School Assemblies a Big Hit

by Darlinda McDonald

17 Bill introducing Born To Shine assembly at Case Avenue Elementary (k - 4th grade) DSC_0003 - Version 2

Bill introduces “Born to Shine” assembly at Case Avenue Elementary.

Bill Rudge Ministries had the privilege of sponsoring several Motivational Media assemblies in area elementary, middle and high schools recently. The assemblies used music and movies familiar to the students to present a strong message on choices, courage, strength, determination, love, kindness, helping others, respect, self-control, and other positive and inspirational topics.

17 Bill introducing Born To Shine assembly at Sharpsville Elementary DSC_0026 - Version 3

Bill introduces “Born to Shine” assembly at Sharpsville Elementary.

The assemblies included a powerful demonstration by Bill Rudge on anti-bullying with assistance from Andy Canady, Dick Hetrick, and Carson Smith.

Special thanks to New Virginia United Methodist Church, Mary Alice Mook, and Denny and Andrea Staul for helping to underwrite these assemblies. Also, special thanks to BRM volunteers Bruce Adams, Art Blystone, Terry Brest, Andy Canady, Brandon Santana, and Carson Smith for helping with equipment set-up.

Bill Rudge and BJ have sponsored or presented over 100 assemblies in area schools. Thousands of young people have been encouraged, inspired, and challenged by Bill and BJ’s messages and these multi-media assemblies.

Volunteer Aids in Obstacle Course Expansion

By Bill Rudge


Dick Hetrick cuts tree trunks for the new Obstacle Course stations.

Dick Hetrick volunteered more than a week of his time and talents to take down several trees, then cut up the trunks and branches to build several new stations for the Obstacle Course at Bill Rudge Ministries.

The Obstacle Course has provided many opportunities to train sports teams, youth groups, church groups, military personnel, soldiers, sailors, new recruits preparing for boot camp, groups preparing for mission trips, Boy Scouts, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, as well as to challenge individual children, teens and adults. Bill Rudge also incorporates innovative sports, relay races, and games (several of which have been published in various magazines), as well as team building and individual challenges to develop strength, balance, courage, determination and self-control.