by Bill Rudge

questionOur hearts and prayers go out to the victims of the mass shooting in Vegas. Our ministry prayer team is praying for the families of those whose lives were unexpectedly cut short as well as for the recovery of the many injured and traumatized. The impact this senseless tragedy has, and will have, on so many lives and families is incomprehensible. We are grateful for those who survived and especially for those who proved themselves heroes – some wounded or killed while protecting others.

WHY this cowardly act of insanity and carnage? While my former research into bizarre behavior gives me some insight into twisted psyches, I cannot deny that in many cases the only reasonable explanation can be found in the demonic dimension. The Bible records several accounts of Jesus, the apostle Paul and others, encountering demons. While some distort and sensationalize the demonic realm, it is hard to believe in Jesus and the Bible without acknowledging demonic entities. Mental health workers, who previously thought belief in angels or demons was delusional, have called me about cases they were dealing with which defied psychological explanation or latent human physical or mental potential. They felt they were dealing with something sinister and supernatural.

I have discovered there is always a “connection” and “trigger” that makes a person vulnerable to demonic forces who desire to kill and destroy those created in God’s image. As well as demonic oppression and possession, the Bible identifies two people who were possessed by Satan himself – Judas and the future Antichrist. From hindsight we see concerning Judas that he had some “issues” which made him vulnerable to be a tool of Satan to betray Christ to those who wanted to put Him to death, but nothing, even his greed, was enough to alert the disciples of the dastardly deed he had conceived in his heart. The disciples thought Judas was a “nice guy” (as said about the Vegas shooter) until he actually betrayed Jesus.

Satan took advantage of this “connection” and entered Judas who then carried out the religious leaders’ scheme to betray Jesus. Once Satan was done using Judas he left him and Judas ended up so distraught that he hung himself.

I am convinced that many mass shooters, and others who commit heinous acts of violence, are possessed by demonic entities. After the deed is done that spirit motivates them to take their own life or departs from them and leaves them a scared, confused person wondering how they could have performed such an atrocity. Some have confessed that they felt controlled by an evil force or voice telling them what to do.

Prophetic Scripture foretells a dramatic increase of demonic activity and phenomena in the end times. The only way to prevent senseless tragedies such as happened in Vegas is by either preventing them before they happen (which is often a near impossibility) or for the potential perpetrator of the crime to be truly transformed by the love and forgiveness that comes through a restored relationship with our Creator, through Jesus Christ. Having a life with meaning, purpose and hope (in spite of one’s circumstances) is the best deterrent to wasting one’s life in senseless violence and ruining the lives of one’s own family and so many others.

The Truth About Pornography

by Darlinda McDonald

Former porn stars Shelley Lubben and Jessica Neely shine a light into the dark world of pornography:

In Lubben’s biographical DVD, Out of the Darkness, she states, “When people view pornography they are really watching mentally ill and physically diseased people have sex.” She also said that all the girls she has helped rescue from the porn industry so far, except one, did not have a good relationship with their father.

Lubben also has written a book called, Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn: the Greatest Illusion on Earth. The book reveals an industry that tries to portray a world of glamour and pleasure but the truth is that the adult film world consists of brutality, degradation, threats, manipulation, rape, trafficking, disease, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide.

In the January 13th LifeSiteNews article, Lubben was asked, “If you could say one thing to someone who’s looking at pornography, what would you say?” She said, “You’re contributing to your demise, and to your family’s demise, and your wife’s. I can’t tell you how many porn addicts have lost their families and jobs. And they’re contributing to children being raped. … Right now there are little children being drugged and raped. How could anyone click on porn knowing that?”

Former porn star Jessica Neely made this comment in the same article: “Lust is something that is never going to be satisfied. It is a trap that makes you resent your wife. My job was to make you hate your wife. Lust is a monster that can never be satisfied. The very end-road of an all-consuming addiction is a guaranteed death. You are going to lose everything.”

The Internet and Your Child

The following is excerpted from Seducers Among Our Children by Investigator Sergeant, Patrick Crough.

I have met child victims who communicated with their offender over the Internet right under their parents’ noses. Because chat room language is cryptic and hard to decipher, it allows the victim to become involved, and eventually seduced, by a predator. Many times the child will be lured out of the safety of their home to be sexually offended.

Once a man gets hooked on pornography he needs something more graphic for the same thrill effect. I truly believe he unwittingly invites a demon to take over his life. Eventually, his appetite becomes insatiable.

I have interviewed child predators who claimed they were spawned as a result of their addiction to Internet pornography. Some of the predators I interrogated told me that when they began viewing child pornography they knew deep down in their heart what they were doing was very wrong; but they had lost control and were unable to stop. It should be noted that when a man is viewing adult porn sites, he is constantly attacked by pop-ups, attempting to lure him to a different porn site. Some of these pop-ups are for child porn sites.