several years later.

Bill greatly enjoyed going back to his former elementary school to do two assemblies. The students, teachers, and principal were fascinated by Bill’s account of his school years (he was in the first sixth grade class in the brand new West Hill school building) and by the multimedia assembly. Bill shared about his brother Jeffrey, who would have been in the second grade class at the new West Hill school, had he not been hit and killed by a drunk driver the summer before. The principal said of the many assemblies he has seen by other groups this one was the best. One little girl came up to Bill after the assembly and said, “I want to thank you for everything you taught me today. I cried through some of it. Thank you so much for coming!” A few days after the assembly Bill received dozens of hand drawn thank you notes from students and teachers.

Bill has spoken several times at George Junior Republic. He started his most recent assembly there by talking about true strength and courage. The boys and the men sat enthralled and totally attentive during his message and the multimedia presentation. One person who attended said, “The George Junior Republic presentation was absolutely amazing!”

The impact has been far‑reaching as comments from various people affirm. One principal said that the worst student in the high school came up to him after the assembly and said, “Maybe there still is hope for me.” At another school the assistant principal told the students how Bill’s assemblies and life had impacted his own life as a youth.

The Superintendent of a school district for which Bill and BJ did four assemblies for the entire student body said how pleased he was and how appropriate the assemblies were. A teacher said, “I know this assembly is for the students, but I think it was for me.” An elementary teacher at another school commented that she loved the assembly so much that she stayed and watched it during the second showing and she still cried through some of it. Another teacher e-mailed: “I spoke with junior and senior high students after the assembly and the feedback was very positive. As a parent and teacher I thought it was a great assembly and important message to send to the students.”

BRM helpers and sponsors as well as the principals, teachers, office staff, and custodians deserve special thanks for supporting these motivational and inspirational assemblies that teach students many invaluable lessons.

Huge Impression

I first saw a presentation Bill did at Sharon High School back in the late 70s and it made a huge impression on me. Since then, we have followed your ministry around the globe and have faithfully supported your work for many years. You both are truly a blessing to so many.

D. O., Ohio

Thanks for All Your Hard Work

Hi Bill, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work that you do for our students and school district. The program that you shared with us today was fantastic! Our students and staff truly enjoyed it and learned from it. Everyone could feel the excitement in the gym. I want to also thank you for speaking so kindly to our students and for the kind words about our schools. Thank you again for bringing this program to us.

J. F., Sharpsville Elementary Principal

Heard the Assembly was Powerful

Bill, I was so sorry to miss the middle school assembly, as I was attending a conference in Pittsburgh, but I heard from staff and students that it was powerful. The message made a positive and lasting impression. Thank you so much for your commitment to the young people of our community. Warmest regards,

H. M., Sharpsville Middle School Principal

Meaningful and Engaging Presentation

Our school was fortunate to have Bill Rudge give a meaningful and engaging presentation to our 11th and 12th grade students . His message was one of positivity, being kind to others and making good decisions all of which are important topics for teenagers today. The assembly was created with young adult’s interests and daily struggles in mind and captivated their attention throughout. We are grateful we had the opportunity to bring these relevant messages to our students in a way they can relate to.

E. K., Sharpsville High School Guidance Counselor

Program Was Excellent!

Hi Mr. Rudge, The program was excellent and well received by our students. The message is one that the students cannot hear enough. Thanks,

J. V., Sharpsville School District Superintendent

“CAN DO” Spirit Reinforced

Bill Rudge, Thank you so much for taking the time to present your inspiring message about being I’MPOSSIBLE. In our world today, it is so important to encourage our children in a positive way, and your message reinforced that “CAN DO” spirit. It is so true that a good team is always stronger than a single person. We have heard so many positive comments on how the topic you presented will affect their future. Thank you again for bringing the assembly to our students. It was truly remarkable!

Sincerely, A.W., Artman Elementary School Principal

Timely and Critical Message

Bill Rudge, I wanted to thank you for bringing the I’mpossible assembly to Greenville Elementary. The presentation was enjoyed by students and staff alike. The message was very timely and critical for our students to hear. It prompted many discussions in the classrooms between the teachers and students. One student even said “it was the best assembly ever!”

Thanks again, M.D., Greenville Elementary School Principal

Tremendous Work!

Hello Mr. Rudge, I would like to thank you and your staff for coming to our school on Tuesday, February 26, and putting on a quality presentation for the Artman and Ionta students. Since the program I have received positive feedback from our teachers and students. The message of Perseverance and I’m Possible has resonated with many children and I am certain that students have taken the time to do some self reflection on how they can better their own lives and most importantly others. I look forward to continuing our school relationship in the near future. TREMENDOUS WORK!

Sincerely, E.T., Ionta Elementary School Principal

Fantastic Show

Hi Bill, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the fantastic show with a great message. The themes of perseverance and positivity within the program are things that we preach here at SES. Our students were highly entertained by the great songs and movie/sports clips. They all had great messages and were very up to date. Everyone could feel the excitement in the gym. Also, thank you for the impromptu demonstration at the end of the program. It helped to stress that there are always paths to take that will lead us in a positive direction…no matter the situation. Thank you again for bringing this program to us,

Jon and the staff at SES, J.F., Sharpsville Elementary Principal

Favorite Assembly

We recently had an assembly hosted by Bill Rudge at Case Avenue Elementary School. This assembly is by far the kids’ favorite assembly that we have ever had. The students were very engaged and truly enjoyed the music and three-screen presentation. We truly look forward to future assemblies with Bill Rudge!

T. V., Case Avenue Elementary Principal

Assemblies Were Wonderful

While out one evening I ran into an old friend Leo, who wanted me to tell you that he enjoys your newsletters so very much and that he had recently attended one of your assemblies and said it was wonderful.

R. I., Pennsylvania

Best Assembly Ever!

Mr. Rudge, Thank you so much for coming to our school and putting on such a meaningful school assembly. My students loved it and came away with important messages to live by. … The assembly was awesome! … It was the best assembly ever! … I really learned a lot and loved the program. … Thanks for showing us to be nice and be friendly.

E. H., T., A., L., and D.

Everyday Heroes

Thank you for bringing the assembly, “Everyday Heroes” to our school. We really enjoyed its inspirational message.

Ms. T and class, Reynolds Elementary School

Students Rate Assembly an “11”

Dear Mr. Rudge, Thank you for working so hard to bring the Motivational Media assembly to come to Sharpsville. The assembly was so engaging! When I asked kids to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, they told me it was an 11. The combination of highly relevant stories, current media tie-ins from film, music, and powerful messages made it a hit with students from all walks of life. I am sure it will be remembered for a long time, and I hope it has a lasting impact on our school community. I look forward to bringing Motivational Media assemblies into the school for years to come. Your efforts truly make a difference for young people. Again, many, many thanks.

H. A., Sharpsville Middle School Principal

Criminal Justice Professor Remembers

As an example of the long-term impact these presentations have, the following is an e-mail from a Criminal Justice professor at Edinboro University:

Many years ago, probably 1981 or 1982, Bill Rudge came to Sharon High School and gave an absolutely incredible presentation. I remember that he was able to “fire up” students with both his subject matter and multimedia presentation. One of the things I most remember was the use of music…with students stomping and clapping and maybe even singing. I believe everyone was engaged! I know that I was engaged! Mr. Rudge was a masterful presenter ….

D. R., Pennsylvania

West Virginia Principal Lauds Assembly

Nutter Fort principal in West Virginia wrote:

Thank you so very much for the assembly by Bill Rudge on self-confidence and drug abuse prevention. Mr. Rudge was very creative and very effectively used a common sense approach to his inspiring message. Our society certainly needs many more individuals the caliber of Bill Rudge. I hope he will visit our school again. Sincerely,


Students Impacted in Germany

Bill spoke at an American high school on a military base in Germany. The teacher requested him to lecture on “Cultural Experiences Around the World” for 90 minutes, in three different classes. The teacher sent the following e-mail to Colonel Mastriano and his wife Rebbie:

You won’t BELIEVE how powerfully Bill Rudge’s presentation has affected my kids! They are coming to me in droves to tell me how inspired they are, how interesting he was, and how they’ve got lots to think about. I am so excited.

An e-mail to Karen several months later by this teacher stated:

Hi, Karen. Lives were touched and continue to be so since Bill spoke to my students. Several are still asking questions, commenting about the “challenge” he gave them. Please send along my thanks for his willingness to spend time with some very lost souls in my classes; such beautiful, delightful children with stories that would stun most people. Two months later: Your visit continues to be a blessing to my students and me.

Bullying Topic Grabs Students’ Attention

by Darlinda McDonald

Area students received a powerful message recently on bullying. I had the privilege of attending two of these assemblies at Jamestown Elementary School and would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill Rudge for his continuing efforts to bring positive, motivational messages to the students in our area schools. In recent years, Bill and his son, BJ, have sponsored and spoken at school assemblies in Farrell, Hermitage, Sharon, Sharpsville, and George Junior with excellent responses.

Bill and his team traveled to Jamestown, PA where two multi-media assemblies about bullying were presented. Each presentation was geared for its audience, first the elementary students and then the middle school students. Contemporary music coupled with brightly-colored, fast-moving film clips depicting a variety of bullying situations and how to handle them provided a powerful message. The rapt attentiveness of all of the students testified to the impact of the presentations.

In today’s culture where bullying can go beyond the classroom and schoolyard into cyberspace, it is comforting to know there are people like Bill (and his son, BJ) who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to go into the schools. The school faculty and administrations should also be praised for inviting Bill and his team to come and address this relevant and important topic. Assemblies geared toward high school students are available as well.

Thank you to Bill and BJ Rudge for bringing these presentations into the schools every year. The principals, administrators, and teachers at all of these schools should be commended for presenting these assemblies to their students. Thank you to all the others who make these assemblies possible with their financial support.

Total Health and Fitness

Bill’s youthful interest and experience in exercise and nutrition resulted in over 50 years of instruction in health and fitness. As well as training many individuals, he taught exercise classes at a Bible college, YMCA, churches, camps, Jesus ‘84, National Senior Health & Fitness Day, and other venues in the U.S. and overseas. He also continues giving lectures and writing on biblical principles of health and fitness.

Often alongside Bill’s total fitness and self-defense classes, Karen led aerobics for women and teen girls in another section of the ministry center. Through the witness in these classes, many came to know the ultimate answer for total health and fitness.

Bill has devised a variety of workout routines, developed a unique style of self-defense training, initiated a specialized form of trampoline basketball, designed innovative obstacle courses, invented recreational games (published in youth magazines), created fasting regimens, and authored several articles and books on these topics.

Venice Beach in Southern California was known as Muscle Beach in the 1960s. It was the place Bill and all his weight lifting buddies dreamed of going when they were teens. While ministering in California, Bill has had the opportunity to visit Venice Beach several times.

Lined along the beach is a seemingly endless array of booths displaying every imaginable philosophy. One area of the beach had fitness equipment and gymnastic apparatuses so Bill began there. In an attempt to get himself acclimated before interacting with the people—and maybe to fulfill a teenage dream—he climbed to the top of a high rope, did a few feats on the gymnastic rings and parallel bars, and punched the speed bag.

As the Apostle Paul did in Athens before reasoning in the marketplace and speaking to the philosophers in the Areopagus, Bill evaluated the environment and mindset at Venice Beach. Now he was ready to interact with the people. Because he set the tone with his physical prowess and took time to listen to those around him, he gained their respect and was able to share his testimony and the gospel with many people.

Senior Health and Fitness Day

During one of Bill’s many ministry trips to California, he spoke to seniors on health and fitness and received the following note:

I wanted to thank you for being part of our National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Your presentation was very well received and I have had numerous comments and compliments about it. I really appreciate your agreeing to speak for us as it connected so perfectly with the theme of the day. D. H., California

The Snow Run

Keira, a college roommate of Bill’s daughter with a heart for missions, went on the snow run with Bill. Keira’s father is an amazing scientist who persevered through great challenges and obstacles to invent the MRI.

The infamous Snow Run began one cold and snowy evening many years ago. I was at home, working on a message, late at night, and needed something at the ministry center – a distance of about 100 yards (the length of a football field). Instead of taking the time to put on socks and shoes, I ran barefoot over to the center. It was a challenge, an adventure and a time-saver, so I continued this practice through snow and ice many times. Even now, when guests visit us during the winter, I will ask if they want to do the Snow Run, and a few (especially my grandchildren) have run it with me, but most – though curious – decline.

I love doing things like the Snow Run because the Lord usually gives me spiritual applications to share. For instance, a believer’s daily walk with Him is like the Snow Run in many ways.

First, you “count the cost” and mentally prepare yourself for the ordeal that lies ahead. You consider the temperature, terrain and time of day or night to determine the level of difficulty. (Be sure to have the ministry door key ready or are able to make it to the obstacle course and then back to the house!) By way of parallel, Jesus said to count the cost before becoming His disciple. Before embarking on any endeavor in His name, you must be certain of being led by His Spirit and His Word, and that your heart is prepared for whatever might lie ahead.

Second, as a barefoot runner in shorts and T-shirt, you must run swiftly and make each step count; you cannot look back lest you slip and fall. So too, believers must throw off every sin that so easily entangles and swiftly run the race of faith, making each day count for the Lord. We must forget what lies behind and press on with faith and determination.

As a Snow Runner, you must not divert to the right or to the left because after a few steps, your feet start burning. In like manner, the believer in Jesus Christ must be focused on Him, not turning to the right or to the left lest the enemy divert, defeat and devour you.

By the time you are halfway across the snow-covered field, your feet feel like cement blocks, then quickly go numb; you cannot stop or you may have to crawl back. Likewise, for a true believer in Christ, stopping or giving up is not an option – you must stay faithful until the very end.

Running with little or no snow is even more difficult because the ground is covered with hard, uneven clumps of ice and dirt that hurt the bottoms of your feet. In the same way, living for Jesus without the power of the Holy Spirit and the authority of God’s Word will hurt and hinder your witness and effectiveness.

Although watchers may not realize the true challenge and difficulty of the Snow Run, participants in bare feet, wearing only shorts and a T-shirt, quickly understand the fortitude required to accomplish this feat. (At night, when it is below zero, with a foot of snow on the ground and the wind is blowing hard, this is especially true!) Similarly, those who do not know the Lord cannot comprehend the commitment and sacrifice of the true Christian who must often show tremendous courage to face the onslaught of the enemy and stand – sometimes alone – in the midst of opposition.

Approaching the ministry center parking lot, a burst of energy is needed to leap or climb over a snow bank several feet high left by the snow plow. Likewise, the believer will face many barriers and obstacles left to impede progress, but can be overcome through the energizing power of Christ.

Jumping over the snow mound, you will slide across an icy parking lot. If you keep your balance, you won’t fall on the blacktop or crash into the steps or front door of the ministry center and injure yourself! As believers, we maintain a biblical balance by avoiding the extremes of legalism on the one hand, and liberalism on the other. We must not slip or fall by compromising our commitment to Christ, nor injure young Christians because of our complacency.

Upon reaching the front door, your freezing hands will fumble with the key, sometimes dropping it, in an attempt to quickly unlock the door. So too, if as believers, we fumble when facing temptations and tribulations, we speedily ask His forgiveness, get up and press on to maintain our testimony.

The burning sensation returns as you walk around inside the ministry center, trying to warm your feet on the carpet. You may not want to make the return Snow Run, but you have to. In the same way, once you give your life to Christ and your heart is warmed by His love, you must go out into an oftentimes cold world and share His love and truth with those who may not always want to hear.

Finally, each step of the Snow Run takes you closer to your destination and the reward of warmth and comfort. Likewise, each day brings us as believers, closer to our eternal destiny and an everlasting reward.

Since selling the former ministry center, I have modified the Snow Run – making it a little longer and more challenging. Now the goal is to run all the way to the monkey bars in the obstacle course, do a few pull-ups (if possible) then run back to the house with no halfway point to warm our feet! You sprint back to the house as fast as you can to alleviate the intense burning sensation and numbness of your feet; your lungs, straining for every breath, are also burning! At times, spiritual warfare in a believer’s life is so intense that we can feel the fiery darts of the enemy; only the shield of faith will protect us and the Word of God is our source of victory.

Perhaps you will remember this story of the Snow Run as you see the Day of the Lord approaching or your time draws nearer to go to Him. May you be a conqueror who runs your race for the Lord with perseverance, leaping over every obstacle that hinders, remaining faithful to the very end and joyfully entering His eternal kingdom.

Postscript: My summer challenge is to run to the obstacle course in bare feet through the hundreds of clover flowers populating our lawn – carefully avoiding bees collecting their nectar – and dodging “land mines” (animal poop). This puts me in mind of the challenge and adventure of living for Jesus Christ every day of my life! There may be unpleasant times, but in the end, we win – which makes all we go through for our Lord Jesus Christ well worth it!

Self Defense Clinics

Street Survival Strategies

Keeping young people alive and safe is Bill’s purpose for teaching Street Survival Strategies in schools. Bill’s expertise comes from his former training in martial arts along with insights and skills learned from growing up in the streets.

The goal of these presentations is to teach students how to avert attacks, prevent date rape, avoid being bullied or victimized, and learn self-protection techniques in assault situations. Using student volunteers to role-play different scenarios, Bill demonstrates what to do and what not to do when in potentially dangerous situations, or confronted by an assailant when defending oneself is the only option.

Bill relates a few of his own life-threatening experiences wherein he witnessed God’s protection in ways that were beyond the capacity of self-defense or physical skill to have helped. He shares real-life accounts of past adverse consequences to his own peers, illustrating why the students must protect themselves from their own “worst enemy” (themselves), by not making foolish or self-destructive choices.

Bill’s booklet, Self-Defense from a Biblical Perspective, written to show that true strength is found in self-control, wisdom, and love.

Teacher’s Response

“The middle school students loved the self-defense class and the demonstrations by Bill Rudge. I heard nothing but wonderful things about how interesting it was, how important and useful the information presented was, and how they feel safer knowing how to defend themselves. During the presentation, the students were able to ask questions, participate and practice moves for self-defense, re-enact situations, and listen to heroic stories. They were talking about it all day and just said how cool it was to learn that information — something no one has ever taught them. I am very grateful that Bill shared his knowledge with my students. I feel confident they will be better prepared for any challenges they may encounter in the future. Thanks Bill! We would love to have you back when you have the time in your schedule.”

J.K., Physical Education Teacher