Adventures in Missions

Bill Rudge has led dozens of mission trips into remote and often dangerous areas of the world to minister in villages, jungles, leper colonies, orphanages, hospitals, schools, churches, conventions and conferences. He has trained many adults and young people on these trips who have returned to their local churches to share incredible experiences. Some later coordinated their own mission trips and teams to multiply our missionary vision.

Around the World Outreach 2

Arizona, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, India, and Israel

The Bill Rudge Ministries’ “Around the World Outreach 2” was a whirlwind of missions activities focusing on the Acts 1:8 vision of reaching the world for Christ.

In the breathtaking time of only 3 weeks, we traveled to Arizona, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Israel. The response to our ministry was tremendous!

We began in Arizona Bill where Bill and Karen were interviewed on TV 21, Trinity Broadcasting and on KXEG radio. Bill then spoke to a receptive audience at an awesome church in Green Valley, Arizona.

From there we flew to South Korea. Because of Bill’s well received ministry to the military in South Korea, the chaplains who sponsored him invited him back.

In the Philippines we ministered in song and word at a Chinese high school where over 2,000 students attended an assembly to hear Bill speak. Bill also spoke at a seminary in the Philippines. The impact was tremendous at both of these places, and Bill was requested to return to speak at other schools and colleges throughout the Philippines.

On a 12 hour layover in Thailand, we toured Bangkok and handed out some of our pamphlets.

The impact of our ministry in India was excellent as we had opportunity to minister at a convention, rallies, youth outreaches, a pastor’s conference, the famous Wanless Hospital in Miraj, and a leper colony. We received numerous letters from various leaders throughout India who came to hear Bill speak and then requested him to minister at their future conventions. One pastor and his wife rode 24 hours by train to invite Bill to minister at their upcoming convention. Many in India who came to hear Bill speak gave their lives to Christ. Believers were greatly challenged to live totally for the Lord and walk in the genuine power of His Spirit.

Our faith was strengthened once again in Israel as we spent time researching various archaeological sites and at the Temple Institute –– investigating plans to rebuild the Temple which many believe will fulfill Bible prophecy.

We had a rigorous travel and ministry schedule (frequently with little sleep), but the team handled it well. Karen Chenoweth did an excellent job ministering in song before Bill’s speaking engagements. Other team members –– Bill’s wife Karen, Rick Chenoweth, and Cal and Julie Langle –– also did a great job sharing and were a blessing to the people to whom they ministered.

Hundreds of Bill’s pamphlets, books, and audio messages were joyfully received by those on the street and by those hearing Bill speak. We also gave packets of our materials to all the schools and colleges where we ministered, and to host pastors.

The Prayer of a Haitian Woman

Photo shows our mission team with Haitians forming a large circle to pray in a remote village of Haiti.

About a hundred people were gathered outside a witch doctor’s hut in Haiti in a voodoo village. The mission team formed a large circle and were about to pray when one woman became very agitated.“You didn’t bring us food and clothing!” she cried out in Creole. Having nothing left since the team had already given away the food and clothes, Bill Rudge responded through an interpreter, “If I give you food today, tomorrow you will be hungry again. If I give you clothes today, in a few months they will wear out and be tattered and torn. But what I came to give you today will last forever. I offer you spiritual food that will satisfy you now and for all eternity.” She nodded to acknowledge that what he said was good.

During the prayer, Bill glanced to see if this woman was participating. Her head was bowed and her eyes were closed. The thirst of her heart was greater than her need for food and clothes.

Giving water to someone who is thirsty is admirable, but unless the life-quenching water of Jesus Christ is offered, we deprive them of their most crucial need. If we give a bottle of water or food or clothes to someone in need, we should do so in Jesus’ name. While we should care about people’s material and physical well being, we should be even more concerned about the condition of their soul.

Elage Remembers

The photo at left shows Elage Estime and his wife, Betty, sharing memories with BJ Rudge as they peruse photos from Haiti.

The following is only one story showing the powerful impact a BRM Mission Team can have on the people they serve:

“My name is Elage Estime. Do you ever wonder about the long term impact of short term mission teams? What happens when the team returns home? Allow me to tell you a bit of my story.

“As a young child in Haiti, I spent a lot of time with missionaries. Mission Possible hosted many mission teams and Bill Rudge Ministries was one of those teams. This team was so important to me. They were a good model of what a missionary is. I remember the way they served and witnessed in the community. Even the local voodoo priest was converted.

“I watched how they sacrificed, even giving some of the clothes they were wearing to the locals. I will never forget the times Karen slipped money into my pocket when we were praying. Their son, BJ, was my good friend. They offered themselves in so many ways. The seeds they sowed changed my life.

“After attending a mission school, I married my wife, Betty Metzler. We have a mission serving two Haitian communities. The tools I learned through mission teams as a youth, continue to impact Haiti. Our ministry is focused on teaching children Bible stories, music and life skills. We also host clinic teams and do prison ministry. We plant the seeds, yet God determines the increase. Thanks again, Rudges, for the way you impacted my life.”