My First Baby

by Tabitha Rudge Smith

It is so easy to lose the real meaning of Christmas with all the lights, shopping, gifts and the hustle-n-bustle. Each year God reminds me in some way of the true joy of Christmas. But through the birth of my first child on December 15, 1999, God reminded me in a special way.

Being a first-time mom at that time (I now have five beautiful children), I was a sucker for everything and anything. When I walked into a baby store, I felt like I needed to buy it all: the latest stroller, bouncy chair, high chair, mobiles, canopy crib, changing table, and the cutest toys and stuffed animals. This list didn’t even include all the adorable clothes I and most everyone else seemed to think my child would need.

After an exhausting day of shopping and preparing for the coming of my child, I was overwhelmed. I began to pray and ask God what was really needed and how we were going to afford all of it. That night during my devotion time the Holy Spirit gently reminded me of the verse in Luke 2:7:

She wrapped her babe in swaddling clothes and laid Him in the manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

The King of kings was laid in a feeding box the day He was born while my child was laid in a warm crib. My materialistic list did not seem as important anymore when I recalled the Christmas story and how my Savior came into this world. I was once again reminded of how amazing God’s love is for us. I was also reminded to live a humble and selfless lifestyle.

Have a Merry Christmas celebrating God’s
most precious gift – His Son and His love!

School Assemblies a Big Hit

by Darlinda McDonald

17 Bill introducing Born To Shine assembly at Case Avenue Elementary (k - 4th grade) DSC_0003 - Version 2

Bill introduces “Born to Shine” assembly at Case Avenue Elementary.

Bill Rudge Ministries had the privilege of sponsoring several Motivational Media assemblies in area elementary, middle and high schools recently. The assemblies used music and movies familiar to the students to present a strong message on choices, courage, strength, determination, love, kindness, helping others, respect, self-control, and other positive and inspirational topics.

17 Bill introducing Born To Shine assembly at Sharpsville Elementary DSC_0026 - Version 3

Bill introduces “Born to Shine” assembly at Sharpsville Elementary.

The assemblies included a powerful demonstration by Bill Rudge on anti-bullying with assistance from Andy Canady, Dick Hetrick, and Carson Smith.

Special thanks to New Virginia United Methodist Church, Mary Alice Mook, and Denny and Andrea Staul for helping to underwrite these assemblies. Also, special thanks to BRM volunteers Bruce Adams, Art Blystone, Terry Brest, Andy Canady, Brandon Santana, and Carson Smith for helping with equipment set-up.

Bill Rudge and BJ have sponsored or presented over 100 assemblies in area schools. Thousands of young people have been encouraged, inspired, and challenged by Bill and BJ’s messages and these multi-media assemblies.

The LORD Is My….

by Bill Rudge

In this chaotic world that we live in, it is comforting to know that the LORD is my….

Creator who designed me.

Savior who died for me.

God and King whom I serve.

Rock on which I stand.

Strength in times of weakness.

Protection in times of danger.

Defender in times of battle.

Fortress in times of trouble.

Light in times of darkness.

Peace in times of distress.

Comforter in times of pain.

Provider in times of need.

Companion in times of isolation.

Multiplier when funds are low.

Healer in times of sickness.

Helper in times of difficulty.

Hope in times of despair.