Obstacle Course – Ultimate Challenge

Challenging Youth & Adults to Reach their Maximum Potential

The Obstacle Course at Bill Rudge Ministries in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, provides exceptional opportunities to train sports teams, youth groups, church groups, military personnel (soldiers, sailors, marines) and new recruits, mission teams preparing for upcoming trips, Scouts, children, teens, adults and families – all free of charge. Since 1986, Bill has designed a variety of obstacle courses for specialized training in gymnasiums and outside recreational venues throughout the U.S. and abroad. Bill has created several recreational activities, incorporated into his course regimens, which have been published by several magazines.His more rigorous routines are designed to help prepare new recruits for boot camp and the challenges of military service. An Army Recruiting Sergeant reported that his soldiers and new recruits loved it and were soaked with sweat – just what he wanted. A Navy Petty Officer said the exercises were great; that the sailors really enjoyed it. A Marine Recruiting Sergeant said the course was challenging in multiple ways and that his future Marines had a great time. Notes from coaches, players, youth leaders and others testify to the fun, challenge and life lessons gained through the obstacle course experience. Some who trained on the BRM Obstacle Course were preparing to try out for the Navy Seals and other Special Forces while others were conditioning to try out for American Ninja.Bill customizes every obstacle course adventure to meet specific needs, goals and levels of intensity for each group. Typically, groups are scheduled for 90 to 120 minutes. The shorter time includes mainly the obstacle course while the additional time involves innovative drills, relay races, recreational or sports activities, and individual or team competitions.Assistants help Bill lead participants through the multifaceted course where they face a variety of physical and mental challenges and choices. The obstacle course is great for motivating youth and adults to step out of their comfort zones and for Team Building – improving communication, producing leadership skills, promoting teamwork, instilling cooperation, and enhancing trust and encouragement of each other as groups take on challenges and reach goals together.Workouts on the obstacle course are interspersed with motivational and inspirational comments on such concepts as: attitude, choices, confidence, commitment, courage, determination, discipline, faith, life-balance, loyalty, nutrition, respect, and self-control (all biblical principles) with the intended purpose of challenging youth and adults to reach their maximum potential: Physically, by developing upper and lower body strength, agility, balance, control, and endurance. Mentally, in remembering the required exercises and options at each station while developing problem-solving skills to make necessary adjustments based on the circumstances. Emotionally, by rising above one’s fears to meet challenges with a positive attitude and confidence. Spiritually, Bill shares his personal experience in discovering true strength; talks with them about how skills developed on the obstacle course can be used in life, and gives copies of his books to those who request them.

How It All Started

Bill started developing obstacle courses for the youth soccer teams he coached, which have morphed and expanded over the years. The current course was built by many volunteers – primarily using natural materials such as logs and tree stumps. Dick Hetrick and other volunteers cut down trees on-site, then crafted them for the various challenges. Throw in some car, truck, and tractor tires, ropes, and over-sized monkey bars, as well as a balance beam and wall (built by South Py Community Church) and you have the Ultimate Challenge Obstacle Course at Bill Rudge Ministries (BRM). Several individuals, businesses, churches and organizations volunteer their time, talents, and resources toward maintenance, while others assist Bill in running it.

Summer’s Best Two Weeks

Thank you for another fun and bonding experience. I am so happy that we were connected with you last year and this year. You have a great thing going and I am looking forward to many more memories for our group with you on the obstacle course.

S. R., SB2W Director

Cross Country Coach

My kids had an amazing time on the obstacle course! I know that God will use the words you shared for his glory! Thank you so much!

B. M.

Boy Scouts

Bill & Team, We found the obstacle course very challenging. It pushed us to be our best. It helped us learn and try to overcome the challenges. Thank you so much!

All the Boy Scouts of Troop 45

Varsity and JV Soccer Teams

Bill and family, Thank you very much for having the soccer team at your obstacle course. The players and coaches really enjoyed and learned from the experience.

A. M.

U.S. Army

The day went so well preparing the recruits for their journey in the U.S. Army that we are planning to return (which they did a few weeks later).

Sgt. K. R.


All the future Marines had a great time at your course. The course was challenging in many different ways and they appreciate you having us. And we will be using your course in the future to prepare our young future Marines.

Gunnery Sgt. M. K., Station Commander

Varsity and JV Volleyball Teams

Bill, It was great! We definitely will do it again and make it part of our conditioning next year. Thank you so much.

S. G.

Cray Youth and Family Services

Bill, We always enjoy the activities and the way you present them.

A. W.

Huge Inspiration

Bill and Karen, Thank you for having me at the ministry center and obstacle course so many times over the years. Your outstanding character and relationship with Christ has been a HUGE inspiration for me. You have changed my life in more ways than you know.

M. L.

Varsity and JV Soccer Teams

Bill, I really enjoyed the course. It was so fun! Thank you for teaching us how to physically challenge ourselves and for teaching us life lessons! The team bonding experience helped me learn to trust each other more and get to know everyone better!

K. P.


Karen, you and Bill are great people. My daughter joined Sharpsville Cross Country this year and was at the ministry last week for the obstacle course. You can pass along to Bill that my daughter just loves him! She talked about him for at least 45 minutes after she got home that night!

C. A.

Cross Country Coach

Bill, Thank you so much for allowing us to use the obstacle course and teaching the kids the importance of team work and other life lessons. The kids were thrilled and challenged by the course and your words of encouragement!

B. M.