Volunteer Aids in Obstacle Course Expansion

By Bill Rudge


Dick Hetrick cuts tree trunks for the new Obstacle Course stations.

Dick Hetrick volunteered more than a week of his time and talents to take down several trees, then cut up the trunks and branches to build several new stations for the Obstacle Course at Bill Rudge Ministries.

The Obstacle Course has provided many opportunities to train sports teams, youth groups, church groups, military personnel, soldiers, sailors, new recruits preparing for boot camp, groups preparing for mission trips, Boy Scouts, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, as well as to challenge individual children, teens and adults. Bill Rudge also incorporates innovative sports, relay races, and games (several of which have been published in various magazines), as well as team building and individual challenges to develop strength, balance, courage, determination and self-control.


What Happened to Those Who Signed the Declaration of Independence?

The last line of the Declaration of Independence says, “And for the support of this Declaration…we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” Fifty-six men signed the document. Here is what happened to some of them:

• Five were captured as traitors to Britain and tortured before they died.

• One was wounded, taken prisoner and released in a prisoner exchange.

• Two lost their sons in the war.

• Another had two sons captured.

• Another saw his ships destroyed by the British Navy, sold his home and property to pay his debts, and died in rags.

• Yet another was pursued by British troops — forced to move his family constantly, he lost all of his possessions.

• British General Cornwallis used one signer’s farm for his headquarters at Yorktown. George Washington opened fire and the farm was destroyed. Its owner died bankrupt.

• Another had his home and properties destroyed and his wife jailed. She died within a few months.

• One man who signed the historic document was driven from his wife’s sickbed as their thirteen children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid waste. For a year he lived in forests and caves. When he returned his wife was dead; his children missing. A few weeks later he died.

From Generation to Generation – Day 185

The price of freedom is high. Today, in prayer, thank the Lord for those whose sacrifices have made America free. And pray that we as a nation return to the LORD and His ways.


10th Holy Land Adventure

There already has been a lot of interest about Holy Land Adventure 10 scheduled for February 17- 26, 2018. Several people have signed up and others are trusting the Lord to provide the funds. Group size is limited to no more than 25 for this customized pilgrimage, mission trip and adventure. Comments from fellow travelers on previous trips indicate these “adventures” are truly life-changing experiences.

We will share in an eventful, academic, life-altering trip as Scripture comes alive! Visiting traditional sites as well as sites rarely visited by tourists, as well as fun, fellowship and new friends are always highlights of Bill and Karen’s popular tours.

BRM will also include mission outreaches, since Bill will be speaking in Jerusalem at a Messianic congregation to Russian immigrant Jews, as well as taking Who Is This Jesus? books, clothes and supplies to Jewish refugees, Palestinians and Arab Christians.

A slide presentation of our previous Holy Land Adventures is available on our web site at billrudge.org.

For a brochure, including itinerary and registration form, on this trip of a lifetime:

E-mail brm7@me.com, call 1-724-983-1223, or mail your request to P.O. Box 108, Sharon, PA 16146.