Men With Vision

Men With Vision

Men With Vision is a group of men who volunteer their time and talents to help where needed in western Pennsylvania. In March, President Bob Ramp and his crew (Tom Anthony, Dave Campbell, Mike Godnich, Dick Hetrick, Ed King, Ron McDonald, Larry Royal and Norm Simons) answered the call from Bill Rudge Ministries to build a ramp.

Karen Rudge after surgery.

Karen Rudge had just had an extensive four-hour foot and ankle surgery that entailed a bone graft, three screws, three staples, and 42 stitches and would not be allowed to bear any weight for two months. The ramp would enable her to leave the house for doctor’s appointments and to continue her responsibilities at the ministry center. Karen is a full-time volunteer coordinating various crucial aspects of the ministry.

Men with Vision supplied the materials at no cost and completed the ramp in only three hours, finishing the task just as the sun was setting.

Many thanks to Men of Vision and also to all who prayed, visited, brought flowers, made meals, sent cards, and helped in a variety of ways. May God bless you all.