Almost Upon Us!

by Bill Rudge

    In 2003, Karen and I were fleeing the California wildfires through a canyon.
The flames were closing upon us, but somehow we escaped. Shortly thereafter,
that canyon was consumed by the fires. In the same way, many prophecies
concerning the end times are close upon us.

    For over 40 years I have attempted both to alert and prepare the Body
of Christ for what is coming. End time prophecies are lining up in this
generation! Just a few more steps and we will be at Revelation 13: unable to
buy or sell without a mark in the right hand or forehead. All that is needed is
a global leader to rise up using available technology to enact total control and
domination, “protecting” us from a global crisis – real or fabricated.

    Multitudes of people are wandering aimlessly, caring only for today, and
disregarding what is coming upon this earth – just as in Noah’s day (Matthew
24:37-39). The many “signs of the times” being fulfilled, reveal just how
close we are to Christ’s coming. This is not a day and age to be lukewarm,
but to remain faithful, know Scripture, have discernment and stand strong as
witnesses for Jesus Christ and the truth of God’s Word.