The Ministry Keeps Growing

130th – 136th Countries

We recently heard from Bosnia, Dubai, Ecuador, Estonia, Fiji, Senegal and Uruguay our 130th – 136th countries. Over 1.5 million of Bill and BJ’s books, CDs, and pamphlets and other ministry resources have been distributed free of charge to missionaries, pastors, chaplains, prisoners, students, military personnel, and spiritually hungry youth and adults in every state in the U.S. and 136 countries.

Your donations and prayer support are making an eternal difference in countless lives.

Keeping A Promise

by Bill Rudge

It was rush hour in Pittsburgh when Karen and I were walking across the bridge. I noticed a man just sitting there. Most people walked past him as though he wasn’t there – not even glancing at him. I made eye contact with him and said, “I don’t have anything now but I’ll catch you later.” He replied, “I appreciate you saying that.”

An hour and a half later as Karen and I walked back across the river, he was still sitting on the bridge. When he saw me he took off his hat and held it out. Putting some money in it, I asked, “Do you know why I came back?” He responded, “Because you have the love of the Lord in your heart.” I said, “That’s true, but I came back because I made you a promise.” With his eyes riveted on mine I continued, “Jesus promised He would rise from the dead – and He kept His promise. Jesus also promised He would return one day – and He will keep that promise.”

It was a brief encounter, but an opportunity to share the love of Christ, the promise of His coming and that as a believer in Jesus I kept my promise.

At this season of the year when we are focused on Jesus’ first coming, let us not forget that this same Jesus promised to return